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Buy Facebook Likes for Photos Keys to Improve Engagement with New Digital Consumers

According to the Global Overview Report, buy Facebook likes for photos people between the ages of 16 and 24 spend 58.5% of their day browsing the internet from a mobile device; while people between 25 and 34 years old spend 55.9%. These groups of people are reformulating the most important aspects that are taken into account when making a purchase decision.

Currently, the trends in Digital Marketing emphasize customer service and what companies offer throughout the Customer Journey of the younger generations.

Some of these strategic points that brands should focus on to improve engagement with new digital consumers are:

1. Experience: Younger generations like to constantly share their daily lives on social media buy Facebook likes for photos, communicating their experiences with brands through stories, messages and even videos. This possibility of standing out in the content that people generate on networks has been used by many brands, attracting consumers over others.

2. Reviews: Currently, people are not only left with what the brand tells them about their products, but they look further, going to reviews and opinions of third parties, regarding their experience with what they plan to consume or not. “This is one of the reasons why Influencer Marketing has been so successful, because in this way it is easier to reach consumers, who receive the message with greater confidence and credibility; they are people talking to people”, says Juliana Vélez.

3. Trust: 84% of consumers trust advice from friends and family more than reviews. The impact increases when these reviews are made by people close to the social circle of consumers buy Facebook likes for photos, who communicate from their experience as users. Platforms such as AdvocatesPRO have emphasized this ability to approach and trust generated by Nano Influencers, as the new face of “word of mouth”.

4. Comments and “likes”: Users usually take into account different indicators that attest to the veracity of the information given by a brand. Likes, stars, number of times a publication is shared, among others, are some of the metrics that speak beyond the content. Having positive comments on the brand’s networks and platforms not only helps user interaction, but also enhances the reputation when perceiving a product or service.

5. Brands with purpose: Common causes and interests tend to have an increasing impact on people’s lives, especially young people who see issues such as environmentalism, gender equality, peace, among others, a way to change your reality buy Facebook likes for photos. For this reason, these consumers see brands that have added social value or show support for a common cause as more attractive, because they not only satisfy their needs with the products, but also feel part of the change.

6. Personalization: People constantly seek to be unique and find the products that best suit not only their tastes but also their personality buy Facebook likes for photos. In this way, brands that offer the possibility of customizing their products or services are more attractive to consumers, who feel more comfortable with their purchases.