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Buy Facebook Post Likes App to Increase Engagement on Facebook and Instagram?

Since 2005, with the birth and heyday of social networks, these new two-way communication media began to be used as a marketing and sales space for individuals, buy Facebook post likes app small companies and large companies. Also, many entrepreneurs and marketing directors thought that having a high number of followers or likes on their Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin posts would necessarily translate into higher sales.

For some time, this statement stimulated the migration of companies’ marketing strategies to the digital environment, pretending to communicate with people in the same way as in traditional media, buy Facebook post likes app spending a lot of money with social media plans and then simply feeling cheated and disappointed worst case scenario, minimizing your involvement in social media.

Where is the problem of companies that turn to social networks and do not achieve the expected results?

As with other communication and information channels, audiences go to the Internet for specific reasons such as entertainment, solving doubts, problems and challenges, shopping online, expressing themselves, buy Facebook post likes app connecting with friends and family and even finding a partner. Contrasting this fact with the advertisers’ expectations reveals the inconsistency in the messages transmitted with respect to the wishes of the users. What should companies do better on their social networks to increase engagement?

In its beginnings, Internet advertising had a high impact, since the companies that entered it had little competition, but this was not going to last long. The growth of users and companies exploded and is still growing today at a sustained rate that is unprecedented. The balance was placed in favor of the public: people became less accessible since they acquired the power to choose what to see and when they want to see it, demanding the evolution in advertising strategies, since it has become more evident with the increase in rejection of outbound advertising.

The behavior of more companies investing in Internet advertising is presented worldwide. However, in the absence of global data, the best proxy we can get is from the US market. Since 2016, buy Facebook post likes app digital media ad spend has overtaken the one that was king for years: TV advertising. The chart below from Emarketer shows us the full picture of what’s happening with digital ad spend vs. television advertising:

Today, despite investing in new strategies, the vast majority of leads that companies manage to capture do not become customers. This situation demands a slightly more basic explanation: the people who go to our website are not always prepared to make the purchase action. Advertising efforts are spent to herd (like a herd) our segment and eventually land on our portal, but as in any relationship, the other may not be ready to take the next step. Always remember that marketing is falling in love as our manager, Carlos Betancur Gálvez, digital marketing consultant, has mentioned many times.

Taking the first steps to fall in love on the Internet and generate engagement on Facebook and Instagram

When we create a strong foundation for building brand trust, delivering relevant information, and providing advice to social media audiences, then we build interest in us. Many times customers just want someone who listens to them, who makes them feel that their choice is what counts and for this we must use social networks. These digital spaces are our place to conquer and reveal our sincere intention to create a unique bond with the public that no other brand can achieve. Here are some tips to make your audience fall in love.

Make sure the relationship is quality

Creating a relationship is not enough, we must ensure that we deliver value to the audience and accompany them in their purchase process. If after captivating we do not sustain their interest and highlight the qualities of our products and services, buy Facebook post likes app money will have been invested in vain, we do not want to waste our resources and even less place our efforts on consumers when it is not the time, not to mention that it becomes illogical that we have the ability to make a good product if we do not have the cunning to create traffic to the web and exploit it to the fullest.

That is when we begin to guide users, we provide them with information about our value proposition, we want our product or service to be the only one that can meet their needs and we dedicate ourselves to convincing them that it is a fact and from this stage we move on to convert and monetize our efforts. But this does not end here, we must constantly reinforce and strengthen the ties that unite us to retain the audiences of social networks.

Form the foundation for the future

Generating a community is not the last step, it is just one of many efforts prior to achieving your goals. Therefore, if you stop putting effort into each stage of digital marketing, you become monotonous. Create a solid foundation in the imagination and perpetually seek to satisfy the needs of your client.

For companies that want their advertising investment to have an impact in digital environments, they should not put aside the collection of qualified leads that they can constantly nurture and retain, it is the appropriate way in which we guarantee lasting relationships over time.

You will need to work hand in hand with your clients, provide knowledge on the topics of interest to your prospects and in return you will receive a community prepared to execute the purchase action. After all our efforts, we must remember that we act to minimize errors and that the processes that we had prior to sales can be monetized, buy Facebook post likes app but as in most things that have to do with the heart, it is a matter of love and how, the effort that we put into each step plus the attention to detail will make the difference when choosing.

5 strategies to increase engagement on Facebook and Instagram

Based on data from more than 100 Facebook fan pages and around 30 Instagram accounts to which we have access, buy Facebook post likes app we have carried out a qualitative analysis of what has worked to increase engagement and we have synthesized it into these points that you could easily apply in your social networks:

1. Ask questions that start conversations

Do you remember the virality of the publication “what color is the dress “? A simple question can trigger comments and reactions on your posts. Suppose you have a brand that sells clothing or accessories online. You could increase engagement with questions like:

  • What will you wear today Friday to go out with your friends?
  • If you were given one of the following accessories, which one would you prefer? Tag a person to give it to you and mention the one you want.

If your company is tourism, you could ask things like:

  • If any of you have been to Florida, which park would you recommend?
  • Do any of you know the recipe to lose the fear of planes?

We could continue with many examples. If you have a network and want us to help you with ideas, comment on this article and we will put a creative answer there?

2. Run contests that include response, tagging, and hashtags

This is one of our favorite techniques for its immediate results. All people love to play and compete and this has been studied and proven from anthropology. How about challenging your audience to guess a result of a sporting event or accomplish something in the shortest amount of time and give them a prize if they succeed? We have a success story of engagement that you can read here in which we created a game and spread it on social networks as a challenge.

A strategy that also improves results is to ask friends to be tagged in order to win the contest and to use a hashtag. Thus, you will achieve greater virality and also an important effect in marketing: when someone recommends something to you, buy Facebook post likes app there is a greater probability that there will be an authentic connection with the brand and subsequent purchase (a behavior equal to that achieved with word of mouth in the traditional world).

3. Tell people what to do when they see the post (the famous call to action) and speak only to one person, not a crowd

Believe it or not, all human beings by nature are lazy and do not want to make decisions. Economists specializing in human behavior on the level of Dan Ariely have shown that when given too many options or not told what to do with clear instructions, people simply won’t do anything. For this reason, in the texts that accompany your publications (also known as body copies), make sure to include messages such as: click here and find out more, buy now, download the information now, among others.

Another trick is that you always talk to only one person in the posts. This may sound incredible, because when we think of social networks, a multitude of people immediately come to mind. However, imagine that when your audience is looking at your posts they are looking at them individually, most likely from their mobile device. Do you look at your Facebook or Instagram with people next to you? Probably not, so publish with texts in the singular.

4. Create posts with Influencers and repost on your social networks

A true influencer is capable of moving audiences to achieve any goal. One of the best cases is that of the Colombian Tulio Recomienda and his Burger Master From him. How to achieve the same with your brand? Follow these steps:

  • Identify influencers who connect with your brand values.
  • Negotiate with them under one of the existing models: advertising for products, for money or commission for effective sales (affiliate marketing).
  • Ask them to publish information about your brand on their social networks and for there to be a clear call to action.
  • Repost their posts.

5. Invest in advertising guidelines on Facebook Ads and Instagram

It is no secret to anyone that organic reach is a utopia. Therefore, buy Facebook post likes app we recommend you invest in advertising if you want to have real engagement results on Facebook and Instagram. We have dealt with this in depth in the following article that we recommend you read: 20 Facebook Ads optimizations to obtain real results.