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Buy Likes Facebook Photo Strategies to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

In order to increase organic reach and for Facebook edgerank to take you more into account, the main thing is to get more interaction: the more users who see the post and interact with it, the better results it will have.

Let’s not forget that we must have a good community, make it grow and work on it, if you buy followers, don’t be surprised that none of this works because your users have to be interested in your page at least a little.

When there is interaction, with each click and each like, each time it is shared or commented, the organic reach grows and the possibility of more interaction also increases.

It seems logical, but it is reciprocal.

To get community engagement, Community Managers will need to put effort into making engaging posts.

8 ways to improve organic reach

  • Introduce posts with this type of dynamic to get more interaction.
    • Give your opinion openly about something, opinions cause controversy and there will always be someone who thinks otherwise. Let the community express itself and maybe you have to put some calm.
    • Finish the sentence and other techniques in which users must participate: Invite users to finish an incomplete sentence or tell you about an experience, opinion, etc. If Barça wins the league… If I win the lottery I… Make them part of it. Let them be inspired!
    • Questions and answers: ask an open question, what has been the best trip of your life and why? Look for those that excite them and “make them talk”.
    • Give advice to your community on a topic related to your theme: how to paint a wall, how to get your child to eat all the porridge, how to photograph your pet, etc… Then, ask users for other tips or tricks that use them, they will love to share it.
  • Get quality publications, share really interesting content that adds value and that your users want and want to read. If your users spend time on your post, Facebook will consider it interesting and give it a greater reach. In addition, the algorithm takes into account the time that the user dedicates to the publication, as a synonym of quality. So, the quality is not only in the image.
  • Use videos, people love videos and more and more video content is consumed on Facebook, it is also one of the most viral formats. Don’t make the mistake of putting only YouTube videos, upload them directly to Facebook. A good idea is to make a small version of the video to upload directly to Facebook and indicate to your audience that they can visit the official channel. Videos are becoming the king of content, but don’t make the mistake of only posting videos, variety is the joy: images, photos, links, gifs. Facebook has long since indicated what its priority is as it published on its official blog that Edgerank will prioritize live video.
  • Use the right images: Facebook is favoring with higher organic reach those posts that contain photos or images with the exact dimensions recommended by Facebook. These are seen in full format (without leaving a blank space) so they are more visual and attractive. It should be said that the more the images attract the user’s attention, the better the result will be.
  • Publish more frequently: in this way it is not that greater reach is achieved, but by publishing continuously, it is more likely that the posts reach different users and generate more interaction, which Facebook will value by giving priority to your fan page.
  • Add CTA: Call To Actions are also valid on organic Facebook. Although it seems obvious to indicate to users: click here, or read more about it, discover why and phrases of this style here. Give heart if such or thumb up if it is your case, the number of clicks increases.
  • Get synergies with your other channels and networks: if you indicate on your blog, Twitter or another social network that you have exclusive content on Facebook, your users will want to see it. As long as what is promised is debt, of course. Your unique content will be a success, it will be more “shareable” and therefore it will have a greater reach.
  • That they share your post: there are many techniques to achieve this, but please ask for it and with a smile because it works. They can share a post because it has a motivating phrase, because it gives good advice, because they feel identified or because they find it entertaining. In the end, creating shareable and useful content is the key.