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Buy Facebook Photo Likes Europe Increase Your Reach on Facebook Organically

Sometimes the Facebook algorithm is complicated to understand and can lower the performance of our publications buy Facebook photo likes europe, and even according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he confirmed that the publications of our loved ones are given priority so that they appear at the beginning.

But how does this algorithm work?

According to vice president of Facebook News Feed, buy Facebook photo likes europe the goal is to show the most relevant stories for users, and thus we will stay longer within the social network.

In addition, there are factors that are key to our Feed:

  1. The Repository: This is   where Facebook scans all content in and out of your network.
  2. The indicators: refer to the characteristics of a specific publication and the page it publishes, thus studying the time the publication was viewed, the interaction it generated, etc.
  3. The predictions: these determine the probability in which the user enjoys the publication and is based on the content that you follow and like.

Now, once I understand this, how do I increase my reach organically?

Facebook wants users to pay to be able to show their content to the rest of their followers. And although advertising is not expensive, it is annoying to have to pay. How to beat the Facebook algorithm?

It may sound obvious, but the first thing is to know your audience very well, buy Facebook photo likes europe know what interests them and publish content that amuses and entertains them, but above all that is logical with your brand.

Follow these tips to increase your traffic and reach organically on Facebook:

  1. Create content to share and comment on
  2. Publish visual content, this will create greater interaction and retention
  3. Show Facebook posts on your website
  4. Join and create Facebook groups
  5. Respond to comments on your posts and keep conversations going
  6. Involve your followers in creating content
  7. Create an influencer marketing campaign
  8. Post videos
  9. Learn from the behavior of your own personal feed

1. Content to share

With this, Facebook will see that people interact with your audience, so it will start showing it to your followers. In addition, with this, the algorithm will be able to find the type of people who enjoy your content and thus direct more audience to your page.

2. Visual content

According to research by Buffer, tweets with an image receive 18% more clicks and 150% more retweets than tweets without visual content. Therefore, it is ideal to add attractive images with your text.

You can also create polls or dynamics with your audience, so Facebook prioritizes these over classic comments or likes. Also making the audience react with the emotions of joy, surprise, sadness or even anger will help you improve your reach.

3. Create crossover content

If your Facebook page has a website, or even another platform on YouTube, Blog or Instagram, create a cross post, that is, embed your Facebook posts on your website or always tag your other social networks. With this you will attract public and create interaction for a longer time, buy Facebook photo likes europe in addition you will take traffic from one place to another. Connect your website with your Facebook, and little by little your reach will increase.

4. Join and create Facebook groups

Facebook also has the option to create groups if you are on your page, so if your business sells something specific, it will be easier for you to promote it in groups where people search for that product.

5. Respond to comments

It is important that you respond to user comments, so Facebook detects that there is interaction and creates organic reach immediately, since the conversation opens.

Remember that comments and reactions are much more important than a normal like, so encouraging comments on posts is essential.

6. Engage your followers

To create a successful campaign with Facebook, you must take into account:

  1. Find your most loyal customers and help you promote your product.
  2. The posts you share should have a call to action for users to react and also create content based on yours.
  3. Share feeds on your website
  4. Reward your most active followers.

7. Create a campaign with influencers

Certainly the figures of influencers help a lot for brands, buy Facebook photo likes europe and especially if it is a new brand. Remember to use someone who is logical with your brand and who gives it a good image.

8. Post videos

Videos is the simplest and most effective strategy, buy Facebook photo likes europe since with this you can create immediate retention and interaction with the public. Although do not forget to share all kinds of content, from images, videos, etc.

9. Learn from the behavior of your feed

Understanding how the Facebook algorithm works is basic and will help you apply it to your account for your brand or fan page.

So now you know, take these tips into account to increase your reach organically and without having to pay anything.