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Buy Real USA Facebook Post Likes Tips to Improve Facebook Posts

Facebook fever is calming down and brands have realized that being on Facebook is not synonymous with anything, especially success and wealth generation. I think it is quite clear that we must be on Facebook and that our page must be managed in an orderly way, but not with a view to selling, but rather to take care of customers who have already bought or who already know us. When a client asks me “how important will Facebook be in your income statement?” I always tell them the same thing, it will be more or less 0, it’s that simple. Until Facebook gets up one day and optimizes its organic content positioning, there will be no real fight to be higher or lower. Right now for brands we can only manage the community that we have obtained through our own channels or the one that has come to us through paid advertising. Once we have all this clear, we will be able to know what we can expect from the time we allocate to managing our presence, from there it is clear that we must have an important part of artist-realism for our community to work.

Here I make a list of tips that we must take into account to improve Facebook publications:

Posts always positive. Whenever you publish some content and work on the different entries, write with a smile, this feeling is transmitted to the one who is reading it.

Always provide content with a specific objective. As connoisseurs of the matter, we publish content that really interests the segment to which we direct our strategy.

Include your logo in the images the perfect size of the images is 800 × 600. Whenever possible and they are your own images, place the logo on them and facilitate the dissemination of the image of your establishment associated with the image.

Content with mobility in mind. 50-70% of your fans read messages on their mobile devices, so tailor your content for immediate consumption.

Find the right reward if we want to keep the attention of your community on Facebook try to keep them engaged with incentives. Examples such as exclusive offers or contests on Facebook are incentives that energize and attract the customer.

Always respond to messages this must be a constant whether they are private messages or comments, always try to comment and energize the conversation. The conversation is two-way and although the client does not expect the answer, it is always appreciated to hear the voice of the brand.

Engaging Messaging Multiple Choice Questions, Fill-in-the-Blank, and describing a picture in three words are simple techniques that increase your community’s engagement.

Do not post too much or too little. Try not to saturate too much and not go unnoticed either. A good number would be 5 to 10 weekly posts.

Maintain a tone of communication. Even if your fan page is managed by more than 1 person, you should try to have a constant tone of communication. We must always communicate in the same style and that the voice is uniform, any other technique can generate confusion in your community.

Generating expectations is always good. If our management wants to promote attention to important milestones, we must try to generate that expectation of positive anxiety in your community. In this way we will have a small link of attraction that fosters interest on the part of your followers.

Work on the different moods of your community. Throughout the week there are different moments that favor one or another content, publishing on a Monday will not be the same as on a Friday…, or at 8 in the morning as at 10:00 at night, you must take this into account.

Having said this, we only have to get down to work and compare content with statistics. Normally this is not usually done, unless our presence on Facebook is one of the bases of our online visibility. Do tests and test content until you hit the key, in the end it is usually basically trial and error work. I never get tired of saying it, but this topic is also usually an exercise in common sense and in getting closer to the client. The key is to be close and listen to them, since they will be the ones to tell you what they really need.

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Buy Real UK Facebook Likes Social Media Marketing: How to Evaluate Statistics

Social media marketing is an opportunity for brands to keep and win new customers. However, for the use of this resource to constantly improve, evaluating the metrics obtained by digital media is essential. Only then will the company know if the effort in these environments brings good results.

If you want to expand the reach of your brand through social networks, how about knowing a little more about the evaluation of reports and statistics of your pages?

Social Media Marketing Metrics

It is important to constantly evaluate the marketing metrics in social networks, finally, this is how the brand monitors the effectiveness of your strategy. In any medium, this activity is important for the company to know its audience and identify the type of content that users are most interested in.

In an article founder of Audience Bloom, highlights that strong metrics give the company insight to overcome the unpredictability of marketing ROI. But how to do this analysis? He knows three of the countless metrics that can be evaluated.

1. Number of visits

One of the first steps in evaluating social media metrics is to identify the total number of visits. DeMers states, in the article for Forbes, that measuring this factor gives the entrepreneur a general idea of ​​how the brand is generating traffic.

According to this, if you notice that the numbers drop from one month to the next, you should investigate your marketing channels to understand why this is happening. Do not underestimate the relevance of this metric, as it is essential for the company to redirect its strategy if the current one is not generating good page access results.

2. Attractive

More than knowing how many people visit your brand page on a certain social network, you need to analyze the attractiveness generated by the content. The key is to focus on metrics that show how your content engages your audience, explains digital marketer Brian Hughes, writing for

The author also recommends that when measuring post comments, the company tracks volume as well. The ideal, according to him, is to verify the content of the comments to take into account what the followers are talking about the brand.

3. Best time

Finding out what period of the day your followers are active on social networks is important so that you can publish content at the right time, when the posts generate more reach. Remember: by doing this, your content will gain more traffic and more users will have access to it.

