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Buy Targeted Facebook Post Likes Tip to Increase Engagement

Hosting a giveaway on your Facebook or Instagram page is one of the best ways to increase interactions and engagement with your followers, buy targeted Facebook post likes while giving your posts and brand more visibility. It is a very effective strategy, and also very agile and simple to carry out: first, a post must be published requesting that users participate by liking or commenting, and finally, use an application that is in charge of carrying out the random draw and obtaining the winners.

To begin, you must decide how users have to interact with the post to participate:

  1. By reactions: the winner will be selected from among all the users who have reacted (given “Like” or another of the reactions in the case of Facebook) to the post.
  2. By comments: the winner will be chosen among the users who commented on the post. In this way you can also collect information from your followers, ask them a question and see their answers. In addition, the comment draws have the advantage that you can announce the winner just by responding to the comment that he has used to participate, and in this way the notification will arrive in real time.
  3. For “I like” and comments: the winner must have given “I like” and have commented on the post. This way of doing the giveaway further increases engagement and has the advantages of the two previous ways.
  4. By hahstags: participants who write a comment using the proposed hashtag(s) will be able to participate. With this option, a first filter of participants is carried out and you can also contact them directly. This is useful for making more fun giveaways in which a multiple choice question is asked, the possible answers being the hashtags. In that case, the winner will be chosen randomly from the users who commented with the correct answer hashtag.

An important clarification is that giveaways that include a requirement to share the post, buy targeted Facebook post likes the page, and/or tag friends in the comments, are against Facebook rules, so they will not be included in this contest.

For the assembly of the post:

-Start with the call to action (Call to Action)

It is advisable to start with a phrase that draws users’ attention to invite them to continue reading, for example, if the prize is specified at the beginning of the post, participants will be hooked on the draw more easily. The details of the prize can be described in the rules, buy targeted Facebook post likes and it is also advisable that the prize appears in the image of the draw.

– Always indicate the dates of participation and the duration

It is important to indicate the end date of the contest so that users know until when they can participate.

-Be precise in the requirements:

It is always convenient to put a step by step of what users have to do to participate. For example:

  1. Read the post and the legal bases to be aware of all the requirements.
  2. Write a comment/Like the post.
  3. Share the post with your friends and become a fan of our page to follow all our news (optional).
  4. Stay tuned to our page once the contest is over to find out if you have won.

-The post must contain an image.

This image must be representative, and it is convenient that the prize and/or the question to be answered with the respective answers (if any) appear. If you intend to promote the post, the text cannot occupy more than 20% of the image.

-Do not forget to include a link that leads to the legal bases of the draw and where more detailed information is specified

The description of the prize, the mechanics of participation, the dates, who organizes the contest, how to contact the organizer, etc. This can be done by including a link to the brand’s website where the bases and conditions of the draw can be found.

-Encourage to mention friends in the comments of the post

A good practice to increase the visibility of the contest is to suggest that participants mention their friends in a comment on the post to invite them to participate, challenge them if it is a question through hashtags, or encourage them to tag friends with hashtags. Who would share the prize? It cannot be requested as a mandatory requirement, because as we already mentioned, it goes against Facebook regulations.

-It is convenient to use emoticons

Using them allows you to create a more informal post, closer to the user and its graphic nature can draw the attention of a reader with respect to other posts. For example, the arrows can help you point out important phrases or order the steps to follow.

– Avoid offering prizes that have nothing to do with the brand.

An appropriate prize will prevent the unwanted arrival of prize hunters, who will hide your messages or unfollow your page as soon as your campaign is over. The prizes you offer should interest the participants who are already your customers, or will be in the future.

-Be transparent in the process of how winners are determined

Users are increasingly suspicious of brands that run sweepstakes, and especially those that are not as transparent with how they should select winners. To do this we must write the official rules and be very transparent about how the winners will be selected. People prefer a random draw so they don’t feel like they weren’t chosen for personal reasons. If you’re concerned that a giveaway won’t produce a winner that meets key conditions for your brand (such as age or location), it can be said that the randomly chosen winner may be disqualified if certain criteria are not met and in this case a new draw would be made. It is convenient to use an application that automatically shows the winners of your campaign that have been chosen.

– Convince the winners of the giveaway to post a photo with the prize on your Facebook page.

In this way the rest of the users will be able to see that the draws are real and that anyone can win.

This type of sweepstakes that arise from the interactions with a post increase the visibility of the page, since when someone reacts to a post or comments on it, buy targeted Facebook post likes it appears in the beginning of their friends. Also, if people tag their friends in the post, it ends up getting a lot of organic spread. What are you waiting for to give your page this boost?