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Buy 30 Facebook Post Likes To Increase the Engagement of Facebook Posts

Buy 30 Facebook post likes reach or engagement of a post on Facebook (whether organic or paid) is one of the most important metrics we have to assess the impact of that post within our market segment.

What is engagement?

Engagement or by its translation into Spanish, commitment, refers to the number of user interactions with a publication. Buy 30 Facebook post likes engagement is not the same as post reach, as the latter refers to the total number of views a post has.

It is important to differentiate these two metrics because engagement provides us with other data than reach. In fact, in order to know the level of audience engagement, you need to know other metrics such as: the number of likes, comments and clicks that the publication has.

How is engagement calculated?

To get the engagement of a publication on any social network, you need to know a very simple formula. However, this depends on the user since there are people who include certain metrics in the formula and there are others who do not. In this case, we will omit the number of clicks on the publication since this will help us to obtain other metrics such as the Click through Rate (CTR).

We only have to add the total number of interactions on the publication (likes, comments and shares), then divide the sum by the total number of views; and finally multiply it by 100.

We give you an example:

If in our Facebook post we get 25 likes, 5 comments and 4 people out of 1,500 people who viewed the post. So our engagement rate is 2.26%.

Why is engagement important?

Knowing this metric is very important because it gives us information about the type of content that our audience likes. Buy 30 Facebook post likes higher our engagement, the more engagement our audience will have with our content and the easier it will be for us to position ourselves within that market.

Remember that a “like” does not generate money and having a million followers is not synonymous with being bought. Social networks have to serve you to be able to position yourself within a market and for this it is important to know these metrics and be able to calculate them.

However, we must know how to differentiate the relevance given to this metric based on the objective we have in our social networks. For example, an influencer whose sole purpose is to be able to generate certain relevance in a social group, but a company whose objective is to “sell”, therefore, the engagement that you will have to review will be that of your paid publications and not the organic ones.

How can I increase engagement on Facebook?

Engagement tells us how comfortable our audience is with our posts, buy 30 Facebook post likes the more likes we have, the more connected we are with our followers. If, for example, in a piece of content you have more engagement than in others, you can infer that these types of publications are the ones that your audience likes to see.

However, there are some general guidelines that can help you increase the engagement of your posts because they have been shown to work better.

1. Create video content

Video content is better received on Facebook, in fact, the algorithm tends to better position publications in this format.

But it is not enough to only create video content, it also has to be original. Within the parameters of the platform we can find certain attitudes that Facebook takes to position more original content:

“To reward creators and publishers who make the effort to create and promote authentic and valuable content, we prioritize videos that have unequivocal signs of originality” , can be read in the terms and conditions of the platform.

It is not only being able to create original content, it is also complying with the necessary characteristics so that the video is positioned correctly, such as the vertical format and that it is responsive to cell phones.

A horizontal video does not have the same engagement as a vertical one, since the former is more difficult to see on mobile devices and therefore the user connects less, unlike the vertical one, which is more organic and easy to view. Remember that most Facebook users connect from their cell phones.

2. Use the hashtags that are trending

If it is a trend, buy 30 Facebook post likes it is because the audience wants to see it. So, make sure to check which hashtags have the most interactions and which ones you can include within your content. It is important to make a disclaimer regarding hashtags because it is not always a good idea to use everything that is in trend and that depends a lot on the line of business in which your company or personal brand is.

In our article “How to choose the right hashtags for the greatest reach” we talk in more depth about the subject, so we recommend that you take a look at it so you can learn more about it.

3. Run contests to generate engagement

An idea that can be very beneficial to increase your engagement is to hold contests or giveaways with certain conditions to encourage interaction with the publication.

For example, a giveaway where to participate you have to comment, share and like the publication. These types of strategies are good; however, you must be aware that they are not permanent; that is, if the content you generate after the contest is not of quality, the other publications will not have the same interaction.

This topic is very broad, so we recommend that you read the article “What mistakes should be avoided when doing a Giveaway on social networks?” where we give you more details on this topic.

4. Make quality content

Really, the only thing you have to do to achieve a high engagement rate is to make quality content that people want to read and share. In this sense, buy 30 Facebook post likes make sure you provide valuable information to your audience.

Make sure the information you share can be of use to them. For example, if you are a dentist, you can share “a tutorial on how to take care of your teeth” or “foods that damage your gums”, things that are useful and little known.

And these are the 4 tips to increase your engagement in your Facebook posts, remember that before starting a strategy, it is important to carry out a market study about the main interests of your audience. Also, if you are an entrepreneur, make sure that the content you make is really useful in order to increase your sales. Remember that in addition to social media marketing you can also use other alternatives such as email marketing and SMS marketing. Don’t marry a single strategy and find out about other possibilities to reach a larger number of people.