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Buy Facebook Fans That like Posts Strategies to Increase Engagement on Facebook

One of the main concerns of every person focused on marketing a brand is to increase engagement on Facebook. Buy Facebook fans that like posts especially since it seeks to increase the presence of the brand in social networks and build user loyalty.

With the latest updates to Facebook’s algorithms, this question has only increased. As we all know, Facebook has abandoned the entrepreneurial idea in its business model and now prioritizes human relationships and interactions between users. According to an analysis by BuzzSumo, this social network has fallen by 20% in terms of engagement from 2016 to 2017. Due to the latest changes in the algorithm between 2018 and 2019, it is estimated that these figures will be higher for this 2021. 

In this sense, the way of approaching the content has changed. And that is precisely what we will share in this post: the most useful tricks and tips to increase engagement on Facebook, buy Facebook fans that like posts using the algorithm of this social network in your favor.

Strategies to increase engagement on Facebook

To begin with, something we must bear in mind is that creating a marketing strategy on Facebook currently has a very close relationship with encouraging interaction, buy Facebook fans that like posts user experience and keeping it as long as possible on the platform. For this, human and organic relationships are key. Also, from this we must infer that direct sales-oriented content is not that it should be discarded, but that it should be treated with care.

Post less

This sounds contradictory, but according to an analysis by Buffer, it is estimated that posting less increases reach and engagement by three times. But, before stating this, let’s analyze it in detail.

We have mentioned that to increase engagement on Facebook it is necessary to take into account the algorithm. We also know that one of the main reasons for this is to increase the user experience. In this sense, is it convenient to post for posting, or study in detail the most appropriate type of content for the satisfactory experience of our audience?

Posting less allows you to maintain a balance between quality and quantity. So, it is better to stop worrying about posting as much as possible, and instead post what can really be useful to the user or cause an immediate impact.

Assertively select when to post

Previously, it was believed that Facebook had predetermined posting times. Today, that has changed. Actually, each page has a certain peak time when you can get more reactions or comments on your posts.

Therefore, the ideal in these cases is to analyze our data. Visit the Creator Studio portal to select the most effective hours for your fanpage and improve the Facebook engagement of the account you manage.

Create specific content for Facebook

One of the best marketing practices on Facebook is to think of this social network as something different, that is, understand that the type of content you publish on Facebook may not work on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Therefore, when creating content, buy Facebook fans that like posts think about the particularities of each platform.

If what you need is to optimize your time to edit your posts according to each platform more quickly, you can use a tool focused on customizing Social Media posts. Some of the most useful are those from Hootsuite or Buffer.

Include videos in your content grid

If Facebook prefers something over images, it is audiovisual content. So if you are analyzing the graphic pieces in your brand’s content calendar, a good strategy is to keep in mind the use of videos.

Now, for a theme with a better impact on social networks, make sure your design adapts to the platform. Ideally, the videos you upload have a 1:1 ratio, that is, they are square.

Also, as an additional tip, always remember to add subtitles to your videos or an impactful Copy. According to a study based on 500 fanpages and 12,000 Facebook videos, it was found that 93% of these videos were viewed without sound. Therefore, do not rule out any persuasive elements of your graphics within the video as good copy.

Perform live

Because what is sought is to bring people closer, if Facebook rewards something, those are live broadcasts.

According to the same platform, people spend three times more time watching videos on Facebook Live than watching videos from a playlist. Therefore, the platform rewards this type of content allowing it to generate greater engagement.

Likewise, among other facilities that Facebook provides to this type of content is sending notifications to each of the followers of the page. In this way, they will be able to connect and join the specific event that you are broadcasting.

Use content generated by others

Not everything has to be produced by your Content Marketing team. According to a Buffer study, if something helps to increase a brand’s engagement on Facebook, it is precisely sharing content that is in trend. Buy Facebook fans that like posts this can be fed by content generated by other brands, current discussion topics or, in other cases, fanarts or user-generated content.

Do not be afraid to share content from others as this will allow you to get closer to your community and generate a higher level of interactions on your fan page. GoPro is a good example of this, every day they choose the best photograph, among the tags of their followers, to share it on their Facebook page. And they take the opportunity to promote the camera with which the photo was taken.

Ask for opinions

A call-to-action that you should not forget is to ask your followers for opinions. It may be obvious, but it never hurts to invite conversation or ask for an opinion on a specific topic.

If the Facebook algorithm loves something, it is the interactions between people. So every time you share something related to your niche of interest, remember to use a Copy that invites interaction. You can also use your posts to engage your audience in decisions like a new promotion, product flavor or color by asking for feedback. This KFC post that was very well received by the public is a good example of this.

Work with influencers

If there is one thing we can recognize today, buy Facebook fans that like posts it is the importance of working with other communities to achieve the goals we hope for. One of those things is precisely working with already built communities such as those managed by influencers.

After conducting a search and selecting the influencers that best fit the audience you are looking for, send them an invitation to collaborate together. It can be a limited time offer with a coupon or a raffle organized to increase followers on your fan page. Whatever the objective you pursue for your campaigns, do not rule out taking advantage of the presence and influence of the most prominent influencers for your brand.

Analyze the posts that performed best

A good way to increase engagement on Facebook is to pay attention to the content that has performed best on our networks. You can analyze the publication schedule, the content, the impressions and reach obtained, among other factors that can shed light on why that content performed better.

In this way, you will be able to identify what has the best response among your users and how to work from it.

Likewise, an additional tip regarding the contents that perform best is to promote them and assign them a small budget. In this way, you can take advantage of the impact of such content for the growth of your page.

Continuously interact and participate

As we explained at the beginning, an obvious strategy to increase engagement on Facebook is to be part of the community.

To do this, promote interaction by responding to comments from your users. Likewise, answer your messages in your inbox as soon as possible, as well as other types of activities that promote dialogue within your community. Apple is a good example of a company that stays in touch with its public through social networks, constantly responding to comments to answer questions, thank good comments and even respond to complaints.

Organize contests and raffles

If there is something that works better on social networks, including Facebook, it is the presence of contests and raffles. Of course, try not to do them often since this type of frequently used content can stop being effective and become annoying for some users. Therefore, the most advisable thing would be to organize this type of activity every month or two months.

Also, remember to give relevant gifts or promotions to your audience. The more quoted the award you give, the better responses from your users you will get. Lately, Entel has gotten its act together with contests on its Facebook page and has been very well received by its public, this being the most recent.

To end

So far we have mentioned some of the things that work the most on Facebook when it comes to increasing the engagement of your page. However, something that perhaps we should mention and emphasize is that you look for the type of content that best responds to the interests of your brand.

For example, if you are a B2B, carrying out activities such as raffles every two months may not be convenient as the products you can offer may be more expensive than the benefit you could obtain. In this sense, the most successful thing is, as always, to analyze the particularities of the brand and based on it, implement what is also aligned with the purposes of the account you manage.