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Buy Facebook Likes For a Post Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes!

Facebook, whether we like it or not, is the largest social network today. Therefore, buy Facebook likes for a post having a Facebook Page is almost essential if you have an SME or are a professional who wants to sell online. There is your market, not only online, but also the one you already had offline: those who went or go to your stores, those who call you on the phone, mothers, young people and even grandparents are today present on Facebook. The other side of the coin is that lately the “reach” of the posts on our Facebook Page has decreased, that is, they “reach” a few of our fans (Facebook thus encourages you to pay for your ads in order to achieve a good reach) , which obviously affects our promotion. Now we have to be even more creative and careful with the correct marketing strategies on Facebook so that it continues to be a powerful marketing tool. Here are 5 good strategies to take advantage of your Facebook Page to stay in touch with your customers and attract new ones.

1. Make connections

Invite all your customers and friends to like your Facebook Page. Send an email to your client list, to your Linked In contacts, tweet inviting them to join your Community on Facebook, post your Page in your personal account inviting your friends to do a like.

Enter into direct relationship with Pages of other companies and leaders in your sector. Comment on them and share information. By doing this, you will expand your market by making yourself known among other fans, and you will generate relationships that can become fruitful win-win professional collaborations.

An example: If you have a local ice cream shop you can connect with a nearby pizzeria, since they may have the same customers.

2. Share great content

Share original and useful content for your fans buy Facebook likes for a post, especially post images on Facebook (as I always tell them on this blog), which attract attention and generate engagement.

3. Be active on your Facebook Page

Obviously if you have the Page abandoned, do not expect an increase in fans or likes: / If you want results you will have to invest a little of your time and buy Facebook likes for a post. A trick? What I do now is enter my Page as I did with my personal account (the one that I now have a bit abandoned): I have fun, I look for good content or I post original content, I comment and like without thinking that I am working but in a hobby in which I am sharing with people I appreciate;)

4. Run contests

Apparently contests are the most used methods to gain fans on Facebook. Of course, you have to know how to do them 😉 To give you an idea, I was recently talking with a well-known colleague on the web in Spanish, who has a widely read blog, who told me that every day he received requests asking him to promote contests on Facebook: O (He did not accept them because it is not the end of his blog). I have also been exchanging with several SMEs and professionals who promote themselves online buy Facebook likes for a post, and a good percentage of them increased their fans with contests.

5. Use Facebook ads to promote yourself quickly

I am not yet an expert on this subject, although I think that one day I will try it to see the results;), especially given the decrease in the reach of each post:/ But what I know is that it is a fast and effective way to earn likes, performing a good segmentation and controlling the investment well. To test it at least, it is not very expensive.