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Buying Likes For A Facebook Photo Contest Tips To Increase Organic Reach On Facebook

Although it may not seem like it, staying current on Facebook can be complicated. Due to constant algorithm changes, being featured in the News Feed makes the world go round for many marketers, who believe that the days of “having good organic reach” are over.

The truth is that, although it may be more difficult for the content to have higher organic performance, it is not impossible to achieve it. Facebook’s shrinking reach has been changing the behavior of strategies on the platform. This is verified with results.

Due to the 2018 algorithm change, the organic reach on the platform took a big drop (a trend that has been maintained since 2014), so it was more difficult to appear in the users’ news feed, unless you got involved pattern.

Effective tips to increase the organic reach of Facebook

1. Post native videos

Capitalizing on one of the most engaging and easy-to-implement content formats, such as video, can be an advantage. Native Facebook videos achieve a higher organic reach rate compared to a post with a link, or even photos.

Native videos can help reach 135 percent more users.

The trick is to deliver valuable and compelling information in the first 3-5 seconds of the video to engage viewers. Also, the videos should be community-focused.

2. Live

To improve the organic reach of Facebook, you can also use another video format: live, live or live. According to Social bakers, up to 80% of brands receive higher organic reach with Facebook Live videos over native videos.

Because they have great potential to spark conversations, they receive six times more interactions than regular videos. Users are looking to engage with videos, therefore spending three times more time watching live streams compared to non-live streams.

3. Mix of formats

While video can boost organic reach, it shouldn’t be the only content format to use. Mixing post formats is essential to keeping your feed engaging and your audience interested.

The more interesting and diverse the content, the more likely it will be shared by your followers, which will increase your reach.

Some formats to implement:

  • Images without links
  • Quotes
  • Questions
  • GIFs

 4. Post Management

Having a management and a certain time to make a publication is essential. This can help improve range. For this, it has to be published according to the behavior of the audience.

One way to figure out the optimal post time is to investigate past performance data and start to form an engagement pattern.

5. Goodbye to “clickbait”

Although the use of clickbait is “tempting”, you should avoid it. This type of practice will not help you gain more organic reach; actually, it will do the opposite, as the posts will be demoted and hidden.

This means that when you post poor quality content or content with questionable information it will get the attention of the platform, and not in a good way.