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Buy Facebook Likes on Post Proven Ideas that will Increase Your Engagement on Facebook

Growing a community is not easy. You have invested a lot of time in designing your page well, buy Facebook likes on post creating ad campaigns, perfecting your content strategy, etc. That’s why your fans have decided to stay with you.

However, if they don’t interact with you… can they be called fans? That is, they are not helping you promote your brand / product / business. At least not in a way that you can see and measure. If this is you – you have a lot of fans, but very little activity – you’ve come to the right place. Time to make some changes!

There has to be a stimulus first to have a reaction, right? So to have an answer, there has to be a question first! So start here: ask your audience questions. But not just any questioning! Ask something interesting for them, something that allows you to increase the interaction and continue the conversation.

Therefore, today I will share with you 5 types of questions that work to rekindle engagement on your Facebook page.

What to ask your fans to rekindle engagement on your Facebook Page.

1. How they use your product

It is a very natural question. Thinking about these kinds of questions should be easy for you, too. The reason is to motivate your fans to think about how your product or service has improved their lives.

Don’t be too direct either. “How has -insert product name- improved your life?” You have to be more creative and persuasive. Remember, Facebook is not the best place for hard sells. The more subtle you are, the less it seems like a marketing technique buy Facebook likes on post, which, ironically, is more effective marketing.

Look at the BMW example. For car lovers, a real treat.

And that makes it more attractive in the context of a road trip. When BMW asks its fans to comment on their upcoming rides, it doesn’t necessarily tell them it’s in a BMW. Just mention a car model that fits the needs of the road, like a 2 Series Gran Tourer. They include it at the end, more as a product placement than an ad.

But doing it this way leaves fans wondering what it would be like to take that trip in a BMW. They may not rush out and buy a 2 series at the time, but it does have an impact on how they feel about the brand.

2. Ask something controversial

We all at some point have come across a very shocking publication that we simply had to read it. Maybe it’s not something you were looking for – maybe it has nothing to do with the topic you were looking for – but we read it and we discussed it. We couldn’t help it.

Although it’s a “cheap” tactic, asking something controversial or asking about a controversial topic is a proven way to get your fans to interact with you. It just works. BUT, you have to be careful.

Make sure that whatever you ask:

  • Don’t offend your readers.
  • Be relevant to your product(s), company or industry.

The headline should be impactful, but it shouldn’t upset your fans, because it can trigger negative emotions and they may associate these feelings with your Page and your brand. Be cautious.

Also, your post should be relevant, too. Asking for asking won’t get the job done if this topic doesn’t relate to your company or industry. It will only seem tabloid and a publicity stunt.

The BBC understands this concept perfectly. In this post, fans are asked if they would let a baby sleep outside – in the cold. This is very sensitive because it involves a defenseless creature in a potentially dangerous situation. The difference is that we are not talking about neglect or child abuse, but about a custom in some cultures. It is relevant because the BBC is a media outlet.

3. Famous phrases

Being brief works. That’s why we like aphorisms. And when they are expressed by someone famous, they have contextual power as well – who the person is, the circumstances in which it was said, etc.

If you go through the Facebook pages of important brands buy Facebook likes on post, you will surely find a publication of some famous phrase. You’ll also notice that many quotes relate to the company, brand, or industry.

Ford has surely published several phrases of Henry Ford. Nor would it be very difficult to find some phrases of Steve Jobs in pages of technology and hardware. And when a company boasts, say, a rebellious image – like Harvey-Davidson or Rolling Stone – you’re bound to find counterculture figures in their posts.

So think about the type of business you have and what you sell. Mainly, think about what your company stands for and what personalities align with that image. From this point, everything is easier. After all, you are not writing anything.

4. Reference recent events

Timely posts are read more. They also get more feedback. When something important has just happened – when it’s “top-of-mind” – your audience will notice your posts. They are thinking about this event, after all.

And the impact will be greater if it is a cultural phenomenon – like the Superbowl.

First of all, you should consider a few points. To start, you need to be relevant. (Yes, as in point 2).

During Superbowl XLIX, Disney released an ad for Disneyland. Later, they posted something about it on their Facebook page. This didn’t come as a surprise to fans, buy Facebook likes on post when asked if they would be heading to the park after the SuperBowl. This was an online and offline effort, which had a synergistic effect.

You also want to be appropriate. Don’t take your comments about natural disasters or momentous events lightly. Kenneth Cole learned his lesson the hard way after his comments on the Egyptian revolution a few years ago.

If you are relevant and appropriate, ask! People like to give their opinion, especially when something very important has just happened.

5. Take a survey

I admit, this point is not as “sexy” as the previous one. You are more likely to get answers when you ask your fans about a sports championship or elections in your country than about polls. But it works.

Before you begin, think about what you will ask in your survey. It will be a market research, but what kind? The longer the survey, the lower the response rate, buy Facebook likes on post so think carefully about what fields you want to include. You don’t want your fans to be left with a bad taste in their mouths.

Also, don’t forget why your fans should take your survey. Motivate them with an interesting stat or simply challenge them to test their knowledge of your brand.