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Buy Likes on Facebook Photo Contest to Improve Facebook Organic Reach

In our daily work of looking for ways to reach our audience more effectively, we come across the changes that Facebook imposes on us, which increases the competitiveness of getting your content to your fans.

How to track organic traffic on Facebook?

To take a look at organic traffic you have to go into Facebook statistics. Go to the Posts tab so you can monitor how they’ve performed over the last month. Click on See More if you want to see more information about other older posts.

Research at least three months. If you find that organic growth has been gradually slowing down or you simply want to improve your results, there are several ways to achieve this.

1. Publish content that does not pass

The life of a post depends on several factors. One of them is its usefulness. Even an old post can show up in your friends’ news feed if one of your followers likes it.

2. Post quality content, but in less quantity

We live in an age of information overload. Facebook recommends the creation of quality content instead of publishing a high volume of posts daily to attract attention. Posting more does not mean creating engagement at all. Publish with more quality and valuable content for your followers yes. There is no rule for professionals about how many times to post daily, you see that when you have studied your posts and see the results.

3. Direct your relevant content to a target audience

Facebook allows you to direct your posts to your target audience. You can choose gender, age education level, location, language, interests. Select the correct options and label your posts directing them to a certain audience, in this way you can increase the radius of engagement.

4. Also publish during low audience

Times when there are not many people sharing on Facebook, the chances of attracting attention are greater. Of course you should post when your followers are on Facebook, but try also posting at other times when there are fewer posts. Look in the statistics to control when your followers are online. Then choose the hours when most of your fans are online and your competitors are not posting. If you don’t know how to keep track of your competitors, this   Social Media Examiner blog post can help.

5. Choose content of the taste and needs of your followers

Images get less organic reach, links get more, and videos get more organic reach. However, it is not the same in all cases. To do this, you must look again at Facebook statistics and discover the type of content that your audience likes the most. If you see that your fans continue to prefer images to other types of content, you should not change it. Instead, introduce different forms of content little by little and analyze how they work.

6. Make changes

Facebook organic reach has been declining for many business pages. Put some of the tips above into practice to improve the chances of your content appearing more often in your fans’ feeds organically. Remember to analyze all the tactics you put into practice and adapt your content according to the results you get.