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Buy Fast Facebook Photo Likes to Increase Facebook Organic Reach

It is true that the organic reach of Facebook practically does not exist, it is true that if you want to obtain results you must make ads… Although things can still be done to improve the organic reach, the ideal is to guide because among the advantages is that you segment the public to which you want to reach buy fast Facebook photo likes, you can achieve your goals in the short or medium term and you can choose the publications that you want to get the most results. But today I am going to talk to you about how to increase Facebook organic reach because I know that sometimes there is no budget for ads or you just want to save some money.

How to improve the organic reach of Facebook?

Although it is true that it can be improved, it is important that I tell you that the results may take a while to be seen, with this I do not want to discourage you, on the contrary I think it can help you to be consistent with the content you publish buy fast Facebook photo likes, so between the Activities you can do to improve it are:

Mix different formats

By making publications in different formats, you help motivate the audience to visit your page, as they will know that they will not always find images, also videos, infographics, photos of your products or services, blog articles, your podcast if you have one, in the end. There are many ways to make variations that can help improve the way you deliver the content you make on Facebook.

Live streams

Yes, live broadcasts have been some of the best content in 2020, so it is a good idea to try it, what is important is that you have a good structure within the broadcast, that you have planned what you are going to say, how you are going to interact with your audience buy fast Facebook photo likes, also find a suitable time, for example on Wednesdays at 10 pm – base this on how your audience responds – also something very important is that you do not abuse this format, just as it is very good it can also be counterproductive if I insist, you do not have good content to offer within your Facebook Live, because more than improving the relationship with your audience, you will end up boring them.

Adios al clickbait

Clickbait refers to content that generally has a misleading title, so if you plan to do it in the headlines of your blog articles and then share them on Facebook it is a terrible idea because although at first they can work for you to drive traffic to your website, at In the medium term it will be a bad idea because you will lose your credibility and reputation, so no, it is not a good idea to improve your organic reach in this way.

Share in groups

Groups on Facebook can be very useful to improve your organic reach because they are “segmented” by interests of the audience, for example there are groups about cooking, makeup, medical specialties, and dog breeds, anyway… You can find groups that go according to what your Facebook page is dedicated to and share your publications within the group buy fast Facebook photo likes, in this way you are reaching people who may be interested in what you do. It is important that I tell you to read the regulations of each group so that you can publish without a problem and do not get expelled for spamming or breaking their rules.

Write good copy

Just as it is important that you have quality images, videos and visual formats in general, writing copy that accompanies the publication can be a great complement for your publication to be a success buy fast Facebook photo likes. So if you want to improve your copy, I can recommend this article about it, which will not only help you improve the copy of your publications, but also those of your website: How to improve the copy of your website?

As you will see, there are many ways to improve the organic reach of Facebook, but it is important to tell you that the results of this effort are seen in the medium or long term and can vary according to the quality of the content you have, in addition to the consistency with which publish it, if you do a good job with all of the above, you will surely have good results.