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Buy US Facebook Likes on a Post Tips to Improve Engagement on Facebook

Here are the most effective ways to increase engagement on Facebook:

1. – Quality of users VS Quantity

It has been shown after the latest changes made to the Facebook algorithm that having thousands of fans on our Facebook page is not going to help us improve engagement, buy US Facebook likes on a post since it is tremendously more important to get quality fans who are very active in this Social Network.

2. – Forget about long posts

Posts of less than 80 characters have a higher engagement, approximately 25% more.

3. – Ask questions

If we ask questions in our posts on Facebook we can double the number of comments obtained. Remember that the comments a publication receives is also one of the SEO factors, as well as the likes or shares.

4. – Always use infographics in your publications

Choose very well the infographic that you are going to use in your Facebook publication because a good choice of it can capture the attention of our fans and improve engagement on Facebook.

5. – Share experiences

The experiences, success stories, studies and any story told in the first person can be very liked by the fans, buy US Facebook likes on a post and we can make them feel identified with our brand.

6. – Humor is very useful

Humor is a component that, if we know how to use and apply it, buy US Facebook likes on a post can help us improve engagement, since we must not lose sight of the fact that Facebook is and will be a social network for entertainment.

7. – Choose a good publication time

It is essential to know the hours in which our fans are connected on Facebook, in my case the time of greatest impact is 12 pm. to 4 pm ., what is yours?.

8. – Use emoticons in your publications

The use of emoticons in our publications can increase comments by up to 35%.

9. – Quotations, famous phrases and contests

Famous quotes or phrases are the most viral content on Facebook and a good resource that we can use to publicize our brand and improve our Branding.

Who has not participated in a contest on Facebook at some time?

A good contest idea can give us very good results on Facebook. Personally, I always choose Easy Promos to run contests on Facebook, buy US Facebook likes on a post it’s very easy to use and very complete.

10. – Publish content regularly, weekends included

It is important that we are constant and publish content every day, but not only from Monday to Friday, since the weekend is when we can increase Facebook engagement the most.