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Buy Likes for Facebook Photo Step By Step to Improve Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Promoting and disseminating your business on social networks is almost a rule if you want to boost your sales and make your brand better known.

But have you noticed that the organic reach of your Facebook posts is declining?

This is a common pain of those who work with outreach on Facebook and there are several reasons that explain the decline in organic reach.

To contextualize, I want to cite two reasons that I consider most relevant in this scenario:

  • The first is the sheer volume of content that is posted daily on social media. Disputing the attention of your followers with varied issues, from different segments and conquering a “Like” or a comment becomes a more difficult mission.
  • The second reason is the most obvious. Facebook makes money from paid ads. That is why, in some way, the social network wants you to realize the need to boost your posts.

It is worth remembering that investing in ads is important even to oxygenate your organic reach. But it is not the only way.

In this post, I am going to present you with some tips and new content trends that will increase the organic reach of your page on Facebook.

Understand the Facebook algorithm

How does Facebook determine what appears on each user’s wall?

What type of content is most valued?

What is more relevant: a post with more likes or more comments?

To answer these questions, we need to understand the algorithm of the social network. It is this who analyzes and determines what is most relevant to Facebook.

But, after all, what is the algorithm?

Facebook’s algorithm is known as EdgeRank. This is a resource used to understand which the most relevant post for the user is while they are accessing that social network.

Imagine that you are a fan of vintage cars and you follow pages that deal with this subject, but only posts related to cooking appear in your feed. Would you still spend time there?

Probably not. Therefore, EdgeRank filters the information that it considers most important for each user.

If the user accesses the content they like the most, they will undoubtedly feel like staying longer on the social network. And that’s what Facebook wants.

So, to improve the organic reach results of your business, it is essential to understand how EdgeRank works.

The rules of the algorithm change frequently, so my suggestion is to always update yourself on the topic.

In official events and documents, Facebook offers a lot of information about how the algorithm works.

The social network wants content creators to know what is relevant, to improve the posts or publications that are shared. Thus, the user feed can be increasingly attractive.

After you understand EdgeRank better, you will have more ideas for your posts. The next challenge is: what is relevant to my target audience?

Define the buyer persona of your audience

It is the buyer person who can tell you more precisely what type of content you should post on your Facebook.

Understanding what your customer’s pain points are and how your business can help them is critical to your digital marketing strategy.

Precisely for this reason, creating the buyer persona for your business is a challenge and requires a lot of research.

Facebook Audience Insights is a tool that helps understand the demographics and preferences of the public on the social network.

However, it is important to understand that with it we can have some insights, that is, induce the behavior of the public. It is here that many people make mistakes.

Only with assumptions, your buyer person can be outdated. Therefore, it is important to build it with data from your real customer. In our blog, we already talked about it in a practical guide.

After building the people in your group, you will have an easier time thinking about the content of your page.

But first, think about the following question: what will be the trademark of my business on Facebook?

Build the digital reputation of your company

The Facebook page is the digital identity of your business. Having a good reputation – online and offline – is important for your brand and therefore to increase your turnover.

That is why you must reflect on how your company will appear to your Internet audience.

A practical example of a strategy is to create an avatar or character that represents your business on social networks. Large companies are acting like this in social networks and the results are expressive.

If you don’t think this strategy makes sense for your business, don’t worry!

My suggestion – which is valid for any business – is to create the identity of your company. You can use the same methods that you have used in the previous topic.

At this time, it is important to reflect on what your business represents, the differential in relation to competitors and the objective of being present on the social network.

When building the identity of your business, you must define the language that will be adopted, the visual identity of the page and the publications, the interactions with your audience, in short, everything that is important for your brand to be well seen.

A strong and respected digital reputation in the marketplace will also help educate your audience and help you present yourself as an authority in your niche. But, for that, you need to focus on quality content aimed at your buyer persona.

Content Planning

So far you already know how to define the buyer persona of your audience and understand the relevance of the digital reputation of your business. Therefore, it is time to plan how you are going to speak to your audience.

To talk. It is exactly what your content should be focused on.

In a social network like Facebook, your business needs to socialize with the audience. But how?

Your content should encourage people to like, comment and share your post, for example.

In theory, it seems simple, right? But creating quality content that generates interactions is a huge challenge. It requires a lot of research and creativity.

To facilitate the work, plan yourself on an editorial calendar and prepare content for the first month. My suggestion is that you open a spreadsheet and write the following columns: date, format, content and objective.

At first, my advice is to start with three posts per week. As time goes on and with your organic reach on Facebook starting to increase, you can plan on one or even more posts per day.

Don’t forget to test the formats – image, video or just text – to understand which one works best with your audience.

Do you want a suggestion?

Schedule a live broadcast right after the premiere of your re-paged fanpage. Facebook gives a lot of importance to this initiative and notifies your followers when you start the broadcast. If you have a good organization, it can be your first post with good reach and organic engagement.

Oh! And during this planning, keep in mind that there are no ready-made formulas to further engage your audience with your fan page. What do exist are good practices, which you should know and try to understand if they make sense for your business.

Test the formats and measure the results

After the first month, you will already be with a considerable volume of publications. Your page will also likely be gaining organic followers, likes, and comments. Then, it will be time to measure the results.

The inventory of the data is essential to evaluate what has been giving results and improve what has not. And, of course, rethink what is wrong.

There are a number of possibilities in analyzing the data. In our case, the focus is increasing organic reach on Facebook, right?

Therefore, let’s take a practical example: analyze which is the content format that generated the most engagement.

Choose three posts with videos and another three with photos. Define which KPI to analyze (we have a post that will help you define them). From the results, you can decide which format you should use more.

This is a simple and possible scenario by which you can analyze your metrics.

In practice, the analysis of the data should support you in making decisions and evaluating your work on Facebook, whether or not you are achieving the goals you have defined for yourself.

Invest time in your Facebook

As I said at the beginning of this post, the algorithm of this social network has changed and, I think, many people have seen the organic reach of their posts on Facebook drop.

There is no magic formula for everyone to receive everything you post. But you have seen that it is possible to cultivate some good practices so that your posts reach a larger audience.

The main point here is to create content that captivates your audience. Thus, they begin to interact more with your fan page, which will increase the reach of your publications.

Regardless of that, you should already know that Facebook is an extraordinary channel to meet your audience, charm your potential customers and even make online sales.

Therefore, remember to invest time in your page on this social network so that you can spread your business on various channels.