How to evaluate statistics

To analyze the effectiveness of social media marketing, entrepreneurs have countless online tools. It should be noted that each medium has its own platforms for the evaluation of statistics. This is the case of Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and Google+ Insights, for example.

In addition, brands should always be attentive to content engagement rates, basic items such as comments, posts, retweets and likes.

To deepen the analysis of metrics in social networks, find out about the available tools and the particularities of each medium. Also make a list of the stats you want to evaluate. Remember: here we mention only a few items, but there are others that can contribute to the success of your marketing.

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Buy Real Indian Facebook Likes Essential Tips to Generate Results and Convert More with Facebook Ads

Facebook did not become the largest social network on the planet overnight.

The resources that the network offers to connect people with acquaintances, friends and favorite brands are complete to the point of maintaining a high level of interactions in a subtle way.

That same subtlety is used in business, which the platform intelligently drives, by drastically lowering organic reach and prioritizing the powerful ad system that Mark Zuckerberg’s team created.

Facebook Ads became Google AdWords’ main competition for sponsored links.

One of the main formats is remarketing, a way to recapture the attention of someone who was in contact with the company, but lost interest at some point before the purchase.

Do you want to learn how to do remarketing on Facebook Ads?

4 valuable tips to optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns

Facebook Ads is a very powerful platform, but it must be configured in the right way to give your campaigns their full potential.

If you have never created campaigns on this network, or had lower than expected results in previous investments, it may be because you did not pay attention to any of the following points.

See 4 simple ways to optimize your campaigns and get better ROI and ROAS on each ad.

1. Install Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a code that the social network offers to help track how many people made a purchase (or other type of conversion) after seeing or clicking on your ads.

Simply place the code on the purchase confirmation or thank you page. Thus, Facebook will know that the conversion was made.

In addition, with Pixel installed you receive a series of reports that broaden the understanding of your audience and allow you to create better campaigns. Then don’t stop installing it.

2. Keep an eye on the potential range meter

A very interesting resource of Facebook Ads is the measure of the potential reach of the ads. But how does it work?

As you configure the parameters of your campaign, such as the target audience for example, this meter shows the number of people that can be impacted by the ad.

It also shows whether the campaign is too generic or too specific, two extremes that could hurt results. The advice could not be more basic: Keep an eye on this meter.

If you do this, you’re not going to run the risk of having ads that don’t convert because of a basic setup error.

3. Create Lookalike Audiences

It can be difficult to create campaigns that convert if you don’t already have a well-defined persona.

However, there is still one feature that can help quite a bit: creating lookalike audiences (also known as lookalikes).

Custom audiences can be created from your site visitors or people who follow your page.

Then, Facebook will look for people with similar profiles (interests, demographic, etc.) who could be interested in your offer and become your ad. .

4. Vary in ad formats

The Facebook algorithm favors those who use a variety of ad formats, so this can be a good alternative to increase the efficiency of your campaign.

This is also a reliable method of testing what works best with your audience and creating more effective campaigns in the future.

If you don’t have enough budget to test multiple ad formats at the same time, do small interactions and test each format in a separate campaign, but with similar goals.

How to Create Ads That Convert: 4 Simple Steps

You can analyze a series of ads, in the most varied formats that the Facebook Ads network offers. In all of them, you will discover that the same characteristics apply to make this a successful offer or not.

So, you want to know how to create ads that convert? Stop worrying so much and start doing the following

1. Focus on the visual

Facebook is full of text, but don’t be fooled: this is a highly visual network. Good examples of that include the heavy bet on video production with the Watch platform, and the networks live streaming resources.

All the time, there are a million things happening on each user’s timeline and ads compete for attention with any other type of post.

For this reason, the first step to an ad that converts is to be visually clear and compelling.

2. Be relevant

Every time someone sees or clicks on your ad, you spend money. So, it is important that this is as relevant as possible, to reach the right people and convert.

Facebook even offers a relevance score to the ads, which depends a lot on the quality of the image, the text and the chosen landing page.

Pay attention to this score and do your best to adjust your campaign to the level of quality that Facebook expects.

3. Make a great value proposition

All your effort in segmenting and personalizing your audience will be useless if the offer does not bring real value to the public.

Many people do everything correctly, but fail to show the benefits of the product, service or content they offer, harming the results.

To avoid this risk, make sure that your value proposition is not equal to that of your competition, in terms of quality and presentation. It is not enough to have a good product, it is necessary to show it in a crystallized way.

4. Use a clear and direct CTA

As much as users think your ad is interesting, they are still unlikely to let go of inertia and take the action you want without a clear goal.

This incentive is the call to action, which must be clear and direct to work. Think of the CTA as the final invite that will make conversion the only viable choice.

