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Buy Like Facebook Photo Tips to Increase Participation in Social Networks

Increasing the engagement of our social networks is a very important issue for those who want to be relevant on the network. There is nothing worse than wanting to be an influencer, but living with unknown posts and profiles, right?

When the public does not respond and/or does not follow, it is a sign that something needs to be changed and improved.

To help you in the mission of improving the participation of your social networks, posts, e-mails and others, we have prepared this practical content with 6 recommendations to boost the interaction of your followers. Ready to get rid of the monster of anonymity once and for all? We tell you the secret!

1. Produce quality content

To create valuable posts for your followers, you need, first of all, to carry out market research. Understanding your audience and the “competition” — that is, the names that you consider to be references in that medium — helps you meet the expectations and needs of your target audience.

By having these well-established pillars, the content is better directed and, consequently, achieves more interesting results.

Focus on the relevant information

The content you post must be appropriate to the proposal of your social networks, your personality or the theme that attracts the people you want to reach. Thus, when defining what information you will release on the web, try to think about what added value it has for those who are going to consume it.

How? Simple: when you teach something or give recommendations on a certain topic, whoever is watching your videos, reading your blog or seeing your photos will learn to do that or be inspired, have ideas, in short, a world of possibilities. The focus is on making your content special for a reason. Therefore, remember that the how matters, but much more what: only quality will make them come back.

Beware of network attributes

Your network may be the most informative in the world but there is no saint who can stand to see a distorted video or horrible audio, do not you think? Who finds fun in following someone whose photos are moved, deleted, without definition, etc.?

For this reason, the properties of the networks, such as the quality of the video and sound, the positioning of the light, the well-scanned texts, the processed images, among others, must be tasks of the highest priority.

2. Have a presence and be multichannel

Search the main networks of the target audience to be present in the right places. What is your goal of publishing on the internet? If you want to have many followers, you need to choose the network that has more to do with your style and that of the people you want to reach.

On the other hand, it is very important to be active on various channels and interact with other users. Mainly if you are a heavy user, it is not so difficult to find a few minutes of the day to spontaneously interact with people.

Actions like this make you more “human” — and who doesn’t like that? People like to know that there is someone behind the posts, the brand or the promotion they are consuming. Relationship is the key word.

3. Boost interactivity

Do you know the CTAs? Call to action is literally inviting someone to act. CTAs should be used to boost the interactivity of followers with your posts. Encourage the person behind the screen to do something… launch challenges, ask for opinions, bet on comments, tags, mentions… Don’t be afraid to appear heavy in that sense!

Social proof is also widely used. It is about showing, by means of a count, for example, how much participation a certain post had. It’s a way to show popularity and invite people to be a part of it. Encourage comments, ratings and sharing!

4. Use a marketing calendar

Posting regularly is key to gaining engagement on social media — and we already know that. It is necessary to be constant so as not to give the feeling that your social networks are abandoned, because people will no longer have a reason to continue following you.

Thinking about that, do not let good dates go unnoticed. Any thematic opportunity that suits your production can be used. Enter the marketing and social media calendar to find out what content is most relevant in each season.

Reuse of content

Take advantage of your contents and do not leave them forgotten. There is always an opportunity to “resurrect” a relevant post. On the other hand, there are topics that never go out of style (in the case of those who are bloggers and content marketers, head tail keywords are good examples of that). You should not ignore remarketing.

Another important point is to integrate social networks and the media. In addition to email marketing, which is valuable when it is based on good lead capture, it is your duty to mention your own content. Networks and channels need to talk to each other — so don’t leave anything offline or on air.

5. Take advantage of occasions

Also, keep an eye on what influencers are doing. Many times, some joke, game or music helps to grow. Do you remember when the bucket of water challenge became popular? And when the hit “What shot was that?” and all the famous ones made versions of the choreography. The idea is that!

The dates can be useful to apply promotions, loyalty programs, sweepstakes, rewards, etc. Thus, you can stimulate participation in that way. Some time ago, Whindersson Nunes launched a tweet stating that every thousand likes (or participation in the action), he would post a curiosity about a country he knew (the reward).

Nor do we need to comment that the post broke marks of 30 thousand likes in the first few minutes. Do you understand how it works? If people don’t want to know about your trips so much, you can offer something else. Put your head to work, find the object of desire of the people who follow you and offer them something in return.

6. Collect data and evaluate metrics

Having a scheme to attract and keep many followers is still a way to manage your brand. Thus, some tools become essential to achieve success. In this case, we are talking about data collection and evaluation.

When you send an e-mail, write a post on your blog, send a video or upload publications, for example, you will get the number of views and interactions, among other data. This data, when well treated, gives power to your brand.

Tests are welcome

It is essential to collect information from there about what can increase participation in social networks. This is important to repeat what is successful — like a landing page that converts — and weed out what has a high bounce rate. Using a good multichannel marketing tool, you will visualize all this mechanically and you will be able to launch A/B tests.

Speaking of which, how about trying automation that works and keeps your networks humanized and organized to reach more followers and real opportunities? Contact us and find out everything that E-goi can do for your brand. We’re here to fuel your growth — and best of all, this is a free service!