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Facebook Like Post Buy to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

If you upload the same content to Facebook as to the rest of the social networks without it taking effect Facebook like post buy, or you get desperate trying to create content to grow your fan page on this platform. Look no further, this is the post you were looking for.

Here I tell you the best tips to follow to increase engagement on your Fanpage, Facebook like post buy to get the most out of this wonderful social network that has seen us almost grow.

  • Why is Facebook still so important to your brand?
  • What is engagement?
  • Steps to follow

Why is Facebook still so important to your brand?

Facebook offers you the opportunity to create a close community, as well as directly announce the news of your brand or company to the public. If this does not convince you, let’s look at the numbers, which do not usually deceive. Facebook has been the most used social network for years and is growing daily. 45% of the population is online, so stop waiting and if you still don’t have a Fanpage for your brand, don’t wait any longer.

What is engagement?

“Engagement”, like many marketing terms, comes from English, the exact translation would be commitment, but it goes beyond the purchase or use of a brand’s services. It is one of the factors that companies and marketing teams take into account the most, since it determines the commitment established between the brand and its audience and is a way of measuring the interaction for each publication. It helps positioning and indicates good brand management.

Creating engagement requires time and dedication, but it is one of the most effective ways to retain our audience, to create lasting relationships and to make the purchase or use of your service more than just a transaction, Facebook like post buy it is an experience. This requires not only the creation of quality content, but also constant interaction, building trust and sharing brand values ​​through your content.

Steps to follow:

  • Create quality and exclusive content for Facebook
  • Use Creator Studio
  • Post less
  • Share current content and content from other accounts
  • Make Facebook Live
  • Call to action
  • Influencer marketing
  • Continuously interact and participate

Create quality and exclusive content for Facebook

We must bear in mind that all social networks are different and we must adapt to the particularities of Facebook for our posts to work. You can use Hootsuite or Buffer to edit your posts according to each platform and thus optimize your time.

Use Creator Studio

Analyze which of your posts perform best with Creator Studio. You must take into account: schedules, impressions, reach and of course the content to find out what works best on your Fanpage. Our advice is that you keep trying until you find the key.

Post less

No, we haven’t gone crazy. You don’t have to spend your day creating endless content on this social network. To increase engagement we must always take into account the algorithm of this platform. According to Buffer’s analysis, Facebook like post buy posting less increases reach and engagement, since Facebook’s goal is to increase interaction and improve the user experience. Make fewer posts, but of higher quality.

Share current content and content from other accounts

Good news, on Facebook you don’t have to spend the day posting and thinking about what to upload, you can share content that is trending. It may seem counterproductive, Facebook like post buy but the essential thing is that your followers have more interaction with your account. It is also important that you share content on your fanpage that your followers share, in this way your brand will feel closer.


Videos are essential, Facebook likes that you upload videos apart from images. According to a study by Buzzsumo, videos are the most shared content on this platform. Your videos must be adapted to the platform to be effective. Use a ratio of 1:1, square and always try to add subtitles as most Facebook users view without sound. You can add graphics and good copy to make sure the message gets across. Below is a graph that shows how long your video should be to create more engagement.

Make Facebook Live

Facebook aims to connect its users, therefore, it rewards live broadcasts.

According to Facebook, users spend more time watching live videos compared to playlist videos. Making videos on Facebook live increases engagement notably, since as with audiovisual content, Facebook like post buy the platform rewards (algorithmically speaking) this type of content.

The platform allows you to send notifications to all the followers of your fanpage so that they can connect while you are broadcasting your video live, so they will not miss your content.

Call to action

Make your followers feel heard and that they are part of a community where their opinion matters. Ask for their opinion or ask questions to make them part of the conversation. Call-to-actions increase interaction and therefore engagement. Below is an example of a brand that makes good use of the call to action through questions and surveys. Each new collection they ask which one they like the most or which patterns they prefer, which brings them closer to their followers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers, as their name suggests, have influence over a large number of people. They have their own communities of followers already created, therefore, it is imperative to analyze which influencers can fit with your brand or which segments you want to reach with your brand so that the work with influencers reaches our target audience.

When you are clear about which influencers are more aligned with your brand and that their followers are part of your target audience, you can invite them to collaborate with you. There are multiple ways to do it and not all of them work in the same way, you may only want them to upload content using or carrying your frame or offer a discount or giveaway for a limited time, but this will significantly increase the interactions on your fanpage and the engagement.

Continuously interact and participate

You have to be part of the community. It is useless to create good content if you do not respond to comments or questions in your inbox. You must encourage dialogue on your fanpage.

All these tips are very effective as well as generic. You must not lose sight of your objectives and the values ​​of your brand. Try which are the methods that best adapt and work for your brand (there is no one like it). Remember that it must be profitable, you do not have to flood your fan page with raffles or discounts that end up costing you more, increasing engagement takes time.

I hope that these steps have been helpful to increase engagement on your Facebook page and do not forget to comment if we have missed something or if they have had an effect on you.