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Best Site to Buy Facebook Photo Likes To Integrate Facebook into Your Marketing Plan

Facebook, used correctly, best site to buy Facebook photo likes can become the ideal tool to make our business known to society. It is a loudspeaker with an immense reach that allows us to:

  • Listen to our audience and improve our brand.
  • Do Benchmarking, contact other companies in the sector and share knowledge and good practices to innovate and improve our services.
  • Gain emotional connection with our consumers / clients.
  • Increase sales.

We give you some tips on how to use this social network as a marketing plan tool:

The content

Facebook allows us to vitalize four types of content: o Photo o Video o Text o Links Messages with a photo generate 37% more participation than those that do not accompany it. You have to bet on a Facebook strategy with visual content.

Posting frequency

The Edgerank Checker study states that it is advisable to post at least once a day. Being present on the web with constant publications helps to give the feeling of dynamism, best site to buy Facebook photo likes action and mobility. In addition, it helps us to be constantly present in the imagination of our followers, even if it is unconsciously.


When you tag a person or brand, you create a link to their profile. Your post can appear on their wall. The labels can be made with photographs but also with the same text. You should find a way to make as many tags as possible to increase virility. The more tags we use, the more profiles we will be present. In this case, we must take into account the profiles that can generate more visits and more followers: clients with large online communities, reference influencers, associations with many followers…

Generates participation

The famous call to action is very important. Having a large number of followers but that they do not participate in our publications does not have much merit. The goal is to make our followers feel part of our entity and to strengthen this bond, they must feel heard.

Ask questions, answer their comments, ask for their opinion, start challenges, create debate… All these actions require the participation of followers and will be key to generating a lively online community.

Extension of texts and times

TrackMaven analyzed 5,804 Facebook pages and more than 1.5 million posts to determine the characteristics of the most impactful Facebook messages. best site to buy Facebook photo likes determined that the best times to post are late in the evening, at the end of the workday.

In terms of length, short texts win; the ultra-short ones, of 40 characters, have 86% more impact than other longer ones.

Your audience

We must address our followers directly, in the second person, without losing the institutional tone. To offer them content of interest, we must know our critical mass, be in contact with them and their tastes and preferences.

The importance of content

The quality of content is key when it comes to generating engagement. The content must be fresh and shareable. Before publishing, you have to ask yourself: would I share this content?

A recent study by Amex Open Forum states that emoticons reinforce participation and get data like these: 33% more comments and 57% more ‘Likes’.

Get Fans / Followers

Organizing contests, sweepstakes, surveys and promotions is a good strategy to increase emotional bonding with our online community. In addition, best site to buy Facebook photo likes it is a good tool to start creating a database of followers and customers that can later be used for other marketing strategies such as sending newsletters, promotions.