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Buy Facebook Likes for Photo Contest to Increase the Organic Reach of Facebook

The organic reach is desired by everyone who advertises or markets on Facebook or any other platform, in our specific case of this opportunity of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, because it is the one that has the most users in its ranks.

In addition, said reach is free, practically not a penny is paid to Facebook to make us known by the almost 2,300 million users, buy Facebook likes for photo contest this means that we have the largest database in terms of social networks, this makes it easier (and in some cases cheaper) to reach your target market

Although the trend that is increasing is to carry out campaigns in Facebook Ads, because of its speed and effectiveness, and because of the number of options that it manages in its administrator, it has become a favorite tool for digital marketers.

And with the changes in the facebook algorithm, it has made many give up and downplay the organic reach on this platform, it has made the content offered by this means more selective and in a certain way controller, however this is an opportunity great for those of us who generate quality content and who are always looking for ways to improve and innovate, buy Facebook likes for photo contest with content of real value and quality; Facebook’s algorithm is prioritizing good-class content that generates authentic and meaningful interactions in users, and it is important to find a balance between quality and quantity of shared content.

New Criteria

But what criteria will determine if your content is significant for Facebook, and therefore a fanpage does not die due to lack of appearance in user feeds? Zuckerberg’s idea is that users feel more attracted to enter his network, and that they find what they are really looking for (guidelines or policies very similar to Google’s).

Although the idea of ​​these changes, from what can be seen, is to eliminate malicious, low-quality or unreliable content (such as fake news), content that does not comply with its Community Standards. As well as reducing content that does not contribute to the public, so it will reduce the number of people who will see the content without removing it, in addition to an important change that will take effect immediately, such as the analysis of content published by groups on Facebook, which does not It will only affect the content published in particular, but it will also limit the scope to the group as such, thus affecting all its publications.

Domains with a lot of inbound and outbound links will also be considered to be in the center of the graph and domains with fewer inbound and outbound links to be at the edges. The further inside it is, the more relevant, if there is any disparity, the alarms will go off.

Likewise, facebook this time included its applications (Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp), which will be affected by some of these guidelines and changes, buy Facebook likes for photo contest so the idea is to unify the way they all work and allows content planning for each a.

What to do so that this does not affect us, and we even increase the organic reach of Facebook?

With the above, it seems like an impossible battle to win, but it is not, you have to be CREATIVE AND INGENIOUS. All is not lost, organic reach is still alive! Actions to take:

Video as a powerful weapon

Facebook knows what video means to provide quality and real content, and how it connects with users, as well as the degree of interaction it generates among its users.

But keep in mind that the videos must be uploaded directly to the Facebook platform buy Facebook likes for photo contest, and if they are not live broadcasts, they are much better, the live ones generate much more interaction. That is why it is going to start rewarding this type of content.

As is well known, everything indicates that video will dominate the internet in the coming years, thus being directly influenced by digital marketing, studies show numbers that prove it:

According to a HubSpot study, 81% of brands use video to promote their products or services.

In addition, it is expected that by 2022 it will generate 82% of all online traffic, according to a study by Cisco Systems.

Facebook Live is time to make it yours

Integrate it into your marketing strategy on Facebook, take it and make it your favorite tool, because it is giving high-quality results and is gaining ground as a format for dissemination and engagement of users and potential customers, who spend 3 times more time watching live videos compared to traditional videos. So if you want to improve your organic reach, start experimenting with the type and style of presenting content.

Facebook largely considers the use of Live (and incentivizes it) due to its ability to get a high engagement rate.

Do not be tempted to ask for reactions, Facebook penalizes engagement bait

The engagement bait tries to give orders to users to like, share, tag or any reaction that compromises, raising the level of interaction (which is not real) within the community.

Those naturally occurring conversations that create real engagement are highly valued by Facebook, add value and work within the famous newsfeed algorithm.

In addition, no one falls for those direct “calls” anymore, instead it already generates a certain rejection, since the publications will be degraded and hidden.

This rewards those who make an effort to those who want to work to provide valuable and significant content buy Facebook likes for photo contest.

Determine what time your posts work best

Timing is Everything phrase coined by Garret Hedlund, and that helps us to internalize that better results are achieved at the right time, to take the pulse of situations, and in this particular case to know and analyze at what precise moment the publications of the company work best campaign on Facebook.

The goal now is to obtain as many interactions in a single publication as possible buy Facebook likes for photo contest, and not to publish for everyone, we already know that if within the strategy you defined an ideal buyer persona, this is what you should focus on so that your message reaches them valuable content and captivate it.

One of the tactics that can be used is to observe when your competitors are more active, and look for a time where you present yourself almost as the only option, you will increase the chances of attracting attention.

Avoid posting in “dead hours” at all costs because if none of your followers are connected, it is more than likely that your posts will be lost in the middle of nowhere. For this task, use the metrics or indicators to define a range of hours in which your audience is active.

Posting regularly is key

Although we already know that excessive publication does not benefit us (and can even be harmful), it should not be published so little either, that users forget you and may even not even perceive your presence (obviously), find a balance, analyze how often according to your market niche and user behavior works best for you and adapt to it.

You have to be constant, take care that each publication is relevant and significant, so that each effort bears fruit, if your publications reach more different users, this will mean more interaction and Facebook will give priority to your company page to appear in the feed of your followers.

And more interactions and users who do so with your company page, will give you more data to analyze and refine your strategy on this social network.

Humanize the brand, create groups within the community

Just as it happens in a real life environment, the creation of groups creates more interaction and connection, buy Facebook likes for photo contest as a basic characteristic of human behavior transferred from real life to the digital realm.

Look for groups on Facebook that are of interest or related to your brand, to establish a link, share your posts with these groups, after having made the post on your Fanpage, be careful not to be banned or expelled from the group, this is penalized by Facebook, for this, be clear about its rules.

Is it necessary then to pay Ads on Facebook?

Although it is true that with the aforementioned techniques you will achieve an effective organic reach, which encourages you to create content of value and significance for the user community, which also faithfully represents your brand.

Not for this reason, Facebook gives up the idea that the trend to invest in paid advertising on its platform continues to grow, in addition to taking as important criteria certain aspects that facilitate organic reach to guarantee the organic reach that every brand wants, seeing itself as methods that for now serve each other to reach different market and audience segments, according to your needs and available budget.

Likewise, it is worth considering that more and more companies are investing in Facebook Ads (and other media), so the competition is fierce and in this particular it is time that you allow yourself to use this tool, and start learning how to get the maximum benefit; because you can know data about conversions, buy Facebook likes for photo contest types of audience (customize and compare them), user behavior, redirect public from your website and precise and detailed reports on the metrics that interest you most.

So maintain or improve the quality of your content and adapt to new trends on Facebook Ads, and always get the best of both.