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Buy Facebook Photo Likes for $1 to Improve Organic Reach on Facebook

It is no secret that Facebook is an important platform to contact your customers and that it is a space to be in constant communication with them. However, year after year we see that the organic reach of the posts is lower, that is, fewer people see the content that you publish on your page buy Facebook photo likes for $1. To face this reality, I have prepared these 10 tips to improve organic reach without having to invest a budget.

Why is there less organic reach?

Among the reasons there are two in particular: The first is that Facebook, as a good business, encourages the use of paid advertising so that you can find your audience buy Facebook photo likes for $1. That is, if you want them to see you, you have to pay for ads. The second is that there is a saturation of publishers that generate content that competes for space on your home page. Of the total content that a person could see in a certain time, Facebook has to weigh between all the content generated by friends, family, pages that they follow, suggested content, paid content and what you are publishing.

The Relationship between Engagement and Organic Reach

When we talk about organic reach, interaction is your best resource to increase it. If you get interactions, you have more chances of impacting more people since there are users tagging, commenting and sharing which generates an increase in reach. These tips to improve organic reach based on generating relevant content that invites interaction.

10 tips to improve organic reach on Facebook

1. Control the frequency of posting

There was a time when having your page on Facebook was like the Wild West: there were no rules and everyone did whatever it took to survive. Back in 2010 only status updates could be shared and no photos could be uploaded, so we were posting a dozen times a day or more. Today, saturating with content, in addition to being counterproductive, is not practical and publishing in excess will only ensure that your publications have a very short lifespan. A content strategy should include a publication frequency recommendation, but in general terms it is not necessary to publish daily or more than once a day.

2. Define and know your audience

Do you already know who your consumer is? Most likely, yes, so you want to make sure you generate content that is targeted to that audience buy Facebook photo likes for $1. Identify what he wants, what type of content he consumes, what interests he has and what he expects from you. You must create content that connects with these questions so that it resonates with your consumers. Beware: it is likely that your client is not your consumer and I explain it here.

3. Develop a content strategy

A content strategy should clearly identify what you are going to talk about, how you are going to talk and who you are talking to. By answering these questions, you will be able to establish a voice and topic line relevant to your audience. It will also facilitate the process of creating materials by being clear about what role you have in the life of your consumer.

4. Include a Call-To-Action (CTA)

This is basic, but it goes without saying. Your materials must have a call to action (CTA) that clearly indicates what reaction you are looking for from your client, which can be comments, shares, clicks, etc. Encouraging interaction in your content helps generate additional reach as it increases the possibility of finding suggested posts on your timeline. In this sense, it is convenient for you to invite to obtain answers or generate comments.

5. Talk whenever you can

As the owner of your page, you should take advantage of the opportunities to dialogue and respond to comments. On the one hand, you are active in serving customers and on the other hand, you generate opportunities to get more comments and likes buy Facebook photo likes for $1. In addition, someone is more likely to write to you if they see that you are responding to other people.

6. Video is a great format: take advantage of it

Video has been the most important format for a few years and one of the main activities on the Internet. Take advantage of the possibilities of telling stories, giving information in an attractive way or surprising. You don’t have to migrate all your content to video, but include it within your content calendar.

7. Your employees and collaborators are your digital ambassadors

I already mentioned the importance of getting interaction to increase reach, so it is equally important that you take advantage of your team to actively participate in your page with your content. All interactions add up to amplify your content.

8. Use your hashtags with purpose

This point deserves a post in space, but for now it is worth suggesting that you only use 2 or 3 hashtags that are important with which you are consistent in your use. Not everything has to have a hashtag, nor do you need to add everything you can: #marketing #content #blog #post #palabras #colores #hashtags #muchoshashtags #todosloshashtags

9. Combine formats

Take advantage of the diversity of formats available to maintain interest in your content. Post your messages using photos, infographics, carousels, videos, GIFs, Stories, etc., so that you break the monotony and surprise whoever finds your content. Just as video usage is on the rise, Facebook often tests new formats that you can take advantage of.

10. Generate value

Your content must be interesting, attractive and thinking about satisfying a need of your audience buy Facebook photo likes for $1. Whether it’s for informational, commercial, or entertainment purposes, make sure you’re fulfilling a communication objective with your content. To the extent that your content really connects with those people, in addition to building a community, you will begin to reap the rewards of having people who amplify your content by interacting with them.

Whether you have a contracted content service or do it internally, make sure you keep these 10 tips to increase your organic reach in mind when developing your content strategy. Although they say that organic reach is dead, there are many actions you can take to build a strong community in your social networks and support your business goals.