This requires creativity on your part. Using mental triggers, like scarcity and urgency, is a powerful method of persuasion that should increase your conversions.

4 actions you should take when remarketing on Facebook Ads

Now yes, we come to the icing on the cake: remarketing campaigns. What do you have to do to recapture the attention of someone who was scattered and make them buy?

The fact that Facebook Ads offers many resources and tools is not, by itself, a guarantee that your investment will have a return. It is necessary to understand how each part of the mechanism works, and to use that in the correct way.

Next, learn about 4 actions that will help you reach the right people and not waste a penny to win back those who are already interested in the brand.

1. Reach out to those who already follow your brand

Maybe you’re thinking of remarketing only to people who visited your website and abandoned the purchase.

However, those who already follow your brand online have a greater chance of having, at one time or another, interest in one of the products you sell.

The strategy is even more interesting for those who have recurring income businesses, such as SaaS, or an ecommerce.

In the end, the greater the contact of your followers with your offers, the greater the probability of purchase, and using only the organic reach of Facebook to converse with that public is increasingly difficult.

2. Use traffic and audience targeting resources.

In addition to the lookalike audiences listed above, Facebook also has custom traffic and audience targeting options.

The personalized segmentation by audience is created from a list of emails or telephone numbers of those who already consume your content or bought from your company.

And site traffic targeting involves people who came to your website or specific pages on it.

3. Target ads based on customer behavior

One rule of thumb when it comes to Facebook remarketing: be specific. The idea is to take those who are ready to buy and close business directly.

The best way to do that is to build on customer behavior. How? Do you remember the sense of urgency? For those who almost bought a product, it is worth sending an offer with a special discount, valid for a short time.

Remove from the campaign whoever entered the purchase confirmation pages. This will prevent someone who abandoned the purchase and came back to finish it from receiving the message again.

4. Set deadlines according to the duration of the offers.

Your ads must last, at most, the same time for which the offers it contains continue to be valid.

Have you thought about how bad the customer experience would be if they clicked on the ad offering a discount and found out that the offer had already expired?

If you decide to offer discounts for a limited time, do not choose the option to run ads continuously, set a deadline for it to go out of circulation.

Remarketing on Facebook Ads can be an excellent way to recapture leads that, for some reason, gave up buying on your website. Each recovered opportunity is one more customer that can be loyal. So do not dismiss the tips shown here, they will help you earn much more money.

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Buy Real Facebook Likes UK Tips for Successful Digital Marketing on Facebook

Do you remember those times when Facebook was a “cooler” platform because it was not costly to reach more customers? Those days are long gone, as the social network lowered the organic (and free) reach of commercial content and, with Facebook Business, led many companies to reinvent their digital marketing strategies.

So if you are one of those companies that complains because your digital marketing strategy is not giving you the expected results; your ads have a limited reach and you still get few leads, this article is for you.

You have to start by saying that Facebook is a business and as such should make a profit, so forget about unpaid posts. In order to have results, the most optimal thing is that you post, because regardless of the number of publications you make per month, it is most likely that if you have 300 followers, your content will not reach more than 30%.

With that in mind, here we offer you 5 tips that will help you correctly manage advertising on Facebook Business so that you increase the reach of your content ; that your ads can be approved by the platform; that you take advantage of some of the tools that it offers you, but that we generally ignore, and much more!

Define a target audience

To start, you must establish a target audience, which, in turn, must be based on your buyer persona. You could tell Facebook to show the ad to its entire user base, but that would be a huge waste of money.

For example, if you have US$100 to invest, the ideal would be to define a small audience made up of your potential clients. To do this, take into account aspects such as location, age range, gender, place where you work, preferences, among others.

Remember the 20% rule

If your ad image contains more than 20% text, Facebook Business will reject it. If it fits the parameters, the platform will give you one of the following grades: correct, low (little text), medium and high (a lot of text). So if you want to test your ads and validate the amount of text.

You must be very careful with this rule, because if you do not meet the requirements and try some kind of fraud, Facebook Business could block your account.

In addition, it is always better to bet on short and high-impact text, otherwise, if you overload the ad, you will hinder the experience of your audience.

Custom Lists – Remarketing

What could happen if you give Facebook Ads the email list of your customers and it takes care of putting your ad in its news section? That’s personalizing your audience and it can be one of the platform’s best secrets.

Emails are the best way to give your digital ads a better focus through the custom audience lists you can create in Facebook Ads. If you didn’t know, now you do and you can use this to your advantage.

Use Facebook statistics

Facebook Insights is an internal analytics tool that allows you to regulate and research your Facebook audience. In addition, they offer Facebook page manager’s statistical data on visitors and interactions, which makes it easier to know what content is attractive or not for your followers.

