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Buy Post Likes Facebook to Improve Engagement on Facebook

Getting followers on social networks and, more importantly, improving engagement on them, is not an easy task. It is necessary to find the right point between the absence and excess of publications, the right tone -if possible, full of imagination- and be constant, without ever stopping looking for new strategies to get closer to the public and break that virtual barrier that separates us. . How to achieve it? There are no unique recipes and each case -as well as each company- is a world. However, there are certain universal guidelines that you can keep in mind. Today we focus on how to improve your engagement on Facebook.

The truth is that making yourself known on Facebook is easier than on any other network buy post likes Facebook… at least if we look at its popularity. No less than 1.55 billion people around the world have a profile on this network -and counting-, and its audience is also very heterogeneous. Here you can find people of almost all ages and with all kinds of interests. It is, at least so far, the most universal network: the closest thing to real life moved to a virtual environment.

Of course, as much as the tool puts millions of potential followers on a tray, it is already known that trying to kill flies with cannon fire is not the best strategy: you must target a very specific audience, which is the one that your potential customers make up. Only in this way will you transform your success into sales and, at the same time, it is likely that you will only generate engagement if you find an audience that really likes your product or service. In other words: having thousands of followers will do you no good if they don’t care about what you do or if they consider it boring or irrelevant.

Once you are clear about who you are targeting (and, as a second step, how you are going to do it ), it is time to put these tips into practice, buy post likes Facebook focused on improving engagement, that is, the degree of interaction of users with the brand, which is usually directly proportional to how much they like it:

Ask your followers

It seems simple and, in fact, it is. But isn’t it true that the simplest is always the most effective? Your fans want to feel included, heard, cared for. Therefore, a good technique to improve engagement on Facebook is to introduce questions in your posts. This will create a dialogue and encourage your fans to get wet and answer each other. You can also encourage your followers to decide something, or to guess or choose between two options (which is sure to generate a debate between them).

Post surveys

In line with the above, publishing surveys is also a very effective formula for generating engagement. Make it something interesting and something controversial helps. Also that the question (and the answer) be simple. And don’t forget to make the percentage of results clear! Everyone will want to know who has won, and this will lead them to be aware of your fan page.

Share images of quality!

As the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. Unless the image in question subtracts points from your brand due to its lack of quality. Do not play it and do not publish photos that are not worth publishing. Also maintain a certain aesthetic coherence. For example, if you use a certain filter for your images, make sure it is always the same. If you work in black and white, always do it that way. If you also manage to strike a chord with your fans and empathize with them, buy post likes Facebook all the better! Infographics are also very useful, especially if you create them with your own content and your own corporate image.

Take into account the connection times of your fans

Try to adapt to your audience: analyze at what times they connect the most and publish in those time ranges to impact them to a greater extent. There is no universal formula. You have countless tools available to measure this type of parameter – without going any further, buy post likes Facebook – and use them in your favor. Above all, keep your audience in mind, because the global statistics will probably have very little to do with what is lived on your small plot. If your product is aimed at young women between 15 and 35 who live in Tenerife, focus on their habits and forget about everything else.

The good thing if brief twice good

Or what is the same: do not go overboard with the length of your publications. Think that if, for example, you share a post from your blog, your intention is to generate a click towards the content. What’s the use of revealing the whole cake in a 10-line paragraph? In addition, short texts, if they are creative and elaborate, are much more attractive. Leaving half answers or asking questions that you answer in the post is a very good technique to generate clicks.

Create promotions

And by this we mean own promotions, but also promotions in collaboration with other brands (as long as they are related and complementary to yours). Labeling other companies and certain people helps, and a lot, to increase diffusion. You will be able to ‘cross’ fans with other companies and take advantage of the trust that they have already placed in your related company (which is obviously not your direct competition).

Create a call to action

When we publish, we do it with a goal: a like, a share, a click, a subscription, a purchase… Ask directly for what you are looking for and be direct. Insert a call to action or call to action (CTA) in your publications and so no one will get lost along the way.

Interact with others and talk about other topics of interest

You are not the only company in the universe. In the same way that we run away from those people who only talk about themselves, we also run away from companies that only try to ‘sell us the bike’. Dialogue, investigate, share other people’s content (that has to do with you) and, in short, convey that you don’t think you are the navel of the world, but one more member of this small world in which so many good businesses coexist. A useful tool to avoid losing visits is content curation, always linking to the original source.

Promote your best posts

A little promotion always helps to improve engagement, because with it you will be able to impact those who interest you the most. You don’t need to spend a fortune or run campaigns for any post, buy post likes Facebook you do need to have enough eye to identify opportunities to grow on Facebook and make your fans fall in love even more.

Fall in love!

We humans love… the human. We all drool over (more or less) the same things, and there are universal themes that always make us smile. Use them. Generates happy, positive post, and ‘pulls’ feelings. Be as empathic as you can: wink at those who get up early, those who suffer from the cold wave, and those who live on Father’s or Mother’s Day… And make them laugh, because we all love to get a smile and it is very likely that we want to share it with the rest of our contacts.