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Like Post Facebook Buy to Generate Engagement in Social Networks?

One of the most precious and difficult challenges to achieve for any brand on social networks is to achieve a good degree of engagement, loyalty or commitment from their followers. But to begin with, let’s look at its definition, “like post Facebook buy engagement is the degree to which a consumer interacts and engages with a brand.”

But be careful, engagement is not a one-way communication factor but a two-way one. To receive loyalty from their audience, like post Facebook buy brands must be committed to their customers and users. This commitment to the customer constitutes a philosophy of brand marketing communication and customer interaction.

The customer engagement philosophy implies a sequence for marketing communications. This sequence is: Connect – Inform – Entertain – Share.

1. Connect with the buyer or customer on an immediate, visceral level, evoking an experience of liking or disliking someone, a group, or a thing, like post Facebook buy as well as empathic correspondence with a customer’s situation.

2. Inform often, this means that it demonstrates the need for a new product, a better way of doing things, compared to competitors, this causes the experience of relief – a successful result.

3. Entertain, using humorous, horrible, or seductive social situations, which reinforces deeper cultural narratives (shared expectations and beliefs) while allaying lingering fears associated with trying something new. Success in this context creates a secret or ironic vision that one simply must share.

4. Share directs a call to action and encourages the user or customer to forward a link, or a message or SMS to a friend or co-worker regarding a new finding: “You have to see this mate!” The shared item represents a coin or token of affection, which improves reputation.

  1. Post useful and quality content daily (70/20/10 rule).
  2. Don’t “direct sell” on your social media.
  3. Ask and interact with your followers what they like or what they need (dialogue).
  4. Use calls to action (CTA). Use #Hagtags in your posts.
  5. Entertain your audience with humor.
  6. Vary the themes and types of content (text, images, video, and audio).
  7. Use quality images, they attract more attention from the public (be very visual).
  8. Create contests periodically (but don’t abuse them).
  9. Create positive expectations.
  10. Generate emotions and inspire your audience.

Today’s consumers are the most informed shoppers in human history. In addition, like post Facebook buy they can discover everything they want to know about a brand and the company. Consumers do not demand commitment from you, but they will be indifferent to companies and brands that are indifferent to them.