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Buy Likes for Facebook Photo Contest to Generate Traffic on Facebook: 10 Tips

Generating traffic on Facebook to obtain qualified leads or get new contacts is one of the great challenges for those who need to implement a digital marketing strategy for their business. Facebook contests, a good content strategy or Facebook comment giveaways are some of the actions you can take to achieve organic traffic. Follow us and discover 10 practical tips that will help you achieve it!

Having a good product or service is not synonymous with attracting enough people to your Facebook Page and it can be frustrating. Fortunately, generating traffic on Facebook is not an impossible mission if you constantly carry out a comprehensive strategy that, among other things, includes: content marketing, interactive dynamics and live broadcasts. Are you determined to win the battle against the algorithm and get all that traffic that you have proposed? Go for it!

How to generate traffic on Facebook

1. Correctly optimize your Facebook profile

How many opportunities will you have to make a good first impression? Just one and you can’t miss it! Before you rack your brain over how to get traffic on Facebook, start by getting your house in order.

Use attractive images for your cover and profile picture, don’t leave any fields blank, and provide as much information as possible about who you are and what you offer. Don’t forget to link to your website and share your contact information.

Another very useful tip is to pin or bookmark one of your most relevant posts so that it appears first on your wall.

2. Content Marketing

Implemented correctly, content marketing works to drive traffic to a Facebook page. It is about creating relevant content and distributing it through your different social channels and digital media.

With content marketing you can, for example, grow your network of leads. Of course, always keep in mind that creating valuable content that generates value is not about focusing on our product, but about offering some benefit to those who read it: solving a problem, teaching something new, clarifying a doubt.

3. Dynamics of sweepstakes on Facebook

Everybody likes to win prizes. There is no doubt about it! But are giveaways ideal for increasing engagement, gaining new followers, and driving traffic to your Facebook page? The answer is yes. In addition, they help you generate brand awareness, reach and a positive response from the community.

Define your objective and your ideal audience, write clear rules, establish the dynamics of the giveaway and prepare a sufficiently creative and powerful creativity. You almost got it! For example, your next Father’s Day dynamic on Facebook is going to be a complete success!

4. Leave your Facebook page and take advantage of other supports

Do you have an established packaging to deliver your products? A business card or an email signature? Anything goes to give your Facebook page visibility outside the online ecosystem.

Take advantage of every medium in which you can communicate that you have a presence on the social network. To make it more interactive, you can rely on a QR code.

5. Work on your visibility by participating in Facebook groups

If you are still not very clear about how to generate organic traffic on Facebook, we are sure that you will love this idea: share content in Facebook groups related to your brand.

Make sure you belong to public or private groups that interest you and that are aligned with your themes. Once there, you can make yourself relevant by sharing valuable content and getting new people to visit your Facebook page.

6. Interact as a page

This advice is closely related to the previous one, since it implies leaving your own page to seek visibility and interaction. Don’t limit yourself to sharing only your own content. Comment, share, like other pages where there is a community you might be interested in exploring.

7. Do not forget to mention the people or pages whose content you share

It sounds so simple, but mentioning the authors of the content you share on your Facebook page can help you drive some new traffic to your profile. If you mention them and on top of that they comment, share or react in some other positive way, you will surely be able to reach new users.

8. Find the right time to post

There is no magic formula to find the best time to reach the largest number of users and generate traffic on Facebook. The competition is fierce and you have to live with that reality.

One of the things you have to do is rehearse. Some people prefer to post when there is more activity on the social network, that is, when there are more users connected. However, we want to suggest that you experiment with posting outside of peak hours. For example, if the statistics tell you that the best time to post based on user activity is 8:00 p.m., try posting an hour later.

Outside of peak hours you will have less competition and, therefore, your content will have a greater chance of standing out. It’s a matter of testing and seeing what works best for you.

9. Take advantage of Facebook Live

Since its launch, Facebook Live has become another effective means of communication that you cannot leave out of your digital marketing plan. Today there are many brands that use it to boost their business, aware of the good results reported by content in video format.

In addition to providing visibility and brand recognition, Facebook Live has everything to become a powerful source of traffic to attract users to your Facebook page.

Videos drive engagement with a user up to 10x compared to a static post, so why not start standing in front of the camera? In this way you will get many more potential users who are attracted to your page and your content.

10. Be constant and do not get discouraged

How to create traffic on Facebook without being constant? Mission Impossible! Our last piece of advice, and perhaps the most important, is to be persistent in putting your strategy into action. You will get few results if you barely focus on a single action and if you do not do it with a good dose of perseverance.

Things in social networks do not happen overnight, so be determined with your goal of how to generate visits on Facebook and start putting all these tips into practice. If you need a push, count on us. Contact our specialists and solve all your doubts!