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Buy Facebook Photo Likes and Comments to Improve Organic Reach on Facebook

As we all know, Facebook is increasingly limiting the organic reach of our posts: if we have less than 500,000 followers on our fanpage buy Facebook photo likes and comments, we will only be visible to 1% of the total; this means that if we don’t pay to have more visibility, our reach will be almost zero. Faced with this, a series of interesting alternatives arise to implement and we will tell you about them here:


  • Share quality content
  • Use live streaming
  • Share links that lead to safe sites

Share quality content

As we have already mentioned, whether we have a community manager who is in charge of it or we do it ourselves, it is essential to make publications with relevant content. This will help us increase the percentage of followers who engage, buy Facebook photo likes and comments through reactions, comments and shares. Precisely the latter will help us so that our publications reach more users and therefore the reach will increase without having to pay for it.

The key to making content interesting is to appeal to the emotional, be it with something emotional, funny or that allows us to question ourselves.

Use live streaming

The resource of broadcasting live is increasingly used, whether it is a conference or an event; this is of great interest to all users. What we must not forget is to plan carefully in advance the content, buy Facebook photo likes and comments and of course, the way and time to launch the transmission, so that it causes a good impact and reaches more users.

Share links that lead to safe sites

Facebook is penalizing brands that add links to their posts and lead users to unsafe sites; therefore, buy Facebook photo likes and comments it is necessary that when making publications on the social network we make sure that we take followers to our website, blog or other sites that have been previously checked.