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Buy Facebook Photo Likes Free Trial Four Simple Tricks to Recover Your Organic Reach on Facebook

It is a fact that the famous Facebook algorithm has reduced the reach of the publications to favor, obviously, its advertising business buy Facebook photo likes free trial. That is, you have to promote the publications if you want to reach more people.

This has become a problem, mainly for those pages that had achieved an interesting number of followers and whose reach has been reduced by this change in the algorithm. For example, in the following image you can see what has happened with the Chicago Tribune, which has more than 500,000 followers and likes.

The good thing is that there are strategies that will help recover the lost organic reach and thus avoid having to pay to reach the target audience. Here I leave four.

1. – Segment your audience

There is a common place that says “less is more”, ideal for this case. Facebook since 2015 lets you segment the audience, which allows you to reach the real public interested in something. That is, by segmenting you will be seen by those who are really looking for what you show, which gives your post more value.

Segmenting is easy. The first thing you should do is see if you have the option activated. This is seen when publishing a post, where a “target” symbol appears, like the one seen in the image below.

If the symbol is not there, you just have to go to the page configuration and follow these steps: Settings -> General -> Public of the news section and visibility of the publications -> Mark Allow -> Save changes.

With this you are ready to better choose your audience, which can be by age, gender, interest, language and location, among others.

2. – Use more videos

It is known that videos are the elements that most engage Facebook users, so at times like this, where organic reach is in free fall, it is when you have to use them the most. Just check out the chart below and you’ll see that your organic reach matters.

In conclusion, generate attractive video content for your followers and start to recover your organic reach.

3. – Share only your best content

It seems obvious, but it is worth remembering it. There is so much content on Facebook that the best way to differentiate yourself is by delivering quality content buy Facebook photo likes free trial. The key now is quality over quantity. Deliver only the best.

Check what you have published, see what had the most reach and what did not, with this you will be able to understand the content that your followers like the most and you will know what to share. Also, you can use these posts as a top cover to share 1-2 times a day on Facebook to increase your organic reach quickly.

4. – Invite those who interact with the page to follow your page

It sounds like a pun, but it’s a great way to increase followers and reach. The best thing is that they will be more active users, because they have shown interest in your page buy Facebook photo likes free trial. Inviting is easy, you just have to see who interacted on a post and start inviting them to like the page. Easy and very useful.