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Buy Facebook Photo Likes UK to Market on Facebook to Improve the Strategy of Your Facebook Page

A marketing strategy on Facebook involves adding value and posting about what our community is interested in and what we are experts at. Take care of your Fan Page, buy Facebook photo likes UK interact with your users and design a publication strategy aligned with the rest of your online marketing actions.

The way in which we relate to our clients changed radically when social networks appeared and companies saw a niche in which they could communicate and interact with their potential clients.

For this reason, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network deserves a special mention, as it is undoubtedly the one with the most active users.

Doing good marketing on Facebook is synonymous with being able to get more clients, which is why more and more companies are looking for and hiring professional community manager services who know how to design a good strategy on Facebook.

Facebook is important not only because of its relevance as a social network and as a communication vehicle, but also because it allows generating many more valuable interactions and combining different digital strategies in its publications:

  • Strategies to find business contacts
  • Advertising strategies
  • Content strategies
  • Strategies and marketing with videos and webinars
  • Promotions and advertising on Facebook ads
  • etc.

Remember. That old Facebook marketing strategy of just getting likes is useless no more. The truth is that the Like never served for anything more than to inflate the ego, but now, Facebook is going to remove said Likes from the publications.

If we talk about marketing strategies on your Fan Page, buy Facebook photo likes UK you must bear in mind that your official Facebook page must be a source of information designed and worked on efficiently, since it will be from it that you will be able to contact clients and potential clients (of moment fans), get to know them and learn more about them and they about you.

For this reason, today in this post I want to show you 10 Facebook marketing strategies with which you can start increasing your volume of followers, Leads and customers.

Designing a marketing strategy on Facebook is much more than working to get likes and followers. The proper strategy of a Fan Page must include interaction, value contribution, generation of engagement and achievement of Leads and potential customers.

Why is it necessary to do good marketing on Facebook?

Many companies and especially entrepreneurs think that social networks, especially Facebook, will help them get new customers.

This is not only false, but also publishing your offers and promotions continuously can make your target audience stop following them, because self-promotion is NOT a good strategy on Facebook.

Doing good marketing on Facebook implies, above all else, interacting with your users and community, offering information and providing specific value that makes your potential clients see that you are good at what you do.

How to make a marketing strategy on Facebook. 10 keys to success

First of all, let me give you a few statistics to illustrate the importance of Facebook in a social media strategy.

  • Worldwide there are an estimated 2.5 million monthly active users.
  • It is estimated that there may be almost 100 million company pages on Facebook.
  • Every minute more than 400 new users register on Facebook.
  • People access Facebook an average of 8 times a day.
  • Etc..

And all this without counting everything that advertising on Facebook Ads implies as the main Facebook marketing action of many businesses.

As you can see, there are many advantages and benefits of this social network for your company, which is why you should learn to use Facebook (in the correct way) as soon as possible.

And I specify “ in the right way ”, because there are many occasions when I come across companies whose strategy on Facebook consists of publishing one or two news items every day.

  • Without meaning or goals
  • Without proper planning
  • Without publishing own content
  • Without measuring results

Does this deliver results? Does it help to get Leads and customers? … the truth is that no, but on many occasions it is the way of working with social networks and the strategy on Facebook, since it is thought to be easy and fast.

This is why all your advertising strategies on Facebook, whether paid or organic, must be well planned in advance.

And that planning implies starting to do things right from the beginning.

1. – Create a Facebook page for your company

The first and most important thing is the correct administration of your Fan Page. Whether or not you get results depends on it, so you should keep in mind several basic things about it:

Offer complete information on your Fan Page

You must provide as much information as possible about your company so that your Facebook strategy works and your followers are fully informed about everything that is important to them: contact, website, links of interest and what you do…

Personalize your company page on Facebook

A good communication strategy on Facebook implies having a good cover image, logo, personalized URL, etc. so that you can achieve your goals of informing and documenting your fans.

Make it interesting and dynamic

Learning to use Facebook correctly involves making it attractive to your fans by encouraging participation in it.

Hold contests, create events and offer various activities that make you come closer every time

The customer (or user) always at the center

Customer service is the best strategy to follow on Facebook, buy Facebook photo likes UK as it puts the customer (or user) at the center of that strategy.

If you base all of your Facebook marketing on one-sided speech or communication, the result is obvious. It won’t do you any good.

On the contrary, if you bet on creating a user-centric Facebook marketing strategy and respond quickly to users, add value, create content and bet on generating your know-how, you will have good results quickly.

  • Use Facebook Live to create tutorial videos or talks that your users can follow live.
  • Implement robots for Facebook that allow you to respond more quickly to your users’ queries.
  • etc…

2. – Define the brand objectives to achieve with your Fan Page

Your commercial strategies on Facebook will only work if from the beginning you define objectives that are appropriate to your activity and your resources.

If you don’t fix them, it will be difficult for you to develop a successful marketing strategy, buy Facebook photo likes UK because without planning, day to day will eat you up and you will publish without rhyme or reason.

