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Buy 100 Facebook Photo Likes 1 to Retain Your Customers with Facebook

Every day there are more companies that are committed to creating a profile on different social networks and starting to publish content in order to get followers and have more visibility on the Internet.

In addition to promoting your brand and attracting new customers, more and more people choose to retain the customers they already have, buy 100 Facebook photo likes 1 and Social Networks are a great tool to achieve this.

The problem comes when this function is not entrusted to a professional and is developed by someone in the organization who has more or less knowledge of Facebook and some other social network on a personal level.

It is highly recommended to contract these services to a person trained in Digital Marketing or Social Media. The figure of the Community Manager is increasingly in demand in any business to develop and enhance the marketing strategy and be able to connect with their customers both offline and online.

Therefore, I am going to give you a series of guidelines to create a good profile on Facebook and build a community around your brand that will help you retain your customers and generate traffic to your business buy 100 Facebook photo likes 1.


Currently, this social network requires a lot of work and perseverance to obtain results. But once you get visibility and quality followers, buy 100 Facebook photo likes 1 it’s very effective, especially in referral marketing.

The first thing is to create a Fan Page or company page. The personal profile does not work since it is limited to 5,000 friends and also does not offer you the advantages that a professional page gives to a business (greater interaction with the public, promotions, statistics).

Once the Facebook Company Page has been created, we must define a strategy to get quality followers and have them interact with our publications.

Our clients are our most precious asset. Our strategy must be based on creating a community of followers, if they are already our clients and we manage to retain them, they will speak well of us, they will be our ambassadors, and they will attract new clients with their ratings and positive opinions. There is nothing as good as a client who is recommended by another client. It is a guaranteed sale.



It is important to make a monthly planning of the publications that are going to be made. The most effective is to publish 3-4 times a week in time slots when users are not working, that is, lunchtime and in the evening-night, when they leave work.


Bet on valuable content. If you know your audience, buy 100 Facebook photo likes 1 you can generate content that interests them within your sector. In this way they will be interested in the following publications and you will gain in engagement. Look for original, interesting content, even ask your audience what topics they would like to discuss or read about. They can give you very good ideas to develop content and make publications that they like and with which they feel identified. Some examples that work very well:

  • Tell stories, storytelling. About the brand, the sector, the founder. They must be stories that move, that reach the heart, in this way, you will win over your audience and it may even go viral.
  • Give interesting or curious facts.
  • Tips related to your sector.
  • Introduce your employees and workplace.


The images and increasingly the videos, is what attracts attention in a Facebook post. Posting only text is a mistake, the public doesn’t even read it, and they want to see photos, illustrations, and above all, videos. The ideal is to record your own videos, links to YouTube, Facebook does not favor them and less since it has the new algorithm. You can take advantage to “humanize” the brand. Recording videos of the facilities, the team, the processes that you develop in your company.

The client values ​​it very positively, feels closeness and empathy towards the staff and the brand. Also play with the formats, it can be a text with an image, a text with a video, an event, a note.


An expert in Social Networks, rightly says, “Work offline and take care of online”. The customers that we already have, and that we want to retain, have already come to our store and have bought, now comes the second step that they return to our store and buy again. To do this, in addition to promoting social networks with attractive content, we must provide exquisite customer service and attention. Your experience in our company should be something unforgettable. That is offline work, but it can be taken to the digital field by showing that relationship with the client on our networks. In addition, when a customer tells us that he has been satisfied, buy 100 Facebook photo likes 1 one of our goals is to reflect that positive experience on the internet. We should subtly encourage them to write a review on google, give us a good rating on Facebook, follow us on social networks, and, if there is a good relationship, ask them to be one of our ambassadors.

Our ambassadors are those who will always speak well of our brand. They help us branding, they will dynamite our community by commenting and liking all the publications we make. This generates a lot of confidence in potential customers, and in addition, they will continue to buy. It’s not bad either, having a detail with them from time to time.


An activity that generates a lot of participation, when you already have a small community, is to create contests. This activity must be planned well and put into practice depending on the results you want to obtain more fans? Visibility? Promote new product? Retain your customers? Whatever it is, plan well the duration, the prize, the legal bases (mandatory on Facebook). Once the contest is launched, it is interesting to do a promotion with Facebook Ads to get more interaction.

Here I leave you the Complete Guide to Facebook Ads.

As for Crowdsourcing, buy 100 Facebook photo likes 1 it is about making publications in which you propose to your fans that they participate with their ideas or content. For example:

  • You can ask them to upload a photo according to the proposed theme
  • They can send an original photo with your product
  • Propose a challenge
  • Send a video doing something about your brand or product

With all this, you can then make a contest or a collage, thanking the public for their participation and even giving a prize to the most original, participatory, etc.


You have to be attentive to the important dates of each month and create original publications mentioning the indicated date. Here I leave you the Calendar of the Community Manager of Aula CM so you don’t skip any.


They can be doubts, questions about products, schedules, or they can be positive or negative comments regarding the publication. Whatever it is, always respond as quickly as possible and in the most cordial manner. Very important to transmit positivity, security and good vibes. If it is a bad opinion, a criticism, try to talk to that person in private, and resolve the situation.


Try to analyze the results of your activity on Facebook. The interaction, the number of fans, the comments, the participation in the contests. All this must be related to an increase in the loyalty of your customers. In the same FanPage you have statistics of all this data buy 100 Facebook photo likes 1. They will help you know if you are doing it right or if you need to change things to improve. More loyal customers and more loyal customers. Surely with all these actions you get it.


There is a lot of work to do on Facebook. This is just a brief guide to start creating your community and begin to retain your customers, buy 100 Facebook photo likes 1 take them to the social network and help you get and retain more customers.