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Buy Facebook Photo Likes to Get More Engagement on Facebook

Engagement is the interaction of users on social networks with the content published by a brand.

Today I take the opportunity to share the necessary techniques to get more interaction from Facebook users with a brand buy Facebook photo likes.

Content typology

On Facebook there are different types of content that can be shared: videos, photos, status updates, links and questions.

  • The posts that get the most impact on Facebook are images. In my particular case, buy Facebook photo likes I use this technique on my fan page by adding a short text and the URL of my posts. The truth is that I always get more impact with images than with links and texts.
  • Facebook questions also get a lot of engagement with fans. Do you want to know why? Well, very easy because they are a “Call to action” you are encouraging them to carry out an action.

Frequency in content

It is very important to maintain a frequency of publications every day, many brands only do it once a day.

  • The response in each post that a brand publishes is important as it will help with Edgerank which in turn will make future posts have more impact.
  • The average number of posts a brand should have is between 1 and 3 per day

Post Characters

According to Buddy Media and Tracksocial, status updates with less than 70 characters get more response.

  • It’s best to accompany your status with a video or image to round it out and keep it short.

Calls to actions

If you try it you will see that the calls to action are very effective with Facebook fans, I recommend:

  • Asking questions helps get more comments but tends to get fewer likes.
  • Post offers either on the wall or through Facebook Offers
  • Ask for feedback/opinion when you want to know something, buy Facebook photo likes the best way is to ask your fans directly
  • Contests on Facebook help increase the fan community and generate more user interaction with the brand

Posting schedule

  • Even if you have read hundreds of blogs that indicate studies of the best time to publish your updates, forget about them. The truth is that to know your best schedule you need tools that analyze the best schedule of your community of fans.
  • It is always advisable to leave publications for the weekends.

In any case, do not forget to try and try all the possible techniques until you find the ones that generate the best results for the brand.