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Buy Facebook Profile Photo Likes Tips to Beat the Facebook Algorithm

Do your Facebook posts have less and less reach?

Well, surely you have read or heard that the largest social network in cyberspace continually makes changes to its algorithm buy Facebook profile photo likes. This algorithm is a set of calculations that “decides” what content to display on your wall.

This tweak to the Facebook algorithm gives priority to posts from friends and family. Logically, this affects the visibility of companies by reducing their scope.

How does the Facebook algorithm analyze posts to decide what to show?

To organize the content according to what might interest you the most, take four steps:

  • Inventory: This is the available content.
  • Signals: What content has the most reactions from your friends and family?
  • Predictions: What content you could interact with based on your tastes and interests.
  • Overall Score: The number of people who engaged with the post, reactions, comments, and shares.

So the posts you’ll see aren’t in chronological order, but instead you’ll see the ones that Facebook thinks might interest you the most.

How has the Facebook algorithm affected the organic reach of businesses?

Organic reach is the number of people who can see a fan page’s (business page) posts without paying Facebook for increased reach.

In this article, they mention a study by Edgrank Checker that showed how organic reach began to decrease starting in 2012, so it is not something new to have lower reach.

So what can you do to boost organic reach on Facebook?

Most companies choose to pay and promote their posts to get more reach according to this Metricool study on Facebook ADS, however creating good content will help you get better results without having to invest a lot of money.

These are the 7 tips to beat the Facebook algorithm.

1. – Quality before quantity.

Before making a post, answer these questions: Will your fans share it, will they like it, and will they tag their friends so they can see it? Think about creating content that is useful, entertaining, or informative buy Facebook profile photo likes.

2. – Reward interactions.

Always invite your fans to comment, share or tag their friends. In return you can give discount coupons, tickets to an event, guides, ebooks, etc…

3. – Video content.

Videos are not only trending on social networks, they are also easier to consume and have more interactions buy Facebook profile photo likes. Put subtitles on it, consider that 90% of Facebook users enter from their smartphone and have it on silent mode. Always upload it from the same Facebook platform.

4. – Connect with people.

Do not talk about how good your company is or the quality of your products or services. Focus on how you solve your clients’ problems, how you help them achieve their goals, this type of content generates emotion in your fans and good results on social networks.

5. – Includes good quality links.

The main objective of Facebook with these changes in its algorithm is to eliminate fake news and low-quality content. If you are going to publish links that are from your blog or really good external publications (as well as this post ;)) since Facebook will analyze it before giving it visibility.

6. – Broadcast live.

Making live broadcasts helps you to have a higher organic reach than any other publication and to humanize your brand since your fans will see the people behind it.

7. – Make groups.

Decide on a topic that has to do with your products or services so that your fans can talk, share and debate. For example, buy Facebook profile photo likes if your company sells baby products, create a group to talk about parenting so you can mix your content with theirs.