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Buy Facebook Photo Likes 1 to Overcome the Drop in Organic Reach on Facebook

If you are an administrator of a fan page on Facebook, you will surely have noticed how increasingly difficult it is for your organic publications to reach a large number of followers buy Facebook photo likes 1. And it is that, if it is currently difficult to achieve the same interaction rates as a few years ago, it is possible that one day the organic reach will be 0. Why? Some say that the reason is that the social network will only allow sponsored content as the only method of giving visibility to publications; to which Facebook replies that the reason for this decline is to give higher priority to the publications that are more interesting to the user and give them a better position due to the large amount of content that is dumped daily in the newsfeed.

Here are six tips for getting organic posts to reach more followers, but it still seems inevitable that promotional campaigns will have to be used to reach a significant number of users.

Use the video on Facebook

Videos posted directly to Facebook have a 186% higher engagement rate and up to 20 times more shares than those posted on other types of containers like news feeds or blogs buy Facebook photo likes 1. Using subtitles and including a compelling video start are the best tips to fully view and go viral.

Special mention deserve the live videos, which are here to stay. They get the user to spend up to 3 times more time watching them than traditional videos. Share your brand’s activity at events or major events and Facebook Live will help you connect more deeply with your audience.

Not all content counts

Select the content you want to display on your page and publish the highest quality for each audience. It is possible to segment by the type of audience you want to reach in organic posts. The question is not to publish as many times as possible, but to follow the highest number of interactions for each publication. Showing segmented posts will help achieve a higher engagement rate. Don’t post if it’s not going to be relevant.

Facebook features and calls to action

There are some features that can help your followers view the content of your page more often. In this case we show you two:

  • If we go to the “Pages” section, on the left side of the interface, we can see the list of pages that we follow. The user is also aware that the organic reach of the pages has decreased, but even so, it is common for them to want to view the content of their favorite pages.
  • Another functionality is the option “See first” within the configuration of the page itself. By enabling it we allow Facebook to give higher priority to the contents of the page.

We know that the higher the post interaction rate, the greater the reach. The algorithm interprets that the post is relevant to the user, so it will show it more frequently. Include calls to action such as “Share”, “Like” or “Comment”.

The importance of the blog

When it comes to posting content, the blog is still an extraordinary tool buy Facebook photo likes 1. It allows longer texts and with more visual elements than a post on Facebook. These web pages are easier to be indexed by Google with all that this implies. Spend time creating quality articles on the blog so they get visits over time and share them on your Facebook profile in a segmented way to get more visibility.

Free on Facebook may come to an end

Start considering Facebook as an exclusive payment platform. It is likely that within a short time the organic reach of posts from pages will be 0. Start building audiences of the most relevant users for your brand and use them in advertising campaigns to get your content across.

Strategies and campaigns

The possibilities of segmentation on Facebook are increasingly wide. It is necessary to know how to advise to use them in the best way; each brand has its specific audience and finding it is not always easy buy Facebook photo likes 1. The use of related audiences (users similar to those who have carried out a certain action), remarketing (showing ads to those who have previously visited the website), segmentation by interests or digital behavior, among others, is allowed.

Facebook has constantly modified the algorithm that decides which posts to show. If at first practically all the publications that a page made were shown to its followers, currently it is said that only 10% of these are finally viewed. The number of posts that are created is no longer so important, buy Facebook photo likes 1 but rather their quality. Facts such as the number of likes they get or the times they are shared help the algorithm optimize their impression among their followers and thus achieve greater visibility.