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How to Increase the Engagement of Your Facebook Page Buy like Facebook Post

How to put social networks at the service of your business… and not the other way around? Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of putting their websites at the service of Facebook buy like Facebook post. The idea is to do just the opposite. Of course, our goal is to get Facebook to generate qualified traffic for us and increase engagement. How to achieve it? What are the most effective strategies? In this article we will cover all these topics.

Through engagement we can measure the qualitative part of our followers. That is, we can measure their feeling towards our brand or the interest it arouses. Likewise, buy like Facebook post working on the ratio of interactions will allow us to increase our visibility. But how to do it?

Organic content vs. sponsored content

What is organic? When we publish on Facebook we can do it in two ways:

  • Promoting content = paid content
  • Letting our audience see the content naturally (without paying) = organic content

We call the traffic that this content generates on the web organic traffic. When we do not pay to promote content, the vast majority of the followers of our business will not see it. Did you think that Facebook shows your posts to all your followers? Well no. Facebook’s algorithm decides who to show what to, buy like Facebook post based on each user’s behavior and preferences.

Don’t see this as a problem. On Facebook you can reach thousands of targeted people (who match your target audience segmentation criteria) for very little money. Investing €5 a day in an advertisement on Facebook Ads can be enough to get thousands of visits per month, although this can obviously vary dramatically depending on who you are targeting.

Better to advertise on Facebook or Google?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. I’ll give you some hints:

Track 1:

If what you sell is aimed at the final consumer and is related to personal interests that have a social dimension, such as hobbies, sports, fashion, beauty… Facebook can help you a lot. When I speak of “personal interests with a social dimension” I am referring to issues that matter to us all the time and that we like to share.

Let’s see an example: imagine that you are passionate about bicycles. You probably share and consume information about cycling, buy like Facebook post you are in contact with other fans and you follow pages related to your hobby. This means that:

  • Facebook can easily identify you as “interested in bikes”.
  • You are very receptive to advertisements with cycling offers and related content.

That is why Facebook would be a very clear option for a bicycle manufacturer, but… would it be for a plumbing company?

Track 2:

When you advertise on Facebook, you are reaching people who were not expecting you. The qualification of the traffic generated by this type of advertising will never be as good as that of those users who are actively searching for your product. For this reason, buy like Facebook post we say that traffic from Google searches is usually more qualified than that from social networks. Does this mean that Google is better? Not necessarily, because you also have to take into account the price factor. Generally, the click on Google is much more expensive than on Facebook.

My advice? Try both and compare. There are sectors of activity that are very competitive in Google and that causes a considerable increase in bids. On Facebook you will rarely have that problem.

Track 3:

It’s not easy to segment professional interests on Facebook (people don’t use Facebook for professional purposes, but for personal and family purposes). With very few exceptions, Facebook is not the best option for B2B (Business to Business: sale of products and services to companies).

What formats and strategies work best on Facebook?

Without hesitation, the video is at this time a safe bet. But be careful, don’t share your YouTube videos on Facebook, rather upload those videos directly to Facebook: the result can be vastly different.

If you don’t have video, make sure your updates are highly visual. Rely on quality images, always with content that is useful, surprising and/or fun. This will help to significantly improve engagement. Infographics, especially when targeting a professional audience, are a great investment.

On the other hand, never do ‘bombobombo’. Post only things that add value to others. Telling news of internal affairs of your company (appointments, visits to events, etc.) does not usually interest anyone and can be counterproductive. Post only relevant things… Relevant to your audience, not to you or your boss!

Focus on your true goal

Stop to think for a moment what your goal is. The goal is not for your potential customers to stay on your Facebook, but for them to go to your website and buy. In other words: define your strategy to drive traffic from Facebook to your website, not the other way around. Clicking to your website is also engagement, keep that in mind. To increase it, I propose these “good practices”:

  • Do not remove your customers from the space where you sell: it is good that you put a link to your Facebook on your website but do not highlight it.
  • Put social buttons on your content (blog or products) so that people share them on Facebook. When this happens, it’s great, but make no mistake: we want them to share, not leave. They are two totally different types of interaction buttons: content sharing buttons, yes; buttons to leave your website to visit your Facebook, no.

Promote engagement

Use hashtags and mentions. Hashtags will make it easier for your content to be found by people interested in the same topic. When you mention other people or Pages on Facebook buy like Facebook post, they will receive a notification. And they may thank you by interacting. This is the best thing that can happen to you in a social network. From engagement, you will be able to build relationships with potential clients, influencers, colleagues, etc.