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Buy 1000 Likes On Facebook Photo Facebook for Business: Tips and Tricks

Facebook began as a social network to connect family and friends, but little by little, companies saw its potential and began to carry out marketing actions to connect with their target and generate engagement buy 1000 likes on Facebook photo. Its increasingly precise segmentation tools allow you to create advertising campaigns that directly impact the public for which they were designed, offering the maximum return on investment. Here’s how to take advantage of Facebook Business services.

How to use Facebook for business successfully?

Create a company page

Instead of creating a personal profile, if you want to take advantage of Facebook Business features, you’ll need to create a business page. Not only will you convey a more professional image buy 1000 likes on Facebook photo, but you will also have access to tools that have been exclusively designed for brands and organizations. Your followers will be able to like your Page and see your updates in their News Feed. Don’t forget to claim a custom URL with your SME name to make it more memorable and easy to find.

Use images consistent with your branding strategy

It is important that in all the communication channels you use you maintain a consistent visual aesthetic. In the profile photo of the Facebook page for your company, you can place your logo, and in the cover photo, buy 1000 likes on Facebook photo an image that attracts the attention of new visitors and conveys the sensations that your brand should generate. Make sure the images are of excellent quality and fit the measurements required by Facebook.

Includes a call to action button

The version of Facebook for businesses allows you to insert a call to action button at the top of the page. You can use it to drive certain actions, such as encouraging visitors to register on your website, buy, reserve a product or contact you. Ideally, you should link that button to a landing page on your website specially designed to increase conversions.

Create custom tabs

Facebook offers the possibility of creating personalized tabs that you can use to present the most relevant information about your business or even to inform about current promotions. With these custom tabs you can guide visitors from your Facebook business profile to the pages of your website that interest you the most. They also give you the ability to add much more information, buy 1000 likes on Facebook photo such as the services you provide, a link to your online store, as well as offers or announcements that are important to your followers.

Segment each publication so that it reaches different buyer personas

Posting indiscriminately on social networks is not a good marketing strategy as you will end up saturating your followers. You should use the segmentation tools provided by Facebook for Business to determine which followers each message will reach, in a way that really adds value and increases interactions with the publication.

Post visually appealing content

Images and videos get more attention than written posts. A Metricool study revealed that videos are shared more than other types of posts and have the highest viral potential. Posting visually appealing content will allow you to increase your reach organically, reaching more people who could potentially become your customers. Videos are a very interesting format because on Facebook they play automatically and immediately attract attention buy 1000 likes on Facebook photo. Also, the more time users spend watching it, the better the video will rank in News Feed and the more its viral potential will grow. You can also take advantage of Facebook Live, as live videos rank better than other posts.

Take advantage of Facebook ads

If you want to take full advantage of the advertising potential that Facebook represents for businesses, you must first be clear about your marketing goals and understand how your ads work. For example, if you just started a business and your goal is brand recognition, a Cost per Impression (CPM) campaign might be the best way to optimize your budget. On the contrary, if you are looking for conversions in terms of downloads or sales, a Cost per Click (CPC) campaign will be more convenient, since you only pay for clicks on the ad that leads to your page. In that case, the ad must be clear, to avoid a high bounce rate.

Finally, remember that in order to boost your SME using the functions that Facebook offers to companies, you will have to try different strategies buy 1000 likes on Facebook photo. The programmatic technology that this social network is applying will also allow you to automatically optimize your budget to increase your reach without having to invest more.