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Buy Facebook Like Photo Five Applications to Improve the Engagement of Your Facebook Page

In these times, life evolves faster and faster and this topic is especially evident in the field of Social Media Marketing buy Facebook like photo. In just a couple of years, we have gone from congratulating companies that opted to integrate these channels into their communication and marketing strategies, to looking suspiciously at those that still refuse to have a presence where their users are and go to network and inform yourself before making your purchasing decisions.

Within this evolutionary process, the main indicators that we used to measure the success of our actions on social networks have also been transformed, evolving from apparently more objective values ​​such as the number of fans or the reach of our publications towards others that are more difficult to measure, but really much more significant, buy Facebook like photo such as the engagement between our brand and its users.

And that is precisely what we are going to talk about today… five simple applications for Facebook that, together with the recent changes in fanpages buy Facebook like photo, will help us to better connect with our users and generate that engagement that is talked about so much and that will make a difference between a strategy aimed at “being” in social networks, another that seeks the maximum impact and the best return for our investment in Social Media:

  • The first proposal has a lot to do with the fact that Facebook is a closed garden and denies us access to our fans’ data… This is because its multi-million dollar business model is based precisely on managing that information. . For this reason, with the Contact Me application, we can create a personalized form with which to open a new channel of direct communication with our fans, generating our own database along the way.
  • Coupons are a very effective method to retain your users, offering them exclusive discounts through Facebook or incentives for a continued purchase. With Coupons for Pages you can launch different actions of this type, buy Facebook like photo encouraging users to get used to visiting your page periodically to get juicy discounts… which they can also share with their friends, promoting viralization.
  • If we insist on highlighting the virtues of a 360 approach to marketing campaigns, with the inclusion of social network profiles in offline posters and brochures, why not use the different social media channels at our disposal for the distribution of a digital version of our catalogs and brochures? There are many applications to do it, but my favorite is Scribd for Pages, both for the number of formats it supports (although the one we will use most frequently will be PDF), and for the ease it offers the user to share these contents… not only through Facebook, but also through email or Twitter.
  • Experience and statistics tell us that most of the interactions on our Facebook page come from a small and select group of our fans. Precisely, applications like Booshaka propose to identify these “super users”, get to know them better through the statistics of their activity on the page and even create a list with the Top Ten fans of your page. From there, it is up to you to decide how to reward and encourage their efforts.
  • When you implement a Social CRM service, you generally discover that the majority of users tend to raise a series of common questions about the products or services of a company or brand, and you develop an argument that responds to these types of queries that we usually refer to as “generic”. At this point, why not go a step further and add an FAQ tab to our page? In this way, we will offer a value-added service to our fans and relieve the community manager of work, so that he can spend more time talking with users, generating the much sought-after engagement.

In short, none of these tools is new or revolutionary, but they serve as an example of how we can improve our corporate Facebook page with a little imagination buy Facebook like photo, mitigating the traditional deficiencies of this platform and facilitating contact between the brand and its fans.