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Buy American Facebook Post Likes Steps to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

Changes in the Facebook algorithm have given more than one headache. The organic reach of posts on fanpages is the most affected. Buy american Facebook post likes this is because, from this year, the value is delivered to the significant content and not the most relevant.

It is important to determine what our goals are and compare the organic reach that is currently being published vs. the average. This can be obtained, for free, with the Agora Pulse Barometer. Register to know how we accumulate performance compared to the pages managed by the social tool.

Higher quality content to generate conversation between users

How can we measure that the contents we share are meaningful and are rewarded or punished with the scope? We explain it below:

  • More comments: Before, Facebook rewarded posts with a lot of comments, regardless of the type. Now, the social network values ​​comments that generate conversations and interactions between users and not so much with the brand.
  • Videos embedded directly from Facebook: Facebook has modified the ability to extend reach by uploading videos directly to its platform. For this reason, live Facebook Live generates more interaction. Buy american Facebook post likes a highly awarded content.
  • Publish less content, but of higher quality: Although it is not new, Facebook wants to show content from various sources on the user wall: family and friends (where there is more interaction), penalizing fanpages that publish many times a day.
  • Do not ask for likes, comments, reactions or shares: Facebook values ​​likes and a lot. Also the reactions in the publications, along with the comments and the shares. If you ask for one, they penalize you.

Recommendations to increase our reach on Facebook

In addition to measuring the value of content, we consider other strategies to maintain and increase reach. Five measures that go hand in hand with the previous aspect.

  • Get your users to share and like: It seems impossible, but it is not. Avoid finishing the post asking for likes or comments. Buy american Facebook post likes remember that many posts generate more engagement when you mention other brands or influencers, posting at better times, using short, salesy phrases, and using eye-catching images.
  • Guide users to mark your fanpage as “view first”: Publish a post that encourages users to mark you as “view first” if they like a post. That way, updates won’t be lost.
  • Create video content: The best way to increase reach is by sharing live videos. Soon you will see how the reach increases with this type of publication.
  • Post with different images: Facebook rewards the reach of posts with images, but if you add more than one, the reach will be higher.
  • Take care of the quality of your content: By not asking for likes, comments, or shares, create quality content that invites people to talk.

With these tips we will maintain brand value, expand the reach on the social network and avoid being penalized for bad practices such as asking for likes or sharing countless posts during the day.