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Buy Facebook Likes for Post to Grow a Facebook Page

In this article I will review the most important activities to grow fans on your company’s Facebook page. Buy Facebook likes for post the growth of fans will allow you to effectively amplify the content that your company shares on Facebook.

The main strategies to grow fans on your Facebook page are:

1. Know your audience very well

The audience must be known very precisely, for which both demographic aspects (age range, economic level, cultural level, place of residence, marital status, etc.) and psychographic aspects (interests, lifestyles, personality, must be defined. etc.

Deep knowledge of the audience will ensure a healthy growth of the number of fans of your Facebook page.

2. Customize your Facebook profile consistent with online channels

Customize your company profile so that it looks professional and is consistent with the organization’s website and other social networks:

  • Include a professional and persuasive banner.
  • Select a good profile photo, if it is the logo, verify that when it is reduced in size it is understood.
  • Create a good account description using keywords.

3. Create valuable content on your Facebook page

To create value-added content for your audience buy Facebook likes for post, you need to know them very well, in order to identify the type of content of their interest. It is important to incorporate the content in different formats: photographs, infographics, videos and multimedia material.

Verbatim copying of website articles on the Facebook page should be avoided for the following reasons:

  • Google will consider this practice as duplicate content, which has a negative effect on search engine rankings.
  • The communication tone of your website and your Facebook page should be different. The website has an institutional tone (equal to the physical world) and the tone of the Facebook page should be closer and warmer. To expand on this aspect, you can review a previous article called: The communication tones of companies in social networks, the blog and the website must be different.

4. Program Facebook Live of interest to your audience

Schedule online video sessions with the Facebook Live tool with content of interest to your audience. Use buy Facebook likes for post and Facebook Live to:

  • Conduct regular interviews with characters.
  • Cover events of interest to your audience in real time.

Some tips to get the most out of your broadcasts are:

  • Notify your fans of the broadcast, moments before it is broadcast.
  • Ask your fans to subscribe to your broadcasts.
  • Create a compelling description of your video content before launching the stream.
  • It guarantees good internet access at the time of launching the transmission.
  • Mention fans who comment on your broadcast.
  • Be creative and surprise your fans in broadcasts.

5. Respond to comments and engage your Facebook community

The Community Manager must be attentive to respond in a timely manner to any concern or comment made on the Facebook page. It is also important to ask questions to encourage community participation. When participation is achieved buy Facebook likes for post, it is said that engagement has been achieved on the Facebook page.

When comments on the Facebook page are not answered or not published regularly, it can impede the growth of the community and becomes a negative element for the company’s reputation.

6. Use Twitter to promote your Facebook page

Twitter has a great capacity to propagate content, which is why it should be used to propagate Facebook posts. The propagation work must be done manually to ensure that the promotional tweets are adequate to 140 characters.

Other ways to promote your Facebook page on Twitter are:

  • Add the address in the description (bio) so that all your Twitter followers know that you have a Facebook page.
  • Add the address of the Facebook page to the personalized Twitter banner.

7. Use your website to promote your Facebook page

You must integrate your website with the Facebook page. This integration can be in two ways:

  • A “Follow us on Facebook” button.
  • Publication of the latest post and comments from the Facebook page on your website.

8. Use Facebook advertising to grow your following

Facebook advertising is a very effective strategy to grow the number of fans on your page, since it allows you to segment the users to whom it will be shown by age, location, studies, topics of interest, etc. Some studies show that it is the most important way to grow communities on Facebook Pages.

Although it is a quick and easy method to get fans for your Facebook page, you should keep in mind that you need to invest money to achieve it.

9. Have contests and activations on your Facebook page

Create contests that are specially designed for your audience. To be successful in contests keep in mind:

  • The tool to manage the contest must be mature to avoid fraud.
  • The award must be of interest to the audience.
  • The rules and conditions of use must be very clear from the beginning.
  • The rules of Facebook for the development of contests must be followed.

10. Promote your Facebook page using email

It is a good practice to add the address of your Facebook page in your email signature, which will allow you to promote your Facebook page and therefore increase its visibility by buy Facebook likes for post.

If you already have a database with permission to send emails, you must create a campaign to communicate the existence of your Facebook page.