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Buy 100 Facebook Photo Likes to Take Care of The Health of Your Fan Page and Improve the Conversation on Facebook?

Keeping our company page or Facebook fan page in good health is essential so that our strategies have a better chance of obtaining better results.

Although at present, that is not a simple task at all.

Do you know how to keep the health status of your Fan page under control? 

If you are unable to increase the visibility and engagement of your posts despite accumulating more fans on your business page every day, your answer to this question is most likely negative.

Precisely thinking about how to help all those who have this difficulty, that for this 39th guest post I count on the collaboration of my friend.

For this, Tatsu has prepared an article in which he shows us what are the things that we have to take into account when measuring the health of our Fan Page and gives us some advice on how to improve it.

The health of your Fan Page will thank you!

It’s something that happens: we get carried away, we create a page on Facebook and try to plan everything.

We fill in the corresponding fields on our Fan Page, buy 100 Facebook photo likes we start publishing content and our community is growing.

We are happy because the fans are increasing and the likes follow one another, but little by little, as that number increases, the organic reach of our Fan Page decreases.

We don’t know why, but come down!

We blame the social network for its selfishness: “it just wants us to checkout thanks to Facebook Ads”. And it is partly true, it is not a free platform as we think, buy 100 Facebook photo likes but in any situation there are two parties and each one of them has its share of responsibility.

Does your fan page have iron health? How to know?

Persons? Yes: people. That is the basis of everything. They are the ones who decide each interaction, buy 100 Facebook photo likes the ones that make up Facebook together with the brands and the ones who decide if yours:

  • They like.
  • It deserves to be published on your wall.
  • It causes a reaction and they comment, share or perform several actions at once.
  • It has earned them to mention it in their own publication, check in or decide to attend/disseminate an event created by you.

The set of these decisions is made up of the data that says: “people who talk about this” (the word “this” corresponds to your PROFESSIONAL page).

People who talk about this: for your fan page to be in good health it should reach at least 10% of that number, or exceed it.

But we are talking about people, audience and not just percentages, so perhaps the real and most important metric is the QHC (Who talks to you).

For an SME , which often does not have the resources of a big brand to create its own content and promote it with Facebook Ads continuously, this QHC should be the metric that leads to what we are all looking for: connect with our audience .

How do you know if your Fan Page is connecting with your audience?

Measuring and observing if the content you offer arouses their interest and is of value to them. You can see it on each post individually or at an overview on the stats page.

These two images that follow correspond to two Facebook Fan Pages that do not post every day, but when they do they do not say good morning or post memes: they only post content of interest to their followers.

In the first of your last 5 publications, only one has “clicked”, with a reach of 53 people… It is not always going to be right: it is necessary to fail, since it is vital to improve the type of publications that you offer. How do you know if your Fan Page is connecting with your audience?

How can you improve your conversation?

Listening to them and based on their tastes and interests when deciding the content you share. 

That brand content must have a clear objective that goes beyond a like. What you should look for is that a conversation is created around your topic that people talk about it.

It is easy to say that we want to create conversation, because it is the most difficult thing to achieve. For this you need knowledge and tools: knowledge of the topics that interest them and tools that contextualize what, a priori, can be a cold medium to communicate. 

Two guidelines to get started: first configure and then give your content a context.

Tune the engine:

Have sanitized the public to which you offer your page.

Forget the number of fans in quantity and look for quality, do not send invitations to send, they may increase your “social proof” but it will harm you in terms of your reach.

Configure segmented content for a specific audience within your fans.

Whenever you can, generate country restrictions, especially those that are hotbeds of fake fans such as Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or Egypt.

Age restriction is also a good tool to use, as it can further limit the audience you target with your posts, thus achieving deeper targeting.

This can also be counterproductive, because by choosing this option the page will not show up in Google search results if you are not logged into Facebook.

Selecting the option that your page appears in the suggestions of similar pages is very useful for people to recommend yours.

To whom? Very simple: to other Fan Pages that have a similar theme when your fans interact with them.

A warning: if you get a single follower who does not convince you, I recommend that you monitor it and (if necessary) do some cleaning.

Finally, use your knowledge in addition to the tools provided by Facebook when publishing.

For example, buy 100 Facebook photo likes try to adapt to the climate of the region you are going to. It is not the same to publish when the sun is shining outside than to do it on a day when the weather is not inviting to go out… when do you think you will find more public connected?

Create context to enhance the conversation on your fan page

With that premise and once the publication to launch has been chosen, contextualize:

Applying a Facebook feeling to your publication on the Fan Page can give a lot of context to a content, buy 100 Facebook photo likes invite you to interact with it and provoke a Facebook Reaction.

Try to geolocation your posts, especially if your page is in the local business category and has a presence on Facebook Places or Facebook Business.

Give a personal touch to the text but don’t go too far: according to a study by Jeff Bullas, posts with 40 characters have an 86% higher participation than other publications, to which I add that using emoticons can give us a plus to the time to create the desired context or trigger the call to action.

