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Buy Likes on Facebook Photo India Facebook Insights: Organic Reach Changes

Organic reach and the Facebook algorithm are constantly changing. Facebook stated: “Reach data will be based on viewable impressions. Previously, we’ve based the scope on how the post appears in the user’s feed when they refresh the page. Regarding paid advertising reports, we have developed a stricter definition that only takes into account the reach once the post appears on the user’s screen.

This is the method by which reach data for paid campaigns is already collected and reported. So, it makes sense for organic reach to follow this same standard. You may have noticed a drop in organic reach over the last year, but the data on users who view and interact with your content will not have changed. Facebook has implemented some tools to make this change smoother and easier to navigate as an advertiser.

We still think it’s very important to keep the spotlight on organic posts – organic and paid reach complement each other to make your posts better. You should post organically to your Facebook page at least three times a week. As a result of this, the interest on your fan page will grow, which will also affect your ads in a positive way.

On the other hand, having paid reach will increase traffic to your Facebook page. This additional traffic will drive users to your organic posts and, as a consequence, increase engagement with content.

Make sure you understand the value of your Facebook Page Insights. You may have noticed the new design of the Facebook Insights mobile app. Now displays the most relevant information at the top of the app. These include:

  • General metrics (likes, reach and engagement)
  • Recent Stock Results
  • New Page Engagement Preview (Demographics of New Followers)

As you probably already know, Facebook has some loopholes with what it considers “organic reach” , for example, how long a post should be in view. For some metrics, you’ll need to rely on data provided to you by Facebook. But don’t get overwhelmed by this, focus on metrics like: comments, shares, clicks and of course conversions! Facebook provides advertisers with access to more important data that you can use to support the effectiveness of your ads.

In conclusion, Facebook is constantly changing and we can’t do anything but adapt to it . This is why it is so important to stay informed and continue to produce quality content to gain positive organic reach data.