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Buy Like For Facebook Photos to Improve Your Facebook Page

Today, the vast majority of companies must be present on social networks to promote their content and encourage interaction with your followers. And if we talk about social networks buy like for Facebook photos, Facebook is the paradigm.

Getting to increase the organic reach is one of the main headaches of the Community Manager, since Facebook continues to decrease the average organic reach of the publications.

But don’t despair, in this article we teach you how to improve your Fan Page through a series of simple tips to increase reach and get the most out of social networks:

  • Cover photo and profile. The image you give is very important and, surely, buy like for Facebook photos the first thing your followers or potential followers will notice when they arrive at your page will be the profile and cover photo.
  • Choose some good photos, representative of your brand and what you want to convey to your followers. It is essential that they are the correct size. You will have to take into account the appropriate dimensions and be attentive to the possible changes that Facebook makes with respect to the pages, which are common.
  • Make the information about your company as complete as possible buy like for Facebook photos. With all the contact information and the boxes about you completed. Try to include keywords about your sector and your activity both in the description and in the publications. Even in the URL and in the name of the page, as far as possible.
  • Highlighting a publication is a good technique to make a topic that interests you more visible and ensure that the post does not get lost over time. It is as simple as, on the arrow at the top right, click on the option “fix at the top”.
  • Use apps. There are many applications that can help you improve your Facebook page. These applications have to be installed manually and you can place them in the order you prefer within the tabs. There are applications to create sweepstakes, promotions, surveys, offers, personalize the page, etc.
  • Try to include connections to your Facebook Fan Page on all your channels buy like for Facebook photos. It is important that all your social networks and website are connected in some way.
  • Make sure you get the most out of your Posts. Variety is essential when posting on our Facebook page. Try to vary the content and alternate text posts, with photos, with links, videos…etc. It is also important to vary the time of publication or the length of the texts.
  • As we explained with the profile and cover photos of our page, it is essential that the size of the photographs is adequate. Currently it is recommended to upload images with a size of 1200 x 1200px, but these sizes vary. Also try to share image galleries, carousels, or slideshows when possible for more variety.
  • If you are going to share an article or any other content coming from your website or another, do not forget to remove the link once the preview has been loaded. With this you get the publication to appear, but not the link, being much more aesthetic. We also have the ability to create sequences with different destination URLs in a single post.
  • Upload videos. With the videos you will radically increase the reach. We recommend that you upload them directly from your computer instead of pasting the YouTube link. In addition, this allows us to play the video automatically, which will give us more views.
  • You can use emoticons in your posts buy like for Facebook photos. It can help you increase interactions by up to 33%. As well as the location or “how you feel”. These posts always have greater reach and engagement than simpler posts.