Buy 50 USA Facebook Post Likes To Increase Your Web Traffic from Facebook

The other day I met a good friend who told me that it was very difficult for him to drive traffic from his Facebook page to his website. Buy 50 USA Facebook post likes got a lot of likes on his photos but, when it came to his blog post, fans didn’t react as well. If you also have the same problem, here are some tricks to increase your web traffic from Facebook:

How to increase your web traffic from Facebook

To begin with, it must be said that the fact that there are not as many likes in a post of your blog on Facebook as in one of a photo is normal. Liking is an instinctive thing that goes no further, and if you click on a post that takes you to a blog, you won’t go back to the fanpage to like it. Most likely, in fact, is that the people who have “liked” your post have not even read it. So calm down: less likes does not mean less traffic.

Yes to the preview of your blog, no to the image + link

Some bloggers, knowing that blog posts do not attract as many likes, opt directly to put an attractive image and a link. Well done wrong. Why? The photo will steal all the prominence from the link and hardly anyone will click on it.

What can you do instead? Facebook allows you to always customize the preview photos in a blog, buy 50 USA Facebook post likes so use it to play and upload an attractive image that makes you want to enlarge it. What will happen if they click? That will go directly to your website.

Repeating information is boring

Sometimes it seems that some bloggers, once they have published the entry, they run out of inventiveness. So they take it and, buy 50 USA Facebook post likes without thinking twice, they put the link to their blog and, for the title of the publication, the title of the post again. Do you know what a fan feels when they see that?

Or what is the same: zero interest and increasing your web traffic from Facebook, we are not even talking anymore.

Solution: please, change the title of your post, you repeat yourself more than garlic.

Play with the copy

Another very effective trick to increase your web traffic from Facebook is to play with the blog post preview copy. Whether your blog is blogspot or wordpress, buy 50 USA Facebook post likes all the fields in the Facebook preview are customizable. Now, you just have to prepare a good headline for your post.

A good tactic is to create a bit of mystery with your post copy. Of course, as long as you don’t reveal it 3 lines below. Believe it or not, this happens quite often. Solution? Change the text or, directly, remove it.

How to make a copy that encourages the click and thus increase your web traffic from Facebook?

Well, it’s not an exact science. What does work is to try to make the text of the publication take up a line or two at most. Questions work too. If not, try this strategy: before publishing your post, imagine that it is from another brand.

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