Remember that you can also use a hashtag but it is recommended not to use more than 3 so as not to load the copy (we are not on Instagram).

Keep in mind one thing: having a page with many fans does not make your success greater.

It is better to have a progressive growth motivated by our quality publications, than a disproportionate and meaningless increase in followers on our fan page.

If you have or belong to an SME and you can afford to track your followers, buy 100 Facebook photo likes you will be impressed with the reach you can generate with a page of just 100 fans.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is the involvement of the owner and collaborators of a Fan Page in the dissemination strategy.

That is, do NOT share for sharing. Personalize the publication, change the text and do it only if you really believe in what you are offering to the most intimate audience, the one within your personal profile.

Yes. You read that right: the audience of your personal profile ⟹ “friends”.

Think about it: is it forbidden to talk about your work with those closest to you?

You have to humanize and be human: I feel proud of my workplace and I show it that way because that’s how I feel. But be careful, without getting tired and always measuring the QHC (Who talks to you). If this metric does not work for you, reflect and change tactics.

I hope this article has been useful to you. In it I only try to show you some small guidelines that I follow and that work for me (and I wanted to share them with you in case they can help you).

Each page and business is unique. Look for your style, the one that connects, and don’t get carried away only by what others do. No one knows your customers better than you to provide them with what they are looking for.

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Tips To Keep In Mind When You Want To Buy Facebook Photo Likes

Online business is one of the great ways local retail shop can increase loyalty to their products and sales as well. Facebook is one of the perfect places where you can use to market a business and engage with clients. For instant, you can buy facebook photo likes and see how you can make your business gain followers that you won’t even imagine. There are great marketers who can help you to achieve all this in just a matter of few weeks where your business will be trending in this highly popular site. This is a great place you can let people see your innovative ways that you have come up with to increase more sales.

This is one of the great marketing techniques that both new and established business should use to market their products. It is not only cheap to buy facebook photo likes fast but is also an effective way of capturing interest of the clients. With only paying a few dollars you can turn your business into a popular spot where people will be discussing about the business. You should never under estimate the impact that facebook can bring into your business since it is a website that has a following of people from all pats of the world and it is accessed by millions of people at any given minute.

You can turn these people to your client through innovative way of marketing which include use of posting photos of the products that you sell. If you don’t know how to make people follow your page then you should seek the services of experts who will definitely make it possible to make your page attractive for facebook users and buy facebook photo likes.  The main challenge that many businesses face is trying to employ the use of social media marketing is how they can attract people to like their page. This should not be the case since there are many professional companies waiting for you to popularize your site.

All you will need to do is to search for companies that offer social media marketing services like to buy facebook photo likes cheap on the internet and there is no doubt that you will find impressive results. However, you should ensure that you keep in mind several things before going ahead to hire a company. First it should have the necessary experience that it can show to prove that it is capable of handling your social marketing services. You can request for the company to show you past clients that they have helped to popularize their services or product on any social media site. They should show that they have a team that cannot only increase traffic on your page but can also increase the fan base for your business.

Also, before going ahead to buy facebook photo likes cheap you should also ensure that you check reputation of the company that you hire. Some firms that offer internet marketing services do not have a good reputation. Companies like these ones should not be given any opportunity if you intend to start on a good foot. You should not give a trial and error since you are the one who is likely to lose big. Another area which is important to look is the cost of the services of social media marketing. Although cheap is the way many may love to go you should also know of an English saying “cheap is expensive”.

This means that you may find at the end of the day having spend more from companies advertising themselves as the cheapest. It is always good to ensure that there are no hidden charges on the packages that you buy facebook photo likes and you and the company are reading on the same script before going ahead to sign a contractual agreement with the marketer. Ensure that you have asked all the necessary questions pertaining payment of services and what will be covered and this will avoid misunderstandings between the marketing company and you. Another great thing that you should consider is the mode of marketing that is going to be used.

When you buy facebook photo likes for a photo on your facebook page may sound just alright you should know if it is done in a careless manner could work negatively on your page. People who use facebook will usually like to go where they find relevant information or content that they are interested. This therefore means that the marketer should be very innovative in technique which is going to be used to attract facebook users. The high the number of people who will like your page the more the sales your business will make and consequently the profits.

Therefore it is very important for you to know what to expect from the company that you hire in term of exposure of your page on this site. The audience of your page should also be targeted in such away that they will be your expected customers. A marketer should be able to bring a huge number of people who are likely to buy products from the business. It should not be the case where a page is full of fans who are not even interested in what the business is offering as it could translate to nothing in term of profitability.

Another critical area to consider when you want to buy facebook photo likes uk is the period it is going to take to achieve its objective. Stay away from those companies claiming to bring a million like for your facebook page within a day as this is not possible. Also, you are bound to be blacklisted or your page suspended due to unethical marketing procedure. A good company will not be able to give you an instant solution, but will take sometime to achieve whatever you are looking for. Through following the tips to buy facebook photo likes  as discussed above you can be able to find an appropriate company that will make your facebook page not only popular but also help in establishing new clients from.