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Buying Facebook Post Likes Ideas to Boost Engagement on Your Social Networks

Now that you know a little better what engagement is, buying Facebook post likes important it is for your brand and how it is calculated, you are surely wanting to take action. Certain?

Great! Today I bring you some tips to achieve a real connection with your audience and boost your engagement on social networks:

1. Use a close tone adapted to each network

As a general rule, a user enters social networks in a relaxed moment and therefore, buying Facebook post likes using a close and friendly tone is the most appropriate.

It is also important to adapt the message and use a different tone for each network, because the user does not search for the same thing, nor does he behave in the same way, when entering a general platform like Facebook than when entering a professional network like LinkedIn.

In addition, users, bombarded by a multitude of stimuli on networks and other digital channels, tend to value better brands that add value with their content, buying Facebook post likes either with useful information or entertainment.

That is why in your Social Media strategy you cannot miss a tone and style manual according to the social channels in which you have a presence, as well as a good content plan for social networks.

2. Share top content

If you want to increase Social Media Engagement you have to work hard.

As I was telling you, users (I’m sure it happens to you too) receive a multitude of impacts and to stand out, you must be able to captivate them based on authenticity and creativity.

It is very important that you publish valuable content for your audience. Do not focus only on publications that make your brand and its actions known, buying Facebook post likes but also offer useful information capable of providing added value depending on the phase of the customer journey.

Pay special attention to your content strategy for social networks and bet on those that arouse interaction, and therefore, have more ballots to increase engagement and go viral.

This is where visual and interactive content comes into play, such as:

  • Infographics.
  • Gifs.
  • Carousel of images.
  • Videos.
  • Questionnaires.
  • Tools and functionalities (such as templates and calculators).
  • Downloadable (such as ebooks).

In this sense, storytelling and Branded Content can also help you.

3. Respond to comments in a personalized way

Although it may seem obvious, in order to improve interaction and engagement on social networks, you have to be social.

When one of your fans sends you a direct message or leaves a comment on one of your posts, buying Facebook post likes they are giving you the opportunity to chat with them. Don’t waste it!

A timely and personalized response can help you improve their perception of your brand. Always respond to comments, at least with a like or an emoji.

And of course, in addition to thanking the positive messages, respond to the negative comments. If a user shows her dissatisfaction, it is time to show your face and defend your company’s position in a cordial and polite manner; apologize or correct (if necessary); in addition to being interested in collecting information and being able to provide a solution.

4. Publish your content just in time

Social network users are not connected at all hours. If you post something while your audience is away, you will miss out on opportunities to gain reach and engagement.

To optimize your results, it is important that you find out when they connect and when are the time intervals in which you get the most interactions.

There are analytics on some social platforms like Facebook and other tools, buying Facebook post likes which provide you with information about the best days of the week and times to post. Use them to establish your own schedules and use only as a guide, the general data that is published for each network.

Something that is also important to keep in mind when sharing just-in-time  content is the importance of being up-to-date with current events and trends in order to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ with those most in tune with your brand. (Always with common sense and without abusing this technique).

For example, you can mark in your network schedule, the key dates for your sector or for the values ​​of your organization (Solidarity Day, Internet Day, Mother’s Day, etc.) to generate and share tailored content.

5. Launch sweepstakes and contests

Dynamic actions such as sweepstakes and contests have great potential to generate engagement on social networks.

If you launch yourself, some keys to optimizing results are:

  • Create a strategy. It is important that you establish objectives and KPIs so that once the action is finished, you can assess whether it has worked well. For example, you can set a rate of X interactions with the launch post if your goal is engagement.
  • Be creative, original and give it a fun touch. If you really want to get the most out of sweepstakes and contests, don’t bore the user just with self-promoting promotions. Think!
  • Offer a sweet treat. In addition to creativity in the way of communicating and invigorating the action, it is important to hit the target with the prize, since it is one of the main motivations of the user to participate.
  • Make it easy for the public. If you are clear about the objectives and regulations based on promotions of this type in the social network you want to use, be clear and concise. It establishes as a participation requirement only what is essential.
  • Use tools that facilitate tasks such as preparing the legal bases, extracting statistics or choosing the winner. For example, we usually use Easypromos, but there are many more, get informed and choose the one that best suits your action!
  • Measure results and take note of the successes and possible points for improvement to propose new social actions with a higher success rate.

6. Collaborate with influencers to share content

Building relationships and collaborating with market influencers like bloggers or social influencers can help you gain visibility and increase social media interactions with your brand.

To break the ice, you can create a list of potential influencers and start interacting with them, commenting on their posts, sharing their content, or citing them as a source of interest in your posts.

In the case of bloggers, if they have a guest section, you can suggest that they generate content of value and interest to their audience with links to your site and/or mentions on networks. In this way, when you share it on your blog, social networks and/or newsletter, you will be able to reach new users.

You can also choose to be more direct and contact people who are popular with your buyers so that they can promote your actions or publications in exchange for a gift, discount or being able to contribute their grain of sand in a charitable action… The important thing is to always think about what somehow be a win-win.

7. Use hashtags relevant to your brand

Researching interesting hashtags for your business or project can help you reach a larger audience that is interested in what you share.

In addition to standing out in your posts, these keywords can help you monitor the discussion on a specific topic, contribute to conversations related to your specialty, buying Facebook post likes position yourself as an expert, or connect with people who use them.

You can use your own hashtags for branding and combine them with other popular ones among your target audience to reach new users.

There are many tools to find the right hashtag. Without going any further, the search engines of the social platforms themselves, such as LinkedIn or Instagram, provide you with information on the number of people who follow a hashtag or the number of posts shared with it, to get an idea of ​​its popularity.

8. Take advantage of the opportunities of Social Media Ads

In addition to burning all the cartridges organically so that the algorithms show what you share, boosting your visibility and engagement with Social Media Ads campaigns can be very effective.

Not everything goes for an ad to help you win interactions, remember that you must be original and generate visual and attractive content, from the headline, to the copy and the last detail of your creativity count!

But if there is something really important, to obtain good results, it is to select the campaign that is most in line with your objective (interactions, branding, etc.) and create a good segmentation to reach your ideal audience.

9. Measure and analyze results to continue improving

And to finish, I have no choice but to remind you that what is not measured cannot be improved.

So do not forget to measure the degree of achievement of the objectives previously set in your Social Media strategy.

To extract data you can use the statistics of each social network or use tools like Metricool or SEMrush Social Media Tracker, among many others.


Working to improve engagement is vital to your brand and requires ongoing strategy and dedication.

It is important to spend time getting to know your audience and analyzing which actions pique their interest and get the best results.

This way you can focus your efforts on those tasks or types of content that provide you with the best return because your fans like it and show it with interactions, and therefore, buying Facebook post likes with a growing commitment to your brand.