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Buy 10 Facebook Post Likes Video Strategies to Increase Your Engagement

If you want to increase your engagement on Facebook buy 10 Facebook post likes, we share 12 ideas to achieve it using videos:

1. Post less and when your fans are online

There are few Facebook pages that manage to have good interaction by posting a lot. What happens when you appear too many times in the users’ feed is that they can get fed up with your communication and ignore it.

The study revealed that only some pages with more than 10 thousand followers who publish more than 61 times a month, manage to have a good interaction per post. For the rest, buy 10 Facebook post likes it is recommended to publish between 2 or 3 times a week to keep your content fresh and your audience interested.

On the other hand, it is essential to identify the days and times that your audience is active on Facebook. You can see this by going to the statistics section > page posts.

2. Experiment with a square format and add subtitles

Square videos receive more views, engagement, and a higher completion rate than panoramic videos, especially on mobile because the usability and viewing is much more comfortable.

Furthermore, in a study of more than 500 Facebook pages and 12,000 videos, Tina Ahmed (member of an agency dedicated to monitoring social network metrics) found that 93% of video views are made without sound, so it is it is important to add subtitles to get your message across even if the user disables the sound.

3. Reassign existing content

Sometimes, those who have a fan page believe that they need to constantly produce videos to satisfy the demand of their followers in each publication. However, buy 10 Facebook post likes there is a very simple solution: use existing content, that is, reassign some video that you already have in your collection. This extends the reach of your previous content and optimizes your time, while organizing the production of totally new material.

Here are some ways you can leverage the content you already have:

  • Reload a YouTube video (remember to validate the timing).
  • Record your podcasts in video format.
  • Read your blog posts, record them in audio format and create a video with images referring to the topic.
  • Upload talks or interviews with members of your work team, your clients or leading people in your industry.

4. Embed videos on your website or in your blog articles

By including the link to some of your Facebook videos in your blog articles, you are expanding the reach of your content by converting new visitors to your website into followers.

5. Be creative with your Calls To Action

Pop-up comments are often distracting for the viewer, but the advantage of Facebook is that, unlike YouTube, at the end of the video you can create a Call to Action that benefits you. These are the options you can use:

  • No button
  • Buy button
  • Schedule appointment
  • Learn more
  • Check in
  • Download
  • See more

It is important that before creating the call to action you define what the objective of your video will be, especially if what you want is to drive traffic to your website, YouTube channel, eCommerce or even another video.

6. Determine the duration of your video with Video Analytics

Knowing the exact moment when your followers stop watching your videos is the best indicator of retention, so you can identify the ideal duration to create your next videos and know the content that interests them the most.

Keep in mind that experts recommend buy 10 Facebook post likes that each video be between 30 and 60 seconds long, enough time to highlight important points. It is important that you test and analyze the reaction of your fans to determine the appropriate time and content for your brand.

7. Create digestible content

When people think of creating a commercial video, they often envision someone sharing knowledge about a specific topic on camera. Although there is nothing wrong with this tactic, it requires improving the content and making it digestible to keep the viewer engaged throughout the video.

Digestible content must have a precise objective with a clear and concise message; the images should be clean and allusive to the theme and finally, if possible, should evoke an emotional response or invite the user to perform a next action.

This company that specializes in bread ovens, for example, shares simple, fun and trendy topics such as the myths surrounding gluten or the most famous bakeries around the world, among other topics.

8. Make Facebook live and recordings in real time

So far we have only talked about pre-produced videos, but remember that you can stream video in real time. To create a live stream on Facebook follow these steps:

  • Select Publishing Tools on your Facebook Page.
  • Under Videos, click Video Library.
  • Click +Live to start setting up your live video post.
  • Then click Connect to connect your encryption software with Facebook.
  • Go to “Publish” and select where you want to publish the live stream. You can post it to your timeline, a group, an event, or a page you admin.
  • You can perform various factions within the editor.

To help you get started with Facebook Live videos, here are a few ideas you can try:

  • Share behind the scenes of an event, your work processes or your office.
  • Host a question and answer session.
  • Interview with industry experts.
  • Explain or demonstrate how to do something.
  • Discuss the latest news in your industry.
  • Share weekly tips.

9. Upload a featured video

To increase traffic to your Facebook page buy 10 Facebook post likes, you can upload a video whose engagement on your website or YouTube channel has been high. In this way, when the user arrives at your fanpage , it will be the first thing they see in the “About” or “Videos” section.

Instead of using it to describe or introduce your company, you can:

  • Promote events.
  • Upload a webinar with topics related to your company’s sector.
  • Mention discounts or promotions.
  • Announce the winner of a contest.
  • Give important news or suggestions.
  • Spread a message from the CEO.

10. Create a playlist on Facebook

The videos that are uploaded to Facebook are generally not in order with respect to information. Make it easy for your users to search by creating playlists; these allow you to manage them by categories, as in the case of the Social Media Examiner FanPage.

11. Promote your video

Create a Facebook ad to extend the reach of your video. Doing so is ideal when you want to kick-start a launch, webinar, or even a new campaign.

If you define your audience well, the traffic will surely increase, as well as the conversion of the calls to action. Although it depends on the investment, it is advisable to start testing with lower budgets and gradually build the parallel increase in investment and traffic.

12. Hook users from the first second

With over 3 billion videos viewed every day, your video needs to be so good that it draws attention to the viral phenomenon of the moment, while also competing against the live streams of your audience’s friends and family. Therefore, you must make your content hook from the first frame.

In addition, and due to automatic playback, it is necessary for the user to remain in your video for at least three seconds for it to count as a view on Facebook. Here are some tips to avoid scrolling:

Short and to the point: It’s easier for your followers to see a 15-second Story than a 3-minute tutorial.

Try to make your video understandable even without sound.

Create an original style: be consistent with your proposal for Facebook and, as far as possible, try to make your users see content exclusive to said platform.

13. Watch your measurements

If you already hooked the user… make him see you well. Using the correct specifications for your videos on Facebook is crucial to boosting your views, especially in your paid campaigns.

However, since the platform offers different options depending on where it will be displayed (for example, in the News Feed or in an ad carousel, on mobile or on  desktop ), you should pay attention to the size.

So that you do not lose details of dimensions, formats and resolution, consult the Video Guide on Social Networks from Sprout Social, which is constantly updated.