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Buying Likes on Facebook Photo Best Viral Marketing Strategies on Facebook

Getting our posts on social networks to spread exponentially among users is not an easy task buying likes on Facebook photo. Reaching a large number of people quickly and also achieving goals is the main challenge facing viral marketing.

What viral marketing strategies can we use on Facebook?

Share current content. Breaking news and current events are a great resource for increasing your brand exposure. Users are interested in it, buying likes on Facebook photo thus increasing the virality of the publications. Ideally, you should also associate your brand with the event to achieve a greater impact.

Example: Oreo launched a campaign a few years ago where it shared funny images of its cookies related to some current events: a group of cookies arranged at the starting line of a race to celebrate the start of the Tour de France.

Create posts that encourage engagement. Calls to action are one of the fundamental axes of marketing that works especially well on Facebook. Throwing questions or challenges to users improves both virality and engagement. Of course, for them to work you must design creative questions that attract their attention.

Example:  Do you remember the dress that nobody knew if it was blue and black or white and gold? This post, which became viral not only on Facebook, buying likes on Facebook photo brought significant benefits to the brand. Although it was not launched by them – it came about as a question from a user – it is a clear example of the type of questions that hook users.

Launch contests. If we get our followers to participate in our contests, their friends will see it reflected in their newsfeed, thus promoting virality. There are many types of contests that can be launched. However, some keys to keep in mind are: originality, urgency and of course good prizes.

Example: Domino’s Pizza selected two users, the king and queen, from among the users who invited the most friends to follow their page on Facebook and rewarded them with a free pizza.

Create videos that contain an emotional charge. Videos are probably the most valued content by users, so creating videos for your Facebook campaigns is always a good idea. To achieve greater virality, buying likes on Facebook photo we must appeal to emotions, not only with funny videos, but also with videos that generate surprise, tenderness, etc. either displaying the brand or product, or covertly. The limit is set by your own creativity.

Example: Procter & Gamble launched a campaign on Facebook entitled Like a Girl, where through a series of videos some of the behaviors that are perceived as gender norms were questioned. With the question “What does it mean to you to act like a girl?” an emotional connection with users was achieved.

Launch campaigns using user generated content. The vast majority of consumers take recommendations from family and friends into account when making a purchase decision. Word of mouth has always worked and it does on Facebook too. Creating campaigns inviting users to share their own content is one of the best strategies for creating viral campaigns.

Example: in the United States, Target stores launched a campaign on Facebook in which they promised to allocate half a million dollars to education if users shared videos that captured the moment in which they received the letter of acceptance of access to the university. This content became viral and Target achieved its goal: to improve its brand image.

There are many examples of campaigns that have worked excellently on Facebook and their content has gone viral. However, for a strategy to be successful we must always know our audience, buying likes on Facebook photo identify what content works best, from there we can build successful strategies on Facebook or any other social network.