Some of the objectives on Facebook that you can start working on are:

  • Increase traffic to the web
  • Increase the volume of leads and subscribers
  • Increase sales (thanks to advertising on Facebook Ads)
  • Add value to the community with quality content
  • Listen, engage and respond to prospects and customers

3. – Give a personal and human touch to your strategy on Facebook

How can we do marketing on Facebook mixing the professional facet and also give it a personal touch?

It may seem complicated, but it is undoubtedly one of the keys to success. If you base your entire Facebook page strategy on “making money”, you will do poorly from the start.

Think that social networks are above all “social” and not commercial. Therefore, talk to people and give it your personal touch, buy Facebook photo likes UK introducing content that makes your Fan Page a friendlier environment.

4. – Use the segmentation of Facebook posts

With all the personal information of your fans that you have, you can make a lot of valid classifications for your Facebook strategy, according to different criteria.

A good idea may be to create specialized groups to direct your personalized marketing strategy and in which you solve specific doubts.

But in addition, there is an aspect that not many people know and that is that, even when you work with organic publications on Facebook, you can segment who you want to see them, just like we do in Facebook Ads.

To do this, you must go to the “settings” section on your Facebook page and then to “General” – “News Feed Audience and Post Visibility”.

Once you are there, just by clicking “allow” you will have the segmentation option activated the next time you program an organic publication on Facebook.

5. – Make the most of the publications on your Fan Page

The publications you make on your Fan Page should be a great exponent of your creativity, because there really are many actions that you can carry out thanks to them.

To name a few that you should implement and learn to use on Facebook, we have:

  • A weekly and monthly calendar that incorporates valuable content, images, videos, perhaps some humor and, in general, content of interest.
  • Specific actions to achieve subscribers
  • Contests and sweepstakes
  • Actions to carry out specific promotions on Facebook (for sales), which are later supported by different types of Sales Funnels that convert cold traffic into hot traffic.
  • Branding actions for your brand
  • Questions, surveys, phrases and quotes
  • Etc.…

6. – Do good content marketing on Facebook

How to make a marketing strategy on Facebook that includes content? Should I write the contents in the same publication or bring them from the blog?

Value content is the key to any marketing strategy, buy Facebook photo likes UK so in this social network you must establish a good combination between your blog and Facebook.

Yes, the blog, a fundamental element for any social media marketing strategy that must add value, inform, offer solutions and also be on your website.

Thus, you must be able to schedule and establish a content plan for social networks where you include Facebook and in which you mix:

  • The SEO strategy that you work with your content
  • Social media strategies to grow your community
  • Your content strategies on Facebook
  • Your lead acquisition strategies

As you can see, once again marketing on Facebook is not just working on this social network, but also linking it and interacting with other elements of your online marketing.

7. – Use the power of Branding on Facebook to enhance your brand

Facebook is a more than adequate environment to build your brand identity on the internet and thus generate digital trust for your company.

For this, you must learn to use Facebook to transmit the values, culture and philosophy of your company. Do not forget that almost 60% of users actively follow the brands they like.

Taking advantage of this situation can help you easily convert fans into customers, as you can use Facebook to influence their purchase decision.

8. – Use Facebook Ads advertising campaigns

Facebook Ads is the platform to make paid ads on Facebook. And although it is paid, it is an option that the vast majority of companies use when promoting our products or services.

The truth is that any marketing strategy on Facebook should be complemented by specific ads and specific promotions of your products or services.

Some of the advantages of carrying out promotions and advertising strategies on Facebook Ads are:

  • The cost is much lower than Google Ads, so there are many businesses that can benefit from this type of advertising campaign.
  • The level of advertising targeting on Facebook is one of the best I’ve seen. Age, country, city and zip code, gender, interests, positions and behaviors are some of the types of segmentation in Facebook Ads that you can use.
  • The Facebook Ads strategy allows you to run dynamic ads that display videos or multiple images for different types of ads.
  • It is a proactive payment advertising system, unlike Google Ads which is passive
  • etc…

9. – Sell = Facebook marketing + sales funnel

The idea is to convert fans into subscribers and these into customers. For this reason, buy Facebook photo likes UK your advertising strategies on Facebook must also incorporate a Sales Funnel that helps consolidate subscribers and convert them into customers.

  • You can use ads to get Leads at a higher level of your Funnel
  • You can use retargeting campaigns to recover those who have left
  • You can even run specific campaigns on Consolidated Leads with specific promotions or offers.

In any case, it should be clear that short-term selling is practically non-existent anymore, which is why your Facebook marketing campaigns must work against a conversion funnel that supports customer consolidation.

10. – Analyze the results of your marketing strategy on Facebook

As in any business marketing and advertising strategy, buy Facebook photo likes UK Facebook statistics will help you understand what is happening and how your Fan Page strategy is working.

You can’t decide on what you can’t measure, so my advice from now on is to measure results continuously, to know what results your Facebook marketing strategy is yielding.