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Buy Facebook Photo Likes Fast Increase the Engagement of Your Facebook Page

If you’re building your Facebook Page and don’t know where to start, buy Facebook photo likes fast here are 21 ways to create engagement. But if you already have a business with your social networks, these strategies will also serve you.

Know your audience

Before talking to your audience, you must know your client deeply, know what they like, what they don’t like, what they read, what they see, what they listen to, in short.

When you know and know the type of public you are going to address, you will know how to do it, and you will prevent the following tips from going to waste. Never forget that the principle of any strategy is to know your client.

Talk to your users

Define a style, a tone and a footprint that represents who you are and users can identify you, buy Facebook photo likes fast knowing that this publication is yours and not someone else’s.

When you have a defined style, start creating conversations with the public, interact with them, write in their comments, ask them questions, answer questions, comment on a joke, etc.

If your followers have doubts or questions, answer them, and if a user answered it somewhere or another comment, quote it, so everyone will feel involved.

Share trending and current content

Basic rule of marketing, your networks should talk about you only 20%, and if I tell you it could be more. So, why have social networks if it is not to promote yourself?

Social networks are a means and a tool to attract new customers and keep existing ones with you. You can show your products, but in an indirect way, buy Facebook photo likes fast an efficient sale is a quiet and subtle sale.

Offer your followers valuable content and current content, important and innovative things that have to do with your product business. Nor is it about giving them fashion news when your business is tourism.

Vary the type of posts

There are too many formats that you can adapt to make a post. Among them are GIFS, memes, hundreds of types of videos and hundreds of types of images.

Make use of all those tools and publication formats, always without forgetting that everything has to offer value and must be suitable for your type of business.

For example, memes are mostly jokes, so you could say that you don’t offer value, but in reality if you are offering it, you bring joy to your customer through a joke that has to do with your business.

On the other hand, vary in your publications, do not stay a whole week giving motivational images, for example. You can put a motivating phrase during the day, an infographic in the afternoon and a video at night, and so on.

Alternate your content and you will see that you will have more interaction in your publications. 

Offer valuable content

Remember that all your content must be focused on the satisfaction of your customers and their needs. How to know what they need the first step, knowing your audience is the guide to an entire engagement strategy.

Always keep in mind that you must generate something useful in their lives, and you can apply it to everything, not only in your posts, but also in the responses to comments, thanks, etc.

And in this way, buy Facebook photo likes fast you will have a Facebook page full of followers and with a lot of engagement.

Link in your posts

You can re-share some content that you had already done and has generated a lot of interaction, or on the contrary that has had little interaction and you want to rescue it.

Or you can put links that lead to your blog, those are the ones that have the best reception and thus, you give useful content to your followers and at the same time, generate traffic on your blog. 

Post at the right times

Nothing to publish in the early hours of the morning, the number of people who are connected at that time is minimal. Therefore, you will not have engagement, so forget about it.

Perform tests to find out what time is the most appropriate to publish, what are the hours in which your followers are connected. It would be wrong to give you an exact time, because everything depends on your market niche.

Mix various types of images

The two formats that have the most interaction are videos and images, so my recommendation is that you vary your content with different types of images and videos.

You can put pieces of movies that allude to the type of business you have, images that encourage opinions, images and videos with a list of top 5. You can also make collages so that the followers think which one they prefer.

Try adding gifs, short video tutorials, interviews, etc. You can put a lot of content with different modalities. However, beware of flooding your users with so many posts and content.

Measure what you are going to post every day to not only have an order, but also prevent followers from getting bored of seeing so much content that they do not have time to see.

Dust off content

Republish content that has had a lot of likes, comments or views. Or share those posts that had almost no engagement, buy Facebook photo likes fast maybe this time it will generate more likes.

Generate humor

Funny memes and images attract many people, take advantage of this opportunity and attract traffic to your networks in these ways.

But, as always, don’t overdo it, use them from time to time and don’t abuse them, because you could mislead your audience thinking that your business is memes.

Ask for their opinion

Create a topic, open a discussion or ask about things of interest to them. The idea is that they are forced to give an opinion because it is an issue they think they should give an opinion about.

