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Buy Facebook Photo Status Likes To Increase the Reach of Posts on Facebook

Posts without likes, decreasing numbers of comments and falling shares. The result? Fanpages with lower engagements and fewer and fewer people being reached by the posts buy Facebook photo status likes. After all, what has been happening with organic reach on Facebook? And, more importantly: how to increase the reach of Facebook posts?

The network, which surpassed 2.5 billion users, claims that this drop happens because the competition for attention on the part of companies is increasingly fierce. To avoid a flight of users by a bombardment of information, Facebook, through its algorithm promotes a kind of content curation to filter what the user receives on his timeline.

At first glance, this scenario seems to understand that sponsored posts are the only outlet for engagement. For many, this means the end of organic reach, but for Facebook it’s nothing more than the quest to increasingly improve the user experience. And, of course, this also increases profitability, as almost all revenue comes from ads.

In this post, we have selected 7 simple and effective tips for your posts to gain more engagement and increase their reach even more, without paying for it. We also address some doubts that often arise on the subject.

7 simple and effective tips to increase organic reach on Facebook

1 – Ask questions

If you want more interaction and audience, you need to give people something to talk about. Propose a topic that makes your followers think and feel like responding buy Facebook photo status likes. By creating a conversation, you get closer to your audience, discover new possibilities for interaction and expand your organic reach.

We suggest some ideas to help with your content, taking as examples a sporting goods store (B2C) and a financial consulting company for companies (B2B).

Specific question:

What’s your sport for the weekend?

What is your company’s biggest differentiator?

Choice question:

Treadmill or street? Where do you prefer to run?

Rent or buy a property? What is best for your headquarters or branch?

Picture question:

What was the best sports photo this month?

What was the most important month for your company in 2014?

True or false question:

The Brazilian soccer team has never lost a tie. True or false?

Philip Kotler started teaching Marketing in 1962. True or False?

Question that relates an experience:

What sport has marked your life?

What marked you in the first year of your company?

Fun question:

If you could run right now, where would you go?

What’s the biggest “skirt tight” you’ve ever spent with a client?

2 – Use images

Images reinforce your brand identity on Facebook and help a lot in the relationship with the user. If your post elicits positive reactions and interactions, you are on the right path to increasing your organic reach.

Facebook is a visual network:

  • 93% of the most engaged posts have images.
  • 53% more likes on posts with photos.
  • 104% more comments on visual content.

That is, for posts with greater reach, try to insert images.

It is a fact that images are the mainstay of content on Facebook buy Facebook photo status likes. So, try to identify what kind of images your fans prefer. Then, make similar posts (posts with the same theme but different images, for example) and gradually select which ones have greater reach. When a post type has received a good number of likes, comments, and shares, repeat the post style and continue measuring reach.

3 – Post at the right time

Facebook has peak audience times. During weekdays, especially Wednesdays, the hours from 1pm to 5pm are the busiest with peak at 3pm.

Catching a ride on the movement can be a good opportunity. However, it can also be a risk, as your post can get lost in the middle of so many others. The important thing is to understand how your consumer behaves. Often the public’s interest in your product or service can have specific times.

And how to find your best time?

You can get insights from your fanpage under “Information”>“Publications”.

4 – Frequency of posts

Once or twice a day guarantees up to 40% more engagement than three posts in the same period. This shows that quality is better than quantity in Facebook posts.

Keep a consistency in the number of posts. If your company has nothing new, explore the world of your niche market. Involve people’s lives and their routines with products or services you offer. There will certainly be no shortage of topics.

And if the entire process is still labor-intensive, scheduling publications can help maximize your team’s time. Do this within Facebook’s own posting platform so you don’t lose reach.

5 – Make use of videos

Videos generate much more engagement and reach than text-only posts. There is no need for large productions, but basic care with recording, buy Facebook photo status likes content, script and creativity are essential for greater reach. We have separated some interesting data about videos on Facebook.

The First Seconds

Create impactful content right from the start. Facebook understands viewing as the number of times the video was viewed for 3 seconds or more.

Short Videos

Think of short videos, videos that are under 21 seconds tend to have a lot more full views than others.

Upload your video via Facebook

Facebook prioritizes content inserted directly from your media, so avoid Youtube to leverage your reach. Upload your video directly to the net, the result is much greater.

95 Rule

95% of the video watched is already considered by Facebook as a full view. He considers the final 5% as credits or commercials.

6 – Take a ride in the moment

Another interesting point to increase your reach is to fit topics of the moment relating to your market theme. But be careful not to miss the right time of the campaign buy Facebook photo status likes. Talking about the meme from two weeks ago now, for example, could burn your brand and make room for jokes on your profile.

Also make sure that the subject is “pop”, you may be talking about a subject that almost no one has followed and may not understand the context of your post. See the example below, where we used a TikTok meme of the moment adapted for Facebook:

7 – Show that you are present

One of the biggest factors of engagement and reach is interactions, so show that you are there. Answer all questions asked by your fans buy Facebook photo status likes. If you don’t have an answer right away, such as a delay in the delivery of a product or a software failure, for example, let us know that you will bring the information as soon as possible or indicate a channel prepared for service.

Always be proactive and demonstrate that there is someone “behind the machine” who cares about the people who interact with your brand. Good customer service is essential in any area of ​​your business.