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Buy Cheap Facebook Post Likes Tactics to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

Working as a Community Manager or managing several Fanpages lets you know that posting photos or articles every day is not enough buy cheap Facebook post likes for your audience to be interested in the company or product you promote. Keeping your followers wanting to know more about your product requires using tactics, especially if your goal is to get more likes on Facebook, so here are some tips to increase the likes your posts receive.

Share remarkable content and be consistent in your posts

To get more likes on Facebook buy cheap Facebook post likes, the content you post needs to be noticeable to your audience. This means that the topics you choose for your posts must be interesting for the people who follow your Fanpage. If this is about travel, for example, your Facebook page should have news, memes, articles and other material that has to do with the world of travel or tourism.

To make the decision about what type of publications is more relevant or should be repeated more times a week or month, there are those who recommend the 70-20-10 rule, which speaks of distributing the content in the following percentages:

  • 70% of images that give value or identity to the brand
  • 20% dedicated to sharing posts, publications or ideas of others
  • 10% focused on promoting your own business or company

Promote your brand or company with contests and promotions

Buy cheap Facebook post likes challenges and prizes are an essential part of getting more likes on Facebook. Through giveaways, inviting fans to spread the word about our posts comes naturally. Through games that the brand or company proposes, it is possible to increase the list of users and thus manage to entertain while gaining an audience and improving your image.

If we continue with the example of trips, inviting the public to upload a photograph of a trip they have made, adding that the photos that have the most likes will win the first or the first prizes will undoubtedly make people invite their acquaintances to vote for them. And so you increase the likes on your page.

Promote your Facebook page from the website

Outside the social network you can also get more likes on it buy cheap Facebook post likes. If you allow users to reach your fanpage from other sites on the internet that are linked to your name, company, etc., your purpose will be achieved. From Twitter, Instagram and other platforms you can be invited directly to “like” or with the mention of your Fanpage in each profile in the different social networks that exist.

You can speed up or facilitate the arrival of the public to your Facebook by adding a button or icon of this social network on the website that takes you directly to your Fanpage, or you can add the option to share and, in this way, people It also becomes the means for your articles to reach more people.

Use offline communication

This will further fuel the growth of your fan community. If you publish all your information only online, you are losing all the people who are not always connected or who you can persuade through business cards, brochures, brochures, stickers, magazine ads and other printed promotional spaces where your URL can be present.

We assure you that, if you apply these tips, you will be able to have a greater community in each of the accounts you manage, as long as you do not forget that the quality of your publications is the main adjective that they must have so that the interest of the people wake up, grow up and be constant.