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Buy Facebook Post Like To Improve the Visibility of Your Facebook Page

In this post, I will show you the best strategies to increase the visibility of your page on Facebook. Organically, 100% natural and without going out of your way paying for ads.

It frustrates to know that only 15% of the content we publish on our Facebook page is seen by our followers.

That kind of »online god» who has total control over what is shown first on our wall, feed or timeline. For mortal users, it is amazing because it only shows them funny and interesting news. But, for those of us who manage a brand or business page, the story is different.

How does the Facebook algorithm work? (Understanding it is key to increasing visibility)

Before I share with you the ways on how to increase the visibility of your Facebook page and its contents, I have a moral responsibility to explain to you how the Facebook algorithm works.

The edge Rank or algorithm of Facebook is who makes your publication be viewed longer, as well as being seen by more people without the need to invest in Facebook Ads. Buy Facebook post like this prioritizes the content of our feed or timeline according to 3 factors:

#1 Affinity

To increase the visibility of your page on Facebook buy Facebook post like, Edge Rank evaluates the affinity in your content. Affinity is understood as the type of relationship between the person who shares the content and the person who interacts with it.

It measures the number of actions that a follower makes on your Facebook fanpage, as well as the actions of the friends of your followers who also interact with your fanpage.

The most important:

  • Share
  • Comment
  • “I like”

#2 Weight

When we talk about weight, we refer to that value that Facebook assigns to each interaction (comment, share, likes, among others).

Some interactions carry more “weight” than others and are therefore more valuable in increasing your Facebook page’s visibility.

Now, in addition to the interactions, what also determines the value of the weight is the type of content that you publish on Facebook:

Here I share the order from highest to lowest weight according to content types:

  • Videos
  • Photographs
  • Links
  • Text + photo
  • Post with text only
  • Weight according to the type of content published on Facebook:

#3. Time Decay

This is responsible for giving greater importance and visibility to those recent publications. As time passes since you published content, it begins to lose Edge Rank points. Facebook begins to see your content as old content and therefore will not show it to your followers.

Obviously we cannot control the passage of time. In fact, Edge Rank will keep your posts visible for approximately 3 hours.

Do you want to keep your posts visible to your community? You can only achieve this by optimizing the other 2 factors of the Facebook algorithm (affinity and weight)

Having explained how Facebook Edge Rank works, I am going to give you strategies on how to optimize it and increase the visibility of your posts. Point everything!

13 strategies to increase visibility on Facebook without paying for ads

1. Optimize and complete your Facebook page 

To improve your visibility on Facebook you must see yourself as a visible page and buy Facebook post like.

That is why it is important that you complete all the fields of your Facebook page, with the respective information and images. In this way, when a new user visits your profile, they will realize that your page is active to date, it has not been abandoned and that they will find frequently shared content.

 The idea is that your page looks alive and well worked. A simple tip is pinning a post. Similar to Twitter, Facebook allows you to bookmark a post so that it is the first thing the user sees when browsing your wall. 

2. Select the categories that best describe your business

This is recommended by Facebook itself for companies. If you want to increase the visibility of your Facebook page, you must pin the categories of your business.

In this way, facilitated to people who find your product, business or service. The platform allows you to select up to 3 categories in the page settings. Choose the most specific categories!

3. Respond to messages left on your page as soon as possible

Another trick to increase the visibility of your Facebook page is to buy Facebook post like quickly answer all the queries and messages left in the inbox.

Why should you do this? You may have noticed that Facebook informs your page visitors of the level of response to your messages, marking them with a response rate as a percentage.

Doing this will convey an image to the follower that their message will also be answered just as quickly. Ideally, you should be the one to have the last word in the conversation, so Facebook will not take that message as “unread”.

4. Try posting more than 1 photo

Carousel-type content sparks curiosity, making users spend more time discovering your post. We have already seen that Edge Rank has a predilection for the types of visual content, so take advantage of this trick to increase the visibility of your Facebook page.

5. Share multimedia content

Above we discovered that Edge Rank loves multimedia content (it is also known that they are the ones with the most shares and views). So they should not be missing on your way to increase the visibility of your Facebook page.

Try uploading videos directly to the platform, connecting with your audience with Live Broadcasts, between images with links, among others. Go ahead and share multimedia content!

6. Select the preferred audience of the page

Would you like your publications to reach the public that represents you more strongly? Another trick to increase the visibility of your Facebook page in front of the target of your interest is to configure the “preferred public of the page” function.

Located in the Settings tab, it is a kind of audience filter that pushes your content to people who most represent the target audience of your business. Do not get confused, this function does not limit the scope to other audiences, it only emphasizes so that your publications connect better with the audience you want to reach.

If you already have a Facebook page and have been posting for some time, try this feature. It is great to make your content more visible to your target.

The page’s preferred audience setting is located in the settings tab. It allows you

7. Post at the best time for your audience on Facebook

Buy Facebook post like optimizing the visibility of your Facebook posts includes looking at the most active hours of your audience. This way, they are more likely to see and interact with your content.

Do not use pre-established formulas of “what is the best time to post on Facebook”. The best time is always personal, so check your statistics to discover the peak moment of your audience and align your posting strategy to those hours.

8. Create valuable content that invites “sharing”

The “share” interaction is music to the ears of Facebook Edge Rank. If you want to increase your visibility, the content you share must be so incredible, educational and compelling that your users feel the urge to share.

Discard all kinds of mediocre, improvised or filler content. Being more visible on Facebook means adding value to everything we post.

9. Promote participation actions

As we saw earlier, interaction is key to increasing the visibility of a Facebook page. Don’t let your fanpage be a monologue! Invite your users to interact through questions, trivia, asking them to tag their friend in a post with which they identified, do dynamics, etc.

10. Publish regularly and in moderation

Pages that are not consistent in their posts cannot enjoy high visibility, reach, or engagement.

Posting frequency is key to increasing the visibility of your Facebook page. Of course, you have to find the balance so as not to seem heavy, publishing 10 times a day will not make you more visible.

You should not leave your page, but neither saturate it. The publication frequency that I recommend is 3 times a week, between 4 to 5 posts maximum. We have to give the user the right dose of content so that they don’t forget us and the right amount so that they don’t get fed up with us.

11. Interact with your audience in comments

Have you seen how Netflix responds to its followers on Facebook? Despite being a giant, he takes the time to answer his followers with gifs and clever answers related to his series. This makes users who comment once want to continue commenting and even tag their friends to read. And we already know how important interaction with comments is to the “Affinity” rule of the Facebook algorithm.

Copy to Netflix. Reply to your followers’ comments so they want to keep chatting with you on your posts.

12. Add location to your business fanpage

Just by adding the location of your physical store on the Facebook page you can increase its visibility and reach. Why? Remember that many users use Facebook as a search engine to find nearby businesses. And if you want to be visible to them, you must have your correct address added to your fanpage.

13. Update your fanpage’s business hours

Update your Facebook Page’s business hours so that when a user searches for your business on Facebook buy Facebook post like, they’ll want to know your business hours. If your hours are out of date, your business could be listed as closed, causing an interested customer to desist from attending.