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Buy Post Share Likes on Facebook to Increase Engagement on Social Networks

Social networks are the communication channel between brands and users buy post share likes on Facebook, potential customers or already loyal customers, and engagement is the way in which these users communicate what they think.

Content marketing is, in my opinion, the center of online marketing strategies that can be carried out on digital platforms and thus reach our buyer persona.

The content is developed for each stage of the buyer’s journey and is developed in a way that leads people to purchase and loyalty.

During the adaptation of the content to the possible client and their behavior on the digital platforms, there is a factor that determines this process and indicates how close the users are to the exposed content, this is the ENGAGEMENT.

Engagement is the way in which users transmit their connection with the brand on social networks buy post share likes on Facebook. It is made up of comments, likes, mentions, saves (in the case of Instagram), DM messages, and shares on Facebook and reposts on Instagram.

This metric helps us to know how connected our users are with our content and thus develop publications adjusted to our target audience.

Then I leave you these 10 tips that you will surely take full advantage of to obtain better engagement.

Tip Number 01: Listen, predict and publish.

It is important in any strategy to verify the current situation of the brand and its market. That is why you should LISTEN to what users say on social networks.

Users leave written evidence or with clicks (retweets, likes) of how much they like the content that you always publish and the more adjusted it is to what people are looking for buy post share likes on Facebook, the more important it will be for them to leave a sample that this is what they wanted.

Check how users have behaved in the past and in your competition (benchmarking) with respect to some content and determine what may be useful to you as well.

If your account already has a number of users, then go to the statistics of the network you want to evaluate and check how impressions, reach and interactions behave based on the content you publish.

One tool you can use to test this is metricol. Here you can see according to the number of publications how followers and engagement change.

This will help you make strategic decisions based on the content exposed.

The action of evaluating the behavior of the content must be done in each publication platform that you use.

Once the form of interaction of the users is determined, then PREDICT what you expect them to give them. Start developing content in various formats based on what the listening process left you with.

Again you will have the task of evaluating if this content suits your buyer persona and check the statistics of this.

Finally you must PUBLISH with all the information that the previous process has generated, being sure that it will work for you.

Despite carrying out this process, you must always seek to innovate, so this is cyclical and repetitive. The main advantage is knowing the public, which will help you in paid campaigns, increasing their effectiveness and ROI.

Tip Number 02: Motivate the audience

The motivation of your audience is what determines your leadership over it.

To motivate your audience you must know very well the segment of clients you have and generate content according to what they are looking for, the same process that you have done when Listening, Predicting and Publishing.

What is the difference or the addition in this case, the VALUE? You must add value to what you do for your users.

The user must feel that they get something by visiting your profile or entering your blog. Do not create content to attract sales, create content that gives value to what people will do with it.

Find the symbolic value of what your product or service offers to your potential customers and develop the content based on that.

The symbolic value is something like this:

  • Sports or tennis shoes: be fashionable, play sports, feel good, be comfortable.
  • Real estate: Being with the family, family union, shelter for their children, and shelter for the family.
  • Cinema: leaving home, sharing with family and friends, entertainment, social alternatives
  • Marketing Services: increased sales, profitability of your business, reaching the target audience, profits.

In this way, develop the content that adds that symbolic value so that people correspond to what you do.

Tip Number 03: The format of the content determines the engagement

The format largely determines the engagement buy post share likes on Facebook. It has been found that the brain processes 80% of what you see and 20% of what you read, so images and videos are the main form of content with which users will connect.

Tip Number 04: Short videos increase engagement

We know that video marketing is the trend this year and we had already read about it in the post Video Marketing: a trend that is going like a rocket.

So using short video is not only a plausible strategy to captivate your audience due to the amount of content you can show, buy post share likes on Facebook it also ensures its efficiency by being something that is in trend.

You can use short videos that show:

  • Tutorials for the use of products or services
  • Features or benefits
  • Brand identity
  • Company social work
  • Customer Support
  • Presence in workshops, courses or events
  • Human talent
  • Storytelling
  • How to do it at home
  • Humor: in this one be careful not to be too frequent because people can distort the vision of your target.

Any pattern you want to use is fine, as long as it fits what your community is looking for.

Videos generate better engagement than writing because they are consumed in less time, enhance more senses (auditory and visual) and that captivates people, since the brain adapts to what it sees, believing that it is actually happening, generating emotions that better connect with the brand.

Tip Number 05: Attract, do not invade

Inbound marketing for me works very well as long as you use it adapted to your buyer persona. But the relevant technique of this methodology is that you always generate content based on attracting and not invading.

People reject very obvious advertising so do not try to use direct messages, spam emails, cold calls, among others, which disconnect people from what you want to tell them.

Use digital platforms to educate people regarding the value offer you have, be attentive to what they are looking for (tip one) and maintain friendly content that generates value, adapted, persuasive, creative, innovative.

In this way, people will always think that you are giving them something, which in marketing psychology works because they will try to return the favor, with data, mentions, word of mouth promotion (proconsumers) and of course the purchase.

A person will always want to share something that generated an emotion and not something that caused him to move away.

Tip Number 06: Show who is behind the brand

Although we are submerged inside the mobile or the PC scrutinizing what is happening in the world, a brand will never generate as much connection as when it is shared with someone.

People like to see others, to feel that there is equality. Being empathetic and appearing natural, organic, adjusted and allowing empowerment are sure ways to generate connection and this is accentuated when it reflects who is behind the networks.

When we see that an important brand shows who its employees are and what they do to carry out the process that we usually see on the street and we manage to identify their similarities with us, we get hooked.

Tip Number 07: Use Opportunity Advertising

If you manage to hit an audience at a certain time of the year or at a certain special moment, buy post share likes on Facebook you can increase engagement.

Examples of this are the times of the year (Christmas, summer, and winter), local festivities (city or religious days), the country or the world (Halloween), important regional events (openings), among others. This can increase traffic, visibility and of course engagement if you are well targeted and creative.

You can also take advantage of when there is a socioeconomic change that allows a product or service to be displayed or diminished, then publications reflected in that area will make people pay attention to what you show.

Some also use trends like “games of thrones” because people who like that will be motivated to interact or share.

Tip Number 08: Join the conversation

There is nothing better than writing under the content that you like about your brand and it responds to you. The sense of importance we feel makes us love the brand and keep interacting.

If a user asks a question or comments that they like something, start by liking it, responding and if you can share what they said, there is no better way to generate interaction than by empowering people within our network.

There are posts where you ask your users something about what you do, or a query in general, this can help you not only to know the opinion but also for them to know that they are important to the brand, which connects and builds customer loyalty relationship.

Tip Number 09: Tell a story (storytelling)

IF you are a company with a long history or an entrepreneur and you have had favorable results in a project, tell how you got there, tell how you overcame obstacles and share your success with users.

We all love to hear a story.

Some suggested topics:

  • Events
  • Birthday
  • Trajectory
  • Anniversaries
  • Projects
  • Goodbyes
  • What is it about?
  • How did i do it?
  • Where I go
  • Where I am
  • Here you can find
  • This is a place that

Tip Number 10: Content is king and interaction is queen

This is perhaps a comment that will soon become cliché but it will remain valid.

These two variables should always be evaluated and seek to keep them at their peak. Always seek to educate and prioritize the content that generates the most interaction for you, buy post share likes on Facebook since that will help you effectively lead your buyer person through the buyer’s journey and achieve loyalty.

Make sure that the interaction is hand in hand with your growth so that the adaptation of your audience is even better.