Badge “high level of response to messages”

If you respond quickly to all the users who send you messages on Facebook, you can get the badge called “high level of response to messages”. You will see the flag below the front photo if you have sustained a response rate of 90% and an average response time of 15 minutes in the last seven days.

Keep in mind that Facebook grades your responsiveness based on your inbox, and takes little account of replies on your profile wall. That is, if you don’t respond as often to public announcements, it won’t have much of an impact on your badge.

If advertising on Facebook has caught your attention, don’t stay with the desire. At The Orange Lab we not only have professionals specialized in this platform, but we also help you structure an effective digital marketing strategy.

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Buy Real Active Facebook Likes to Reach More People with Your Facebook Page

How to reach more people? A couple of years ago when I started venturing into social media, the organic reach of Facebook posts was phenomenal. With a limited budget and a lot of work, even a small page could reach thousands of people with just one post. This concept caught my attention so much that I abandoned my plans to study dentistry and began to focus my attention on Facebook and Instagram.

Well, long gone are the days when our posts had almost viral reach by being scheduled on Facebook. Their algorithm has changed in recent years, favoring promoted (paid) posts, but even now there are a couple of tricks to maximize your reach. Tricks I’ve learned by practicing and implementing AB tests. Today I bring you these tactics to improve your organic reach.

What does it take to reach more people?

You probably have what it takes to reach more people and you haven’t realized it. I consider that to analyze the functioning of a Facebook page you will need 3 resources:


Your content is the key piece in your strategy to reach more people, but this concept goes beyond having images, videos and text messages for your posts. One of the most important features is that different social networks are going to have different audiences. These different audiences are going to have unique needs and require exclusive content for these segments. That is, while it is possible, I would not recommend using one of your YouTube videos for your Facebook page.

Another thing about your posts that we need to remember is that native content gets preference when served by the Facebook algorithm. This means that content that is published and uploaded directly to Facebook will be preferable to content that uses a link to bring content to the platform. The explanation is very simple, Facebook wants you to stay on the site as long as possible, so the algorithm will give more importance to native content.

What if you want to drive traffic to your website from Facebook? What I would recommend is that you write your publication, upload an image to Facebook and include a link in the content of your publication. Try to remove any kind of foreign content except for your link from the post. This way, your image won’t act as a hyperlink, but the URL within your post will still direct clicks to your website. If you use this format, Facebook will classify your publication as an image type and thus you will be able to reach more people. TIP: Place the link in your first lines of text, remember that if your audience does not see it, you will not have traffic for your website.

Evaluation form of your Facebook page

If you want to reach more people, the statistical study of your social networks will be very effective in understanding the behavior of your audience. With this type of analysis you will be able to understand variables such as: 1) When is the best time to post, 2) What type of posts receive more interaction (likes, shares, etc.) or 3) Which posts bring more traffic to your website.

Once you have collected this information for a couple of weeks, taking into account that you do not change your variables, you will be able to do your data analysis. With this information I have evaluated the interactions of the Hootsuite Facebook page over a period of several months. The type of analysis that I have done includes a regressive analysis to make a forecast of how the interactions are going to increase during 2017. In this way I can do several AB tests, introducing new variables such as: one more post per day, or use video Instead of photos from this way, I can see the change relative to the forecast I made with my initial regression. This kind of analytics helps me put my work in numbers, which can be tricky in the social media industry. In any case, this is just a type of analysis, you can take averages to see the most efficient publication time, or simply evaluate which posts can reach the most people.


This last point is going to connect the last two elements in your strategy to reach more people with your Facebook page. One of the best ways to increase your organic reach is by discovering new audiences. In my experience, the two best ways to do this, without incurring an economic cost, are: 1) Use hashtags. 2) Make your posts shareable.

Using hashtags has the advantage that you are reaching people who may be completely outside of your circle of influence. Either way, as we know from marketing, a personal recommendation is always going to be the most effective content delivery system for getting someone to consider using a product or service. Yes, I am referring to the concept known as “Word of mouth”.

Having one of your follower’s share your post is the equivalent of a person recommending a product to a friend. In contrast to using Hashtags, being shared allows you to be introduced to new people within a second degree circle (Friends of Friends). I prefer to discover audiences in this way since friends tend to have the same tastes, so my publication will be more effective if I built it with that target market in mind, although why not use both? Using the analysis of the second point, you will be able to determine which publications have the best behavior index, what type of content you need, etc.

In my opinion, using these three points to reach more people with your Facebook page can only be done if you have the right tools. If you are an entrepreneur and do not have the financial resources to buy data analysis software or even Excel, do not worry because you can achieve your goals completely free. I use Google spreadsheet (Free) to keep track of my posts. Within the Google Sheet download statistical data analysis plugins (also free), although you can only use the formulas provided by Google. I finally use Hootsuite to manage all my campaign posts.