Beware of opening offensive topics for others, it is okay to propose controversial topics, but nothing that makes people feel offended or humiliated. Always be neutral in your posts and opinions.

Make questions

The idea of ​​all social networks is not just to report something, the goal is to participate everyone, that’s why it’s an open and collaborative social network. So take advantage of this and get your followers involved.

How to launch publications that at the end of the text have a question, either for them to reflect, give their opinion, choose, act, etc.

The important thing is to ask the right questions and that they are consistent with the publication that encourages the person to discuss and comment on their point of view. This is one of the best ways to create engagement.

Provide advice and tips

Make publications about advice and tips that have to do with your sector.

For example, your market niche is pets, offer content on… “How to bathe cats without being scratched”, “tips to have shiny dog ​​hair”, “tips to cut a cat’s nails”.

Those things not only keep them coming back again and again for more tips, but also build engagement by giving them useful stuff.

Motivate them with famous phrases

The idea of ​​putting quotes from authors, businessmen, actors, scientists, etc., is that they feel identified and motivates them to be better.

It does not mean that all the phrases have to be motivation, on the contrary, the idea is that you have a variety of famous phrases of all kinds and from different people.

The end of the phrases is that they can feel identified and driven to act and be better.

Don’t forget about Facebook stories

Like Instagram, stories have had an impressive reception, they are much more interactive than posts and millions of people use them daily. There are even users who do not post anything on their profile, but upload up to 20 stories per day.

Today stories are key to generating interactivity, because it is not only uploading an image or video that lasts 24 hours on the network, but also has options to ask questions, do quizzes, give opinions, choose and even play.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and generate engagement through Facebook stories.

If your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook account, you can create the same story for both social networks and it is published at the same time, so whoever does not have you on Facebook can see them on Instagram.

Includes gamification

What is it about? To include one or another game in your publications to increase participation.

For example, buy Facebook photo likes fast you can put two similar images and users have to find the differences. What images? It can be from some product or service of yours.

Another example you can take is posting an image with a phrase and have them complete it. That kind of thing generates a lot of engagement.

Make live or live

Real-time videos are another way to create engagement, because you are giving your face so that they know and trust you, and on the other hand they can ask you live and directly the questions they have.

The idea here is that you listen to them, attend to them and respond to them. A live can be about a conversation on a topic, you talk to everyone. Another live can be just to answer all the questions.

Another live can be to give them a short talk on some topic. In short, there are many things you can do with lives, the important thing is that you get the most out of it to increase your engagement.

Tutorials on how your product or service works

Show them in a short video how your products are used. The idea is that you appear in the video, so that they have more confidence, and tell them how it works and what its benefits are.

Be careful, this is a video that should not be uploaded every week. That implies talking a lot about you and it is the least we want to happen.

Run contests and sweepstakes

It is about your followers participating and knowing more about you. So, if your market niche is fashion, give them a virtual course of yours on fashion.

The idea is that you give them things from your business, or that are related to your business, in order to avoid having false followers and welcome loyal ones.

But before doing the contest, check the internal conditions of Facebook so that they don’t penalize you and close your account.

You can tell them to mention 5 friends, or to give their opinion about something and the best ones will be awarded. Do something very original and creative and you will attract many people to your networks.

Create action calls or CTAs

Invite your followers to do something specific, for example, go to your website, and share the post, like the post, comment. Do not be embarrassed to ask them for these actions.

Ask and it will be given to you. When your followers are engaged with you they will do so with pleasure, this will not only show their commitment to you but also allow you to attract new followers.

Evaluate the frequency of posts

Like the hours, you have to know what frequency is correct for your Facebook page. 1, 2, 3?

Do the tests you need to know if it is necessary to publish more than 2 times a day. Unlike Instagram, Facebook puts your posts to compete, however the idea is not that you saturate the followers with so much information.

Find that balance point after about two weeks of observation and evaluation.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them, and if you know or have an idea of ​​another strategy that can help us all, write it down and we will evaluate it among the entire community.

I have a task for you, go to the Netflix Latin America Facebook page, buy Facebook photo likes fast take a look at their way of responding and their way of communicating there, you will find many ideas for your business.

Do not leave without sharing the article, send it to your colleagues who are starting to create their social networks so that they can incorporate these 21 strategies to increase engagement.