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Buy Facebook Post Likes 5 Ways Marketers Can Increase Engagement on Facebook

With over 1.04 billion daily users and 40% of small businesses in the United States, buy Facebook post likes 5 is an important piece of the social media marketing puzzle for most businesses. For a long time, brands saw that you could be very successful on Facebook and reach your target audience quite easily. Most importantly, they were able to do it organically (without using paid ads). However, that all changed in 2014-2015 when business Pages began to see a much less targeted reach for their posts.

After the change, entrepreneurs and marketers were left confused, frustrated, and lost. What was once a great traffic generator and branding tool was beginning to resemble a “pay to run” platform.

How lower organic reach impacted engagement on Facebook

One of the factors that determines what appears in a Facebook Feed Update is the engagement a post receives. When a post has a lot of comments, shares, and likes, Facebook knows that users who liked that page are likely to be interested in that content. For this reason, buy Facebook post likes 5 it is more likely to appear in a fan’s News Update.

The problem is that it becomes difficult to get those likes, comments or shares when your posts are not seen by a large part of your audience. It is a paradoxical situation. You need participation in order to appear in your fans’ News Feed, but you must appear in their News Feed to get participation.

Hopefully, there are still ways to reach your audience and drive engagement on Facebook despite the changes in the News Update. Try these 10 tactics to start getting more likes, comments, clicks, and shares on your Facebook posts.

1. Post at just the right time (tip: not when you think)

Organic reach may have reduced, but it hasn’t disappeared. One of the reasons Facebook changed the way content is displayed in News Feeds is because of the increasing amount of content being posted. Buy Facebook post likes 5 as more brands and people started using Facebook, the number of posts increased as well. That created a lot of competition.

The trick is to post when engagement is highest, not necessarily when most users are online. While most people tend to check their Facebook during the day, the highest engagement is at night. Buzzsumo found that posts made between 10 p.m. and midnight (local time) received the highest participation.

As you can see, the peak time for posting is around 11am. At that point, however, engagement is the lowest, probably because News Feeds are overwhelmed with the number of new posts that people just skimmed over. However, at night, there are fewer posts so users have more time to read and engage with each post.

It’s a good idea to schedule your Facebook posts ahead of time to be more efficient. Test different times between peak engagement hours to find out what works best for your business.

2. Share the content your fans want to see, not just what you want them to see

If you want people to engage with your Facebook posts, you’ll need to share content they want to see. Sometimes companies assume that being in a certain industry, buy Facebook post likes 5 all content has to be directly related to that area. For example, a sandwich shop might only post content about sandwiches, the deals they closed, and company news. The problem is that most people don’t want to read about sandwiches every day, so they’re less likely to engage with Facebook posts.

To balance it out, expand the type of content you share. A sandwich shop may post recipes, nutrition tips, and other content that isn’t exactly sandwich-related, but also isn’t content that seems out of place. For example, if a sandwich shop posted about online marketing, it wouldn’t make as much sense.

3. Look at posts that got engagement in the past

Why try to completely reinvent the wheel? Sometimes the best way to get additional engagement on Facebook is to post more of the same type of content that you’ve been successful with in the past. You can find the most engaged posts using Facebook Insights.

Once you’ve identified the best performing content, buy Facebook post likes 5 all you have to do is take the plunge and start creating content similar to it.

4. Use real life photographs.

While we say we’re bothered by people posting photos every time they go to Starbucks, we’re actually looking at them. On Facebook, photos are the most engaged type of content you can share. Photos make up 75% of Facebook posts and 87% of content shared on the platform, a social media examiner reported.

When you look at most company pages, you’ll see a sequence of stock images, rather than the original images. Instead of relying on generic photos, use your phone or camera to take some real photos. Posts with original photos look more personal and more organic.

Another great tip for adding more photos is to send Instagram photos to Facebook. Go to Instagram settings and connect your account to Facebook. Then when you take a photo, just tap the Facebook icon to automatically share it.

5. Respond to people

You are trying really hard to get people to engage with your posts. But once someone takes the time to leave you a comment, are you going to ignore it? Don’t just make a post and move on. You should check your comments all day so that you can respond as quickly as possible. The longer you delay, the less chance there is of being able to continue the conversation.

Sure, you’ll have the occasional gnome who just posts a comment for attention. However, buy Facebook post likes 5 most people who leave comments on your posts do so because they identified with what you posted. Make them feel heard and appreciated, and they’ll be more likely to want to engage with your future posts, too.

6. Create Blog Posts Especially for Facebook (Content worth Sharing)

While photos get the most engagement on Facebook, links get the most reach. To take advantage of it and to get more traffic to your Facebook site, start by creating content on your company blog, especially for Facebook.

If you already have a fairly active Facebook page that is getting some engagement, you can refer to the technique mentioned in the second tip. Just look at the links that you shared and got the most engagement and create similar content.

However, if you’re starting from scratch or don’t have enough data from your own Facebook Page to know what your audience likes best, here’s another option:

Search BuzzSumo for keywords you’d like to write about and see the most shared content on the topic on Facebook. You can connect to the URL of one of your competitors and see which pages on their site were shared the most on Facebook.

It usually lists posts and articles that have sparked curiosity and performed well on Facebook. In the example below, the most shared post is a list post. The one that immediately follows has piqued your curiosity because you want to know how someone can buy a week’s worth of groceries with only $50 at Whole Foods.

A good tip is to come up with a topic or headline that would grab your target reader’s attention if they were on the cover of a magazine while waiting in line at a supermarket. If you pass that test, then you are on the right track.

Lastly, buy Facebook post likes 5 be sure to include a captivating photo that is sized for Facebook. You can crop, resize, and scale all Facebook photos to fit perfectly with Sprout Social’s new Landscape tool.

7. Solicit people’s participation

If you’re especially looking for more engagement on Facebook, make that clear in your content; that is, you want users to like and share your post. Try to get into the habit of ending each blog post with some kind of call to action. This doesn’t mean everyone will hit the Facebook Share button, but it’s a good reminder.

Think about it: People are bombarded daily with content from social media, blogs, television, podcasts, and every other platform you can think of. We are in a state of content overload.

With all this content, most people don’t have the time or desire to finish the entire article. On average, a person will read 20-28% of the words in your post.

It’s good to assume that the few loyal readers who take the time to read the entire post are engaging and interested in the content. This is the best time to ask them to participate.

8. Use Facebook video

Sorry YouTube, but even as the second largest social network, this channel doesn’t mean much for Facebook marketing. After seeing the ineluctable use of video content, buy Facebook post likes 5 Facebook decided to spend a lot of time and resources to create its own video platform. As a result, Facebook tried to favor direct video uploads over videos embedded with YouTube or other third-party video sites.

In a study on the engagement of native Facebook videos vs. YouTube videos posted on Facebook, the winner was clear. Facebook native videos received:

  • double the comments
  • Triple times shared
  • Seven times more comments
  • double the range

9. Shorten your posts

Do not turn your Facebook page into your company blog. People don’t go to Facebook to read long content. Your posts should be short and to the point.

Facebook posts between 0 and 50 characters long receive the most engagement. The more characters you add after that, the less number of entries you can expect.

To reduce the length of your Facebook posts, leave out unnecessary details or information that needs to be explained. Think of your posts as headlines. Use them to grab people’s attention and invite them to click through to your website to read the full story.

10. Create a Facebook engagement strategy

Last but not least, you need to have an engagement strategy on Facebook if you want to get more attention. Frantically posting, buy Facebook post likes 5 crossing your fingers and hoping someone will leave a comment or share your post is not effective or efficient.

Make an outline of what you want to post, when you will post, and the steps you are going to take to get more engagement.