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Like Photo Facebook Buy Ways to Increase the Organic Reach of Your Campaigns on Facebook

You have already heard a lot about organic reach on Facebook, but today we have for you 7 guidelines that you should apply to your posts to improve organic reach and please your audience with what they want to find on your profile.

Do you want your posts on Facebook and Instagram to reach the largest number of people without having to pay? This is what we know as organic traffic; that is, the number of users looking at your content in their feed or visiting your Facebook page.

Lately, companies worry because day by day the number of people who see their publications decreases; however, we have good news for you: organic reach is taking hold for businesses with a social media presence, which means you’re in time to get the traffic you want to your Facebook page.

If you want to know how to achieve it, we invite you to continue reading this blog where we will teach you 7 guidelines to improve organic reach on Facebook:

1. Define the main objective

The first step in a strategy is to define the main objective to know what type of content you are going to create. For example, a fitness trainer may focus on posting short sessions of exercises done at home.

Keep in mind that the objective of your page or profile must be aligned with the objectives of your company or personal brand.

2. Post regularly

It is important to prioritize the number of posts otherwise it will be difficult to improve organic reach, but don’t overdo it; it’s not about harassing your followers by posting every five minutes, you just have to find a balance point so that your audience doesn’t forget or get tired of you.

If you publish regular valuable content, it will be more likely that your publications will reach different users with whom they can generate greater interaction and in this way, Facebook and Instagram will give priority to your page or profile so that it appears in the feed of your followers. .

3. Keep schedules in mind

This is important! If you post when your competition is online you will likely get lower reach because there will be many posts fighting to appear in your audience’s feed.

Facebook Marketing expert, did an experiment: Basically, he analyzed the time his followers are online and then scheduled the posts in “peak time” but found that in “off-peak” hours it also worked and even much better and Jon was saying, “it’s good content with less competition.” Although remember that the analysis must be done with your own brand.

4. Design quality content

We are currently in the age of information overload. In social networks, everything revolves around content and not all people have the time to read everything and they undoubtedly stick with the one that is most useful and of the best quality.

We propose you to create quality content, since the algorithm that Facebook and Instagram do does so taking into account the time that each user dedicates to seeing the publication that you make and this is synonymous with quality, in addition to the other metrics (“I like” or comments). Remember that the more value you add to your post, the greater the commitment of your audience.

5. Use the right dimension in images and videos

Using the dimensions recommended by the social network in your publications would help you improve the reach. The images or videos will be seen in the full format and therefore will be more visual and attractive.

6. Select and use #Hashtags

Identify the hashtags that you will use in the publications to capture the attention of your audience, this will help you segment it.

To do research and select the hashtags you can visit pages or profiles that are in the same line as you, review the ones they use in their most popular posts and create a list with all the ones you think you will use in your future posts to generate organic traffic with Instagram. .

Do not forget that the more relevant your hashtags are, the better reach you will get.

7. Add a call to action

These calls to action are essential and are aimed at getting your followers to interact with your content. In addition to this, the friends of your followers will see your content and therefore you will increase the percentage of users reached.

You can implement these tips:

  • Consider your target audience
  • Make what you are offering tempting
  • Create attractive designs
  • Use words that cause impact: “start”, “learn” “do you need?”