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Facebook Post Buy like Data and Tips to Improve Engagement on Facebook

A digital marketing strategy in social networks must consider the particular conditions and trends of each network. In this sense, Facebook post buy like the users of each social network react in certain ways to the publications, so knowing some trends can help adjust the strategy to obtain greater engagement.

Data and tips to improve engagement on Facebook

Facebook does not escape this reality. That is why we present some data and advice that may be useful to improve the interaction of followers with the content published on this social network:

Posts with photos boost engagement

According to a study by Hubspot, Facebook post buy like publications with photographs reach -on average- 53% more likes and receive 104% more comments than those publications that are not accompanied by an image. In addition, a publication with an image can get 84% more clicks towards a link included in it.

This means that anyone responsible for the social media strategy of any organization should consider increasing the use of images in their posts on Facebook, Facebook post buy like not only to improve the interaction of the public within the social network itself, but also to increase the traffic to your website.

Posts with a short text get more interaction

Posts with 80 characters or less are capable of generating 66% more likes and comments than those that exceed this number of characters. This information shows that it is preferable to spend more time trying to think of a fairly short and impressive message than to try to write long messages that, Facebook post buy like although they may have better developed content, end up not generating more interaction on the part of followers.

Frequent posting is positive, up to a point

Generating posts with a certain frequency can help generate more interaction in terms of reactions and comments on Facebook. However, it is not recommended to publish excessively. In this sense, Facebook post buy like companies that publish between 1 and 2 times a day obtain a greater amount of interaction -up to 40% more- than those that do it more than 3 times. Likewise, those who post 4 or fewer times a week get up to 71% more engagement than those who post more than 5 times.

This means that, although it is important to publish frequently on Facebook to stay in the top-of-mind of followers, increasing the frequency indefinitely